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  1. Next Chelsea Manager

    He repeats that start next season here then he is fired by November.
  2. Next Chelsea Manager

    Financial commitment very well illustrated, Droy. Long term commitment to Chelsea not illustrated at all. There is no point arguing this Droy, I don't believe that RA is going to do a runner any time soon. But the stadium doesn't reinforce that belief for me.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think that this is a very good summary of my feelings on Pelligrini also. Nicely put.
  4. Next Chelsea Manager

    Relatively I wouldn't imagine that they are dissimilar at all Droy. A million to us is a massive amount considering our turnover.  I didn't say that there was any truth behind my comparison but a stadium alone doesn't necessarily show commitment from RA. I cannot really fathom a scenario where there would be an absolute show of commitment other than what we see week to week - he's still here, he still pitches up at games, he still looks like he is enjoying himself. I think that's good enough. But as for his long term commitment and that being shown through the rebuild of Stamford Bridge? Nah, they don't correlate for me.
  5. Khobar

    This is terrible news. Very sad - RIP Khobar.
  6. True Chelsea Legends

    This is going to be a very subjective topic. Frank Lampard is the only one in my CFC supporting life according to my definition of what a legend is. Gianfranco comes closest to SFL but doesn't quite meet the criteria. 
  7. Next Chelsea Manager

    James, ever thought that him building a new stadium actually increases the possibility of wanting to get out of the club and sell up? The stadium is an asset and adds more value to a potential sale.  The company I work for invested a million recently in upgrading all it's CRM software (won't name the brand) and have pushed it out to all it's offices around the world. Now we are in the process of being bought out. Investment doesn't - necessarily - equal long time stability and commitment. I'm not saying there is any truth in it but a stadium alone isn't indication of interest.
  8. John Terry

    It's as possible as anything else but because it's JT, this post will be easily dismissed. Indeed - other than me who agrees with it's plausibility - no one else seems to be paying it any attention. That's telling in itself.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    You - nor I - know what Terry has asked for, Perhaps he has asked for more for next year, ever thought about that?  I agree that he is our best defender, I agree that he is a proper captain but you don't know what his "worth" really is to the club. The last time Terry found himself with a new manager that wasn't Mourinho he found himself out of the side in great big swathes of time - why isn't it possible that Terry has seen JM go, is in doubt as to who the next manager is and at his age is worried about his playing time under the next manager? Given that he will turn 36 next season - regardless of his standing with the fans - we should be looking at replacing him because he cannot go on forever.  It's hypothetical but it is no less possible than anything else because you just do not know what has or hasn't been said behind closed doors.  All you - and I - know is that Terry has made public the fact that Chelsea have not offered him a contract to date. You do not know if there have been discussions about a contract, you do not know if Chelsea baulked at his agent's proposals (and there must have been at least one by now), you don't know if Chelsea have come back with any counter offer or if they have flat out said "there is no offer at all". You've taken the fact that Ivanovic got a contract (again of which you know nothing about the content of) and that he isn't flavour of the month and extrapolated from that, that there must be some plot against JT.  If the point you were making is that Chelsea can discuss a contract extension with Ivanovic - and have him sign it - but a week or two later JT hasn't had one given to him then you are wrong to compare because you are assuming that what JT said after the McDons game equates to there being no discussions having taken place. There will have been, we just don't know what they were about.
  10. Positivity corner

    For someone so alarmed in other threads about black and Jewish comments, this is unnecessary.
  11. Next Chelsea Manager

    Did this post get caught up in a time-warp delay? He's long gone at Madrid Bob. 
  12. Next Chelsea Manager

    What knife edge is he on?
  13. Next Chelsea Manager

    I can't see any attraction with Pellegrini. With all the money and quality he has had at his disposal in Madrid and at City I would have thought one league title and one league cup is considerably underwhelming? Meh, he's not someone I could get behind all that easily. I will say that I thought that he was quite dignified yesterday with his interview. Is he the longest interim that has ever been?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    As Chiswickblue highlights - you are a little out of touch with the Cahill situation. Under contract now until he is 33.
  15. John Terry

    Right, but it is a very emotional time for a Chelsea fan filled with a lot of unknowns. And unknowns are scary - they just naturally are. Personally I think that in the grander scheme of things, half a season isn't enough time to really make any judgement on any decision that the club have or haven't made. I reckon you are right, they have no idea who our next manager is right now but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.