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  1. haha! great call!
  2. Said here... Manchester United source tells me Sir Alex Ferguson's successor will be announced within days but has to resign from current role first...
  3. Same. If Maureen goes to Utd I'll be shattered,
  4. What did Ferdinand do?
  5. Haha! Least it isn't us getting screwed over by a UEFA ref this time.
  6. Gotta be the end for him now. Ba has turned up, prolly hasn't even had a chance to have a chat with half his team mates and has already banged in two goals? LOL! Torres OUT!
  7. FALCAO (Not Atletico Falcao) FUTSAL GOAL OF THE YEAR
  8. Now the fat bus conductor is coming here we're probably going to have to keep putting up with this poser.
  9. OMG. I cannot believe he has been sacked. I seriously wonder why I support this club sometimes with the way it's run.
  10. But according to old red nose only "foreign" players dive...with Young & Rooney in his team I'm starting to think he isn't just a hypocrite, but going senile too.
  11. Crock of $hit. Old red nose whinges and his old mate on the FA jumps up and demotes Foy. Foy displays the worst piece of reffing since Ovrebo last season and AVB gets fined...? Worthless f***ing hypocrites.
  12. Hope JT sues the $hit out of the tabloids...although I'm sure he just wants to wash his Hands of their filth.
  13. HAHAHA. What a joke that lot of FA arseholes are. JT, you made the right choice in leaving that sorry mob. Should've done it years ago.