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  1. Nope, I'm not doing that at all. I think the lad has bags of potential and I like him a whole lot. I said the same thing in another thread about Michy; gutted we don't have Europa League or League Cup games this season to play them in, they could have had guaranteed minutes here instead of random minutes elsewhere. And to be fair it wasn't you doing this but the suggestion that he'll come back and be afforded the time to prove himself worthy of a spot in next seasons squad by showing what he can do at Chelsea in the next 5 months (like was the assumption from the OP) is mighty far fetched. He's AN option, yes - but he isn't anywhere near being the option should push come to shove and there are more likely plans to deal with Alonso or Moses missing games this season.
  2. You're arguing for arguments sake now Paul. I wasn't comparing Kenedy and MvG in terms of quality but you see this as the same thing: One player wasn't wanted/needed by his loaned to club so was SENT BACK. No one currently has expressed any further interest in him so his situation is as it was before loan. Named as first team squad member. Another player is wanted PERMANENTLY by another club, is waiting at his parent club for the January window to open before almost certainly signing for the interested party. Not named as a first team squad member. I think they're very different hence why I wouldn't use MvG and Kenedy as any sort of comparison other than Chelsea are currently the parent club to both. We'll be playing 3 at the back and 2 wing backs for 90% of the remaining games this season. When and if we don't I think we will see Azpi go to the left side with JT coming back into the fold with Cahill and Luiz. OR Azpi goes to the left and Ivanovic comes into the right WB slot. OR we'll go four at the back with Azpi leftback, Ivan as rightback, Cahill and Luiz at centre half. Three alternatives before Kenedy gets a look in.
  3. Two separate things; discussing Kenedy and saying we need another left WB. You're right, I'm not telling you we don't need one but we have alternatives without going to Kenedy first. I'm not comparing Kenedy to van Ginkel, that's apples and oranges and this is a discussion about bringing back youngsters for first team exposure to boost a squad. It's in reply to Conte Kante's opinion that it's remotely possible, it hasn't happened in my recent memory, I find it strange anyone could consider it viable for - as Droy says - a trot out for one FA Cup game.
  4. Re: Kenedy - what did he get at Watford? A knee injury and a quarter of an hour in one Prem game? He didn't return to Chelsea in any guise than Watford didn't want him any more. Training with the first team? Ok, but I'm not sure what else he was supposed to do? Didn't play for Watford, won't play for Chelsea in anything other than an extreme emergency (like Luiz, Azpi, Ivanovic, Moses are all banned at the same time) or we've already won the Prem and any game time is insignificant. I'm not debating his ability but he has no significant role to play this season. Another loan much better for him.
  5. I quite agree. In fact what some have posted as to being a fairly normal, reasonable even expected January 2017 hasn't actually happened at this football club, in any window in 20 years. Maybe longer than that. But window in and window out there are still those with the opinion that there will be half a dozen recalls of 16-20 year old players that are not even getting minutes for the club they are being loaned at let alone stand any chance of getting more minutes here. They believe the children are the future. Well that's only in the Whitney Houston song and she wasn't singing about CFC.
  6. Nailed on, won't happen. How will those players be given any sort of chance to impress the manager at this club over the second half of the season if the manager is a guy that doesn't change his side (well, doesn't have to) at all? Suspensions are now the only catalyst for change and those were only tactical and "convenient" bookings. You don't really think that a manager that has been shown to field the most stable and certain XI in the Premiership to date and that has seen us surge to the top of the table - and be away and clear - will suddenly go "do you know what, we're winning, we don't have any European football to juggle, the side are extremely comfortable with what I want them to do so I reckon I'll change it all up now and bring back a couple of players that haven't had any minutes just to see if they are good enough for next season". You're barking mad if you think that will happen. If he calls them back - which he won't - they wouldn't play anywhere near enough between Jan and the end of the season to make any sort of judgement. They'll stay where they are.
  7. Google Dave - everywhere is saying sterling (if it happens). Cannot find a single reference to it being in Euros.
  8. I'm not sure many of you have seen Sunderland this season by the reads of it. They are terrible and it is of no coincidence they are rooted to the bottom of the table. We are top and clear, they are bottom and away - this is a routine win all ends up for me even without Hazard. I'm imagining them being taken apart quite comfortably.
  9. Ahhh ok - I've misread what Bob said. Apologies Bob, if this ^ is the context then I missed it first time around. Sorry about that and yes, that does make a bit more sense. Definitely not football men are they these club owners? What is the point of the Chinese league - a graveyard for over priced, over hyped, over paid players and managers only in the Far East for a payday? Part of me can't blame them and part of me thinks they are showing zero ambition. As much as he now might not fit the criteria at Chelsea anymore he could do a decent job at a lesser European club. Spurs would take him I am sure.
  10. Their available resources has little to do with the price of eggs. Or Oscar. Otherwise why not offer £75m and be done with it? The conversation did not go "Wait, you value Oscar at £35m? How about £52m instead?" Which other Chinese clubs have shown interest and did they sniff about waving £45m or the equivalent RMB to force Shanghai up to £52m? Shown interest and a bidding war are two different things. I cannot help but find the numbers quite bizarre and the thought process behind getting to them. These cannot be football men running these clubs and I'll admit that I know nothing - nor want to know anything - about the Chinese football league other than it isn't proper football is it of the real world is it?
  11. Just looking through this and it is ridiculously thin although the sort of numbers quoted for Oscar's transfer make it impossible to turn down. Griezmann is a pipe dream in any window - never going to happen. You can quote this and I'll hold my hands up and admit to being wrong but that sort of player doesn't come to Chelsea. Oscar though, I can't quite get my head around the numbers?! A player has a sale value no matter who the buying club is don't they? So why not go in at £25m and then negotiate instead of plucking a massive number out of thin air? I'd wager we'd have taken £30m or £35m for someone that has been a tremendous servant but no longer fits into the make up of this squad. I'm sure there are equally fantastical numbers being used as salary examples to Oscar but I still find the £52m or sometimes £60m figures to be twice as much as what was probably needed. Could we prize Eriksen away from Spurs for this sort of money?
  12. Over to you Droy.
  13. In the system that we play and with no Europa or League Cup, "evaluation" games are difficult to come by to know if Batshuayi can actually do the job should the unthinkable happen to Costa. He's unproven and will remain so all the time we're only involved in a title push. It is a cruel catch-22 situation this - we are probably better off in the league because of the early exit from the League Cup and not having to play in Europe at all but we could have done with the LC and EL to see what Michy and a few others could indeed bring to the party if required. When you have a fit, disciplined and extremely efficient Costa ahead of you, very few strikers in the world are going to get a look in. I feel for Michy and I don't envy Conte having to manage it. But the kid is young and this is season one for him in England, let's hope he doesn't do a "Lukaku" and get a little too big for his boots too quickly.
  14. I do find it bizarre that he is still getting so much air time on these boards - be that air time in criticism or praise. Of course, each to their own of course but there isn't a Ranieri thread anywhere as far as I can see and he did something last year much more magnificent than anything JM has done while being in England. If the old Special One is going to be talked about, as much as I don't like the man I do find it a shame that there is quite so much venom in people's posts considering he is a massive, positive part of the Chelsea FC fabric - especially first time around.