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  1. Goes to show you that anyone with an agenda can make up any conclusion they like using the most inoccuous of remarks and fashion them into something quite sinister. Deary me, what a load of cobblers - a pic with a guy surrounded by his pals and all of a sudden that means he's publicly saying adios. I do not know how some people function day to day.
  2. Antonio Conte - 46 going on 60. Looks like he is absolutely bricking it in his presser. English so-so but got in immediately that he is working on it all the time.
  3. Sack them all then Dave, top to bottom. You must be right; so why didn't you apply for the job instead of Conte? Of course, the possibility that we have already got rid of the reason we finished 10th isn't even remotely considerable to you is it? I've never said we are not short of quality or numbers but to me - and plenty of others - the removal of Jose as a disruptive influence on that squad is the major plus coming into this new season. Regardless of additions, that exact squad had no business starting the season as they did. I absolutely agree that they overachieved the previous year but even conceding that point the squad - however light you or I think it was on quality or quantity - should not have been anywhere near where they found themselves in January. Players in is not the only factor that will contribute to a successful season this time out. I'm not sure it is even the biggest factor either. I'm certainly not the slightest bit worried at this point in the window when we have a manager that was in another job up until a fortnight ago and has now had just the one day in his new position.
  4. Arsenal - signed Xhaka. Released Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini Liverpool - signed Matip, Karius, Mane. Released Toure, Enrique Man City - signed Gundogan, Nolito, Zinchenko. Released Demichelis, Fofana Man United - signed Bailly, Zlatan, Mkhitaryan. Release none (yet) Spurs - signed Wanayama. Released none (yet) Chelsea - signed Batshuayi, loaned Baker, Ake, Boga So other than the circus in the red half of Manchester none of our direct top-4 rivals have really done anything yet but we're (seemingly) losing ground? I don't buy it at all. The only thing being lost is some of our fans' minds.
  5. Right, but it doesn't matter how many times you type here that the club are not doing something to address the issues, you really do not know that they aren't. Simple.
  6. You really do not know that they aren't trying to resolve whatever problems you think there may or may not be with the squad.
  7. Perhaps - perhaps - it is a good thing that no one is talking about us and that all the hoohar going around about Mourinho and Pogba, Pep and Bonucci/Gundogan and Klopp and his 6-year contract (not to mention the England manager and that debacle) is exactly what Chelsea Football Club need after a season like last year. It's been a very understated and unspectacular arrival for Antonio Conte with no specific presser arranged (I believe there is something brief arranged for post-Vienna match) and while as a impatient fan it might be nice to be publicly mixing it with the other clubs for players that are going to cost ridiculous amounts then maybe the "under the radar" approach is more beneficial. Mourinho brings his own vulgarity to the starts of his new jobs and new seasons, Pep has inevitably brought headlines and massive expectations at City and Klopp is a goddamn genius for getting himself a 6-year extension after such a short and underwhelming start - if you think about it then it is quite nice not being scrutinized in the same way as the Northerners. It is July 10th and there are 7 weeks until the end of the window and 5 weeks until the season starts. Huge overreaction to be whining about signings at this stage.
  8. Correct, it isn't. And even if it was then it wouldn't be Hazard or Willian that's for damn sure.
  9. I think that the same could have been said about bringing Jose back. He all that bold bit been afforded to JM last season then we'd almost certainly not have needed to sack him with our side dangerously close to the drop zone. I don't like Jose but we wouldn't need to be discussing a new manager for the coming season had we not completely lost the plot at board level.
  10. Won't ever make it at Chelsea, nailed on.
  11. I see what you are saying but to squeeze Brana, Dave and Baba into a back 3 plus 2 then you have to drop someone from an established midfield to make the room - Matic being the obvious one to make way as Hazard, Willian, Fabregas are all givens to start the vast majority of games. With Costa and Batshuayi up top it looks like a lightweight middle of the park when defending. In my opinion of course. I'd love to see 2 up top, proper wingers and a solid midfield foundation but I don't think we have the playing staff to make it successful.
  12. We all live in hope, Bob. Anyway, with our ex in front of the media yesterday has there been a proper unveiling of Conte scheduled? Appreciate that he'll need a recharge after the Euro's but I'm itching to see what he is like in front of the cameras - and we've got Rapid Vienna in a couple of weeks. I couldn't see anything when I looked around, perhaps next week? What's his English like?
  13. See the "reported" and "possibly" wording in my post, Bob? I am well aware that the deal hasn't been done and I was only trying to get opinions on the player and is he any good. You do like to pick holes in peoples posts instead of actually contributing your own opinions. You've made a career about ripping into Prescott and to be honest you look like a tit, carping on as you do.
  14. For a reported £30m isn't it? I don't watch enough Italian football to know much about him but that does sound an awful lot for a player at a B-class club that doesn't play for an elite nation and so doesn't come with a stupid notional premium (like John Stones inflated price tag just for being English). Money (possibly) well spent?
  15. Higuain for me but that's just personal preference. Very much like him as a player.