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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Regarding Jose's press conference giving answers for the west ham result, could some explain what he said or provide a link? I can't find anything
  2. Chelsea 0 - 0 West Ham

    We need to add more dimensions to this team to avoid dropped points when teams come to play like that. The 3 behind the striker are very fluent in their pass and moving style but when a team has eleven around the box there is no space for that play. Wingers or at least competent fullbacks need to hug the hell out of the touch line, draw some players wide and create more space in the middle. Sometimes more rigidity can be a good thing. Schurrle instead of Ramires on the right, and an effective left footer on the other side and west ham have more options to think about. Let hazard and oscar roam as they please. We are in transition, and I guess that it we had these options then the case wouldn't be so.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is it me m, or does Gaurin look like a mix of Mikel, Ramires and Essien? Certainly he has the rampaging run of both the bison and ram, but I see a bit of Mikel about him in how calm he is when he has the ball around the opposition. I think he is a special player and one we need in midfield, rather than a speciality player that some suggest, say one defensive player and one good passer of the ball in the pivot. We need two players that can pass tackle and read the game both defensively and offensively. Look at Vidal and pogba, bender and Gundogan, Swienstieger (cba to spell right) and Martinez. Toure and fernandonho, all players that can do most things well. If be pretty happy with Garin and Ramires in midfield, we have 3 AMs, why can one not drop deep? Oscar and mata should look to do that more often in my opinion, hazard and Willian/ shurlle would benefit
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    The only two options I could possibly think of still available is Cm, CB and LB in that order. Maybe mikel, Moses and Ba will all be going. Would love Luke shaw, would add better attacking width than Ashley Cole.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    In order to maintain standards and success now, experience like Schwarzer and Eto'o are necessary for a young squad that has never been in a title fight or the pressure cooker games like a CL semi. Also remember the great back room characters like Ballack, Drogba and Ferreira are gone now and needed to be replaced.
  6. Samuel Eto'o

    I think he will do well, maybe 20 in all comps this year. Will fit in nicely, and importantly, will suit the team more.
  7. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Am I the only one that has this very small doubt in the back of my mind, after the dry spell throughout the massive middle period of last season and the start to this one, that hazard may not reach the heights that he was predicted to by most when in France? Don't get me wrong I think he is a superb player, a game chaner. No doubt. But he definately has some improvements to make before he becomes a world beater, someone that everyone fears when chelsea's name is drawn in the CL. He needs to have better finishing and I think more focus and drive to go straight at people more often, maybe even take on the responsibility of the team as the main threat, which I don't think he has done as of yet. I still see someone who has a childish love of the game. Who enjoys taking people on and scoring, but does not yet have that steely will to go for the jugular. When he has that, and more consistency, he will arrive as one of the worlds best. I hope he does.
  8. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Hs performances show why Willian is not such a crazy, puzzling buy. We have 6 AM (no point including Moses tbh). With mata, Oscar and KDB we have quality in, mainly, passing accuracy. It's their ability to manipulate the game through possession and finding a telling pass which is their main threat. Hazard and Schurrle to an extent. They're the main ones that could carry the ball. What happens, as seen this season so far, when they aren't playing well? We could use all three 'possession' players which, lets be honest, is hardly a poor team. But against the likes of the Man U's, you need both a plan B, as in a Hazard/Willian type player AND competition to make sure that when they do start/come on they actually influence to the extent they can. How many times did Kalou or Zhirkov come on in a game a few years ago to try and salvage a game, yet didn't make an impact? Regardless of whether Hazard starts or not be knows he will have to influence the game to an extent, or in whichever way the gaffer has instructed him to or he will be off. He have William now, who can be just as effective, as creative as Eden. Competition just doesn't provide options, it pushes players. So what if Hazard, or even mata ends up being dropped? If they are good enough they'll play and certainly will if they keep providing. If they don't, then they're on the bench and can't complain.
  9. Willian

    I think it depends on the type of game, and even more so on the person accompanying him. I posted a few days ago in the OSCAR thread explaining how I feel that this may eventually happen, but basically the person next to him has to be a very capable defensive midfield player. Pat Nevin thinks MVG can be, from what I've seen in preseason I agree, though this is potential rather than right now. I definately see Oscar having the passing capabilities, with how often he drops deep to make triangles, he's our version of the metronome. It's the whole defensive game that worries me. His pressing his top, tackling acceptable but, understandable for a AM, poor defensive positioning. What Lampard does have that Oscar doesn't, as seen at OT where Frank was fantastic at least defensively. It will be those types of games Oscar won't play in the two, though in most home games and suitable away games I think it would work well. Anyway welcome Willian! Does remind me a bit of Robinho, but one that can hack it in Engalnd.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic I remember when Oscar first came how people were talking of his versatility. How, in the end, he would essentially take over from frank and be an out and out midfield player. I can even remember himself in a interview last year saying he and the club saw his future position as an 8. This leads me to think that the purchase of Willian is to see this transition happen now, or start to at least. Now, like some may say, I at first thought this would be detriment to his play. He is a number 10 for brazil. The main number 10!! Why change that? Well, I don't think that by playing him in the pivot that will change much. When Lampard plays there, how many times do you see him up with the front 3 and even beyond the striker! I know that's lamps' way of playing though, his instincts. But I think it shows that in this system it can still be applicable, allowing Oscar to get further forward still. Plus his speed and, in my opinion, better defensive capabilities than lamps may even mean he is better suited than Lampard himself. As pat says near the end, I see MVG as the main defensive lynchpin in the team, in the next few months at least when he is acclimatised to the league. Though it may be Oscar and Marco in the pivot, as many have said formations aren't concrete and we will se more of a 4-1-4-1. Oscar pushing up, almost having two ACM with two wingers in Hazard and Willian. That has pace and width with creating and vision, dynamism too! Every buzz word you can think off that's become so popular nowadays. I don't feel this would leave to much to desire in defence either, as I could see the fullbacks being told to stay back, leaving a solid back 4 plus the 1 shielding. Not saying this will happen or that there's evidence saying this will, but I feel it's an option and something I would like to see.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    interesting that Neville thought tonight on MNF that we will put in a cheeky bid this week before the game with them. Most definitely will still have close ties with united, maybe they are expecting another one. Just speculation and maybe I'm getting to far ahead of myself. Either way I feel that what does or doesn't happen this week will show the biggest signs yet of what will happen. With no bid and Rooney playing a part in the match, I feel that will unofficially put an end to our pursuit. I think it will be down to what noises or bids we make before the match and to what extent, if any, he plays that will give a clue to any deal being completed. Either way, I think we will still try and get a striker in. I can't explain why, but I have a gut feeling by the way Jose made the comment on sunday that we are after a striker, and if rooney is unavailable then there are others on the radar. trouble is I can't think or see who could be. Eto'o? not the drop deep and interact with midfield type. Looking back now, if we had got Aguero we really would have a complete attack. Or a tevez. well guys, looks like Lukaku will be our main hope this season. questionable control and, in my opinion footballing brain and goals will come. plus nando falling over and getting punched in the face. At least we'll get penalties though, right?
  12. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    It's at least a start that he has mentioned the red to be better technically in small spaces. Perhaps he had improved slightly under Clarke, although he was so poor last pre season, it may have simply been more confidence/ game time that showed his true ability. In any case, he will be average for a Chelsea striker if he doesn't improve. Mostly, he will have to operate in tight games with small spaces. Initially, I can see him become quite the scapegoat at the start of the season as, with a fluent attack behind him and a stronger midfield and better defensive performances which are natural to a Mourinho team, it will become more apparent. Hope it didn't happen as he is still so young after all. He'll need all the support he can get in this pressure cooker.
  13. Oh yes naturally, that's quite exciting thinking that the like of Schurrlle, KDB and Van Ginkel will meeting the gang
  14. Does anyone know the date that the team is due to start training? And am I right in the idea that Mourinho was back starting officially on Friday? Just liking forward to the foundations being laid!!!!
  15. Van Ginkel

    Yeh, I think Van Ginkel was played up front because Bony was injured