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  1. Me too Paul. Very definitely makes a good point here
  2. Scores a **** load of goals; seems you forgot that bit.
  3. A Lewandowski signing is the biggest transfer we would ever have made in terms of stature (and I have no doubt it would be a club record). It would dwarf Hazard's arrival. I am absolutely loathed to read anything into rumours and all that guff - especially if it originates from Balague - but I will admit to a little bit of wee coming out at reading the headline on SkySports just now. Utterly, completely world class player up there in the proper elite.
  4. When is the kit on sale? July 1st?
  5. MLS even :)
  6. I can see him going to China, just not for that amount. China 100% tax stops that sort of money. Ronaldo isn't a £200m player, not even in China
  7. Unbelievable reports from some of the fringe media desperately trying to destabilise the club from afar. Conte has only just gone on holiday and he his stance on his future is being called into question amid "quit claims". I've been in the "there is no conspiracy against Chelsea" camp but I'm defecting wholeheartedly. Sorry, this has nowt to do with transfers - I was having a Twitter browse for gossip and rumour and can only find a load of twaddle about Conte not coming back from his holibobs. It's disgusting; no other club has to suffer such treatment and barrage of unsubstantiated claptrap.
  8. I see it this way also. I think RA likes Costa a lot; aggression, passion, a personality - but I also think that Conte has this in buckets and is actually liked by a whole lot more than JM ever was. Humility is wonderfully shown at all times by Conte. But I completely agree, Conte will have a lot of money made available to him this close season. So many on here are assuming that no announcements or even gossip (ugh) means the club are taking no action. When will they (James) learn? Chill the f**k out - we were only crowned English champions a matter of weeks ago, you'd have thought we'd been relegated by some of the doom written on here.
  9. Absolutely and I meant nothing sinister by highlighting it. It just tickled me; so vehement around the Arsenal/Liverpool blip to making Fab a shoe-in after we were crowned champions. I enjoyed the posts as they quite wonderfully highlight how fickle we all are, I'm not nitpicking at all Mark.
  10. This made me chuckle a little this morning :)
  11. TBF, you don't actually know that we are chasing anyone.
  12. I believe Sheva was also 30.
  13. Yes, for Tammy Abraham read Patrick Bamford.
  14. The answer is that you don't. Money isn't the issue, it is quantity of players of Hazard's quality. It's not the we might not be able to afford them, it's just that they don't exist in such numbers which is why Madrid may well be sniffing about.
  15. This is remarkable. I bet Leicester try and hold out for this sort of money but in my opinion there should be a decimal between the 5 and 0.