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  1. In the system that we play and with no Europa or League Cup, "evaluation" games are difficult to come by to know if Batshuayi can actually do the job should the unthinkable happen to Costa. He's unproven and will remain so all the time we're only involved in a title push. It is a cruel catch-22 situation this - we are probably better off in the league because of the early exit from the League Cup and not having to play in Europe at all but we could have done with the LC and EL to see what Michy and a few others could indeed bring to the party if required. When you have a fit, disciplined and extremely efficient Costa ahead of you, very few strikers in the world are going to get a look in. I feel for Michy and I don't envy Conte having to manage it. But the kid is young and this is season one for him in England, let's hope he doesn't do a "Lukaku" and get a little too big for his boots too quickly.
  2. I do find it bizarre that he is still getting so much air time on these boards - be that air time in criticism or praise. Of course, each to their own of course but there isn't a Ranieri thread anywhere as far as I can see and he did something last year much more magnificent than anything JM has done while being in England. If the old Special One is going to be talked about, as much as I don't like the man I do find it a shame that there is quite so much venom in people's posts considering he is a massive, positive part of the Chelsea FC fabric - especially first time around.
  3. Out of the league cup already (thankfully) and maybe a handful of FA cup games to come - this settled XI should be expected to line up 33-35 out of the 38 league games. I don't see that as over working them, I cannot see that as anything other than a distinct possibility so if fit, the Spurs XI plays and Matic walks back into the side at the expense of Fabregas. Decent to have on the bench should this West Brom side be stubborn to get through I can't make any case for Willian or Cesc starting.
  4. Yes, this is most certainly my belief also. Worldies are a luxury that no team need eleven of - it isn't sustainable. We have 2 proper world class players and then we have a couple in the next tier down. We were magnificent when Willian came on vs City - HE was excellent - and he is a long way off being a world class operator. But that sort of cover is what we need; Moses is up there in the top few performers of any team in the league so far, what a revelation he has been. You don't need to be Conte to know that Griezmann is a proper player but Conte will earn his money by identifying the next Willian, Moses or Kante and integrating into the system to make the team world class. Which at times this season they really have been, contrary to what Droy has to say.
  5. In Conte's preferred and working formation, where does Griezmann fit in? Seriously, who do you drop in this very settled XI to accommodate the Frenchman? Pedro is the obvious but is that like for like?
  6. Maybe - like a lot of us - the players don't actually like him? There is an awful lot to not like, it would only be natural for a proportion of them to feel that way.
  7. Lampard is available as a free agent come January.
  8. No he doesn't.
  9. How the bloody hell do you know, you dont watch Italian football and you have repeatedly berated anyone that has shown more than a passing knowledge of a league you so openly dismiss as being inferior to the English top flight.
  10. I'm not keen on many Droy's posts, but what is the point of this sort of juvenile nitpicking and the intention of only trying to make him look silly? You're guilty of doing this a lot Bob, just how old are you FFS?
  11. Fabregas to Milan > loan deal. Pile of arse if you listen to 99% of the shite going through Twitter at the moment.
  12. See the italic "could", HolyMoly? I'm not counting anything - in fact I am banking on two of those not coming off and alternatives being found instead. But in isolation those players tick the boxes to fill the holes in the squad (although we created another hole yesterday by letting Remy go). Nope, I'm not counting anything.
  13. So we could end up with a window that saw Kante, Michy, Eduado, Luiz, Alonso, Ogbonna and Brozovic come in. That's a mighty fine set of transfers in, isn't it?
  14. Does it matter where it came from? What's interesting about it? JT directly quoted as saying it was done and he was off at the end of his loan with Forest. You said it was nonsense, I have shown you it wasn't. Go back to sleep Droy.