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  1. Hi Chris, I am Anoop Gupta from India.

    I just wana say thanks to you for your brilliant stuff. You catch each and every action with perfect emotion.


  2. Movies

    I watched 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' last night, a British film. I thought it was very good, bringing a fresh angle to a topic that's been covered many times before (the Holocaust), despite some impressive re-imagining of history to suit their plot needs; no watchtowers in the camp, letting the boys have privacy, being able to interact at their leisure! The cast acted it well, the two boys playing the two main characters especially.
  3. Hi Chris

    Have you made any new videos recently

    Write back.

  4. Many Happy Returns Chris! Keep up the great work!

  5. New Kits Oh look.... no zips! There's a surprise! ;)
  6. New Kits
  7. New Kits

    For the sake of my health, I'm going to give up, because this is like banging my head against a brick wall. I've had direct correspondance with someone who has seen the kits first hand and I know what I'm talking about. If you want to go ahead and believe the fakes out there, go ahead. I don't care any more. Infact, I wonder why I ever did.
  8. New Kits

    I've not seen any.
  9. New Kits

    The fact it has a zip tells you its a fake. None of the shirts have zips.
  10. New Kits

    Its not a question of 'we'll see'. Its a horrid fake - you only need to notice the presence of a zip to know that. That aside, the awful quality of how it has been made is another obvious clue. Yes, the actual shirt will look vaguely like that, as it's been made to look just like my mockup. But that shirt itself is a horrid, horrid fake.
  11. New Kits

    Horrid fake.
  12. Movies

    Yep. I thought it was ok. A bit unrealistic given what is actually happening, but enjoyable nonetheless.
  13. Ashley Cole

    Damn straight. Been way overblown out of all proportion. Hypocritical, biased gutter press. Cole attends a Chelsea event, then has a couple of drinks a good few days before the next match. The gutter paparazzi goad him into a reaction they want, ending up with him being arrested but released without charge a few hours later. The press reaction? They smear his name and his club all over their front/back pages, bringing up every indiscretion or incident they think will stir up even more public hate. They consequently call for him to be dropped from the England team, they call for him to be fined two weeks' wages and to be dropped v Coventry. Gerrard is out on the lash with friends. In a nightclub, he makes a request to the DJ. The request goes unfulfilled, and when they exit Gerrard assaults the DJ. Gerrard is arrested and charged with assault. The press reaction? They publish stories about what a tough time he is having to go through, bring up character witnesses to say what a 'nice' bloke he is. They do not call for England or Liverpool to drop him. The press are all complete tossers. Quite frankly given how the Scum went about him, showing a complete lack of respect in trying to stitch him up, if I were in his position I'd have given him a smack and not just a load of verbals.
  14. New Kits

    I've added a few more images to show greater detail:
  15. New Kits

    An update: