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  1. Most ridiculous comment alert! Most ridiculous comment alert! Most ridiculous comment alert!
  2. Almost every club - when asked this week about their transfer targets and how many they need - have said "if there is a chance to bring in one or two (three or four) then we will act". Poch, Wenger, Bilic. And then pre-Pogba Mourinho was banging on about how many he wanted and how he was going to get them. When we're asked the same thing, we "close it down". Don't think that it is too much to ask for from the club to be able to confirm that we are at least looking. No one is necessarily asking Conte to name names. So yes, it is indeed very much like every recent Chelsea manager has given in these press conferences but not how you meant it to be. It should indicate - even to you - that the club are probably not going to finance a decent transfer window because like every Chelsea manager in recent times, the club have not backed them significantly at all. Hence the position we are in.
  3. Quite so.
  4. I don't want to argue unnecessarily but how does that work? Could you give me an example or 3?
  5. There was at least a little cost to all of those players Paul and for some it was significant. None of those players will ever get anywhere near the 23-24 man first team squad let alone the starting XI. Granted we have to have some sort of reserve string but 33 is a waste of time and money for all involved. As much as possible let them go, cash in and actually invest in where we need it - the first team squad. Stop pratting about with this FFP loophole, it's a stupid model that suits neither the club nor the players. No one else does it.
  6. I like your posts zaffo, I actively seek them out as I like your views and opinions. This sort of sums up the problem for me - we can get by with what we have. We're supposedly a European super club that are comfortably in the top 10 of most valuable, we shouldn't have to get by.
  7. I'm inching towards this view point now. A few weeks ago at the start of the US tour I was more hopeful but now I am feeling something similar to this. My hope was that Conte had a plan and the club was going to follow his lead, not the other way around. I had hoped that our relative inactivity in the transfer market was based on Conte's idea that he had to see everyone - first team, kids, support players - for himself and then we'd move in the market accordingly because the club would stump up. Conte doing his due diligence, the club likewise with the move for players then being swift and relevant and would plug the holes that anyone with half a brain would have seen after watching 10 minutes of YouTube videos of us from last season. We kick off the season Monday with all but one difference in personnel as far as I can see. I cannot include Batshuayi as a team-changer, he is too far away from being any sort of finished article. Recalling Cuadrado and Moses coupled to signing Kante as our only attempts at sorting the side out is concerning. Obviously we are trying to sign a centre half but that isn't the only problem position and to date we are still missing said centre half. I wasn't overly worried three or four weeks back but I am getting there now.
  8. After being an almost unknown and then with one decent season under his belt, Kante is suddenly in the Pogba bracket? Pffft, not even close. And is there anything, anywhere to suggest we were not the only ones to match Kante's release clause? I cannot find anything but I am happy to be shown something to the contrary. So tell me who then, Paul - who have we actively sought out and then fended off the other interest from other clubs to sign? Top of the tree type signing, the likes of Aguero or Pogba, Sane or Zlatan? I mentioned Hazard as the obvious but I am struggling after that. When we lost the likes of Drogba and Lampard recently who did we replace them with again? Van Ginkel and Eto'o wasn't it? It's telling when you say "Bony, would be cheap and could do a job for us" - that says to me that we cannot attract the types of players we used to. You know, those mercenary type players when money was the only attractive thing bringing them here when we were the only ones with the large fishing rod. Now it's a much more even playing field, what more to a player does it bring to sign for Chelsea than it does to sign for Arsenal? It isn't woe is me Paul, I'm genuinely interested to know what you have seen as our statement of intent in the last half a dozen years? While the City juggernaut has rolled into the Premiership, United are unaffected by being in and out of the CL and the TV cash recently has been spread far and wide in the Premiership with the likes of Spurs, Palace, Everton, and West Ham now able to splash £20m, £25m, £30m on a single player, are we in that bracket now? Do you think that we will ever break the Torres transfer record? My stance is that it isn't doom and gloom because you don't need a £50m+ player in every position to make you are very good team. But we should be competing with City and PSG and Barcelona when it is needed and we should be confident that we would get our targets instead of rooting around the bargain bucket or the hand me downs for reinforcements. That's where I feel we are headed.
  9. Where is the problem then, DWMH?
  10. If Man United or Man City go in for Nainggolan, Nainggolan goes to Manchester. Chelsea go in for Nainggolan, Nainggolan signs a new contract with Roma. Fact.
  11. I don't exactly know where the problem lies but it is a little saddening to read that some of us would look at the likes of Bony or Mangala or Ashley Williams and think "yeah, they could do a job" - two being our direct rivals cast-off's and the other a wrong side of 30 Everton target. Other than Hazard that chose to come here off the back of our CL win in 2012, when was the last world-class (or close to) player that we were able to identify and then purchase? Courtois was our player before the hype, Fabregas was a Barcelona reject, Costa.. well I am not sure he is close to being world class so doesn't count in my opinion. Kante? Meh, a decent season for Leicester does not a world class player make yet. A year before we signed Hazard, the capture of Juan Mata was a bit of a coup but I'm struggling there on. We have had world-class players albeit signed from a different time in our club's history. Since that time we just haven't been able - for whatever reason - to replace them or even get close. Terry will get a handful of game this season and then another worldy leaves to be replaced by mediocrity no doubt. Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Essien, Ashley Cole, Robben, Makelele, Crespo - world class players from yesteryear replaced over time by solid if unspectacular alternatives. Perhaps I am late to the party and the realisation that we aren't a club that can go and get Bonucci or Griezmann - the very top of the pile. Is it time to try and get comfortable - if not entirely happy - with quality seconds?
  12. I saw Miazga is off on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt according to Sport Bild
  13. Changed the subject? Where in the last 4 or 5 posts have you mentioned John Stones, Mr. Pot, Kettle and Black? A 22 year old JT wouldn't have been given the chance to break into the side - see Mssrs Christensen, Omeruo and Kalas. Perhaps those players aren't good enough to make it at Chelsea but you don't know that as much as anyone else. The expectation around this side now, the money that is pumped into this club now and the titles that this club are expected to win now means that a punt on a 22 year old centre half coming up through the ranks is too much of a gamble. So yeah, off topic and a change of subject I am claiming that JT wouldn't get into the Chelsea team now if we time travel his 22 year old self forward to present day.
  14. Just how good are England again, Droy? Again, not much praise is it?
  15. I didn't suggest he wouldn't have made it before Abramovich. His career is proof that he did. However, to be clear for you - JT wouldn't have been given the chance during the Abramovich era. No young player is successfully brought through the ranks like JT was 15-odd years ago. Doesn't happen now, I imagine we have had a few JT's slip through our fingers in the same time period.