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  1. no public figure with say something directly to the media specially not Football managers whose each words are scrutinized Jose was very public about Oscar as his number 10 said team wasn't good enough in recent seasons only Mata gets dropped, doesn't play much connect the dots here lets just move on from this everybody knew Mata was off for a while now again not blaming Jose I was replying to the post that the previous system favored Mata
  2. if you think he would say that directly then you are kidding yourself
  3. he said that even before the season started I think on his first press conference if I remember correctly
  4. so he didn't say with Mata at no.10 the team isn't good enough with finishing 3rd and 6th you do know against which teams he played right?. its human nature when you go from one of the most important players to someone who isn't good enough to get games (compared to the other players) Oscar had many bad games, he was never shown the bench (why cause Jose thinks he will get over it) not the case with Mata the problem was both Mata and Oscar are number ten's and none of them had worked on the wings in his system against the likes of Willian or Andre and Jose made it clear Oscar is his first choice Mata had no choice but to leave Jose should have let Mata and Oscar fight for number 10 if he was serious about giving Mata a chance (eventually one had to leave) its a clash of playing styles by saying Jose wanted him out I meant he knew Mata wouldn't fit his system and he made it clear in the very beginning not against Jose I was responding to the argument that system was built around Mata to look good
  5. so he criticized a player in public, didn't play him much and then after 6 months he's gone what am I missing here?
  6. why aren't they giving us Rooney now attacking a player publicly before you even start working with him Mata didn't feature in any important games, 1 in CL and no big games in PL probably only at halftime against Everton its a mismatch of playing styles rather than Mata being not good enough that was the point
  7. I am not attacking you I was just asking you when you said the system favored Mata but not Chelsea by same logic Madrid is dependent on Ronaldo, Barca on Messi and Man U on Rooney Jose wants to go back to his system and he wanted Mata out cause Mata is not suited for his style, put it this way rather than saying that Mata wasn't good for the team Jose saying he doesn't want him to go is equivalent of me saying you are my best friend both system worked, last season we had depth issue rather than a system issue
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think you are confusing real profit with accounting profit
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    both Jose and Mata are one of the world's best Jose has his system and his way of playing which suits him and in which he has been successful the 4-3-3, he played here and in Inter and Mata is more of a finesse player who thrives in attacking positions but in different kind of system the real question is should Mata change his style given he's one of the world's best in his position and style to fit Jose's way or should Jose do it to accommodate Mata imo could have Mata worked under Jose yes, probably as a no.10 but Jose didn't want him there does Jose wanted Mata to leave I guess so cause or he would have let Mata and Oscar play no.10 to see which one was better but that's not the case as for food for thought lets say we play Hazard -Mata(no.10)- who would you pick as right midfielder willian or Oscar imo Willian is a better winger(not number 10) than both Mata and Oscar I think we are going back to 4-3-3 in the future and Mata wouldn't have worked the only thing I find funny that people here saying that Mata is not good enough
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    we were in the same boat not so long ago with aging players as for Man U'[s demise I think its worth pointing out two of their best players are out if Rooney and RVP fit for the second half of the season they will get 4th easy and much more so with Mata imagine us playing without Oscar and Hazard for most of the season, they 8-0 when both have played 6 wins and 2 draws, the only think for them to worry about is defense which was weak last season but due to their attack went unnoticed
  11. I think today our dominance was cause of Luiz, we had played them together before why were we so better today cause Luiz broke down their attacks very effectively the thing is there needs to be a balance of attack and defense, people are making Mata a much bigger liability in defense than he really is, he was given free role last season so he did what was asked of him defense is not about tackling every time its about keeping the defensive shape and we haven't been bad defensively when Mata played or great offensively when he didn't, I am trying to think better number 10's than Mata I am not blaming Jose, but Mata hasn't even been given a chance to prove himself at number 10 this season which I find baffling I don't understand how people can say we are better off this year, if he had these players last season we would have been in much better position last year
  12. they can buy Messi why would they let Cavani go?
  13. we got 10 points last season and got knocked out, 12 this season in a far easier group and losing twice to Basel is nothing bad compared to Juve Athletico loss was cause we were getting used to the new system and Lampard and MIkel pairing at CM need I say more as for title contender having 2 point better than last season is a huge improvement good to know you remembered United loss and forgot the refereeing or we knocking them out of Carling, FA cup and in away fixture we had a very small squad.4 players for 3 AM positions and 3 players for 2 CM positions, players started getting tired after the first few months and yet we finished 3rd and won the Europa league good to know you looked at everything