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  1. Well it is nothing like that at all. We were told by Dave to behold the improvement Poch has made to Spurs since he was been there. I don't think that this is much to write home about - they're better but they're still empty handed again. We were also told to be fearful of Poch should he continue to improve them next season. Meh. I'm saying the improvement Conte has made in a much shorter time to this squad now compared to the improvement JM made when he took over in his first season is better and more stark. The playing field is also not the same as it was a dozen year ago when we were the only ones that could spend what he - and to a degree Ranieri - spent assembling the 2004/05 squad. However, just for shits and giggles - if it was like the picture you're trying to illustrate then it is two completely different drivers using the same car along the same stretch of road. One driver doesn't get the car out of 2nd gear because he is completely incapable of using the clutch properly, doesn't know how to take the handbrake off and also filled the unleaded, super charged engine with diesel. What a dick - he's steering it all over the place and almost off the road and so he is removed from the drivers seat lickety-split. The other driver jumps in and after a very short period where the engine is bled and the right is fuel added he gently corrects the erratic steering, releases the handbrake, engages the clutch in the correct way and over the length of the road moves the car through it's gears professionally but ever so skilfully winning the race comfortably. He hasn't driven got the most expensive car in the race and hasn't had the biggest engine but he got the car to perform better than the car has in a decade. The contrast between the drivers couldn't be more stark; results and performance are there for all to see. ~ Champions :)
  2. 2003/04 runners up improved in 2004/05 to winners. Decent, I will agree. 2015/16 10th improved in 2016/17 to winners. Out-f*cking-standing, you will have to agree.
  3. Well you said this: "It is possible to be the best team in England right now and not winning the league. I stand by my statement - right now, and for a few months now, Tottenham has been the best team in England." then you said this: "They have a fantastic starting XI who are well-drilled and work ever so well together. They play a fast and attractive style, with high-press and a lot of focus on quick passes and overloading of teams. They have some incredible players, strong and with fantastic stamina." then you said this: "over the last couple of months they have amasses more points than us and have also played a lot better than we have." all of which was used to illustrate that they - second placed Spurs without a chance of silverware again - are currently and have been for months better than us - the inevitable PL champions and possible FA Cup winners. You'll have to forgive me then Dave but just what does "best in the league" mean currently or for the last few months or next week? It might have been better for you to use "playing the best football" instead of being such a preacher about who was "the best" but that - as you say now - is subjective and unusable. I can find no angle where Spurs have ever been the best team in the country this season, not even when they turned us over at their place a few months back. We're 2 wins from a league and cup double, they're a draw away from zilch again. You sound like Jermaine Jenas.
  4. Are you saying that for all these years I have been calling them Spuds, I should have been calling them Arty-chokes?
  5. Dave, following on from a different line of logic you've employed that the best team in the league isn't actually about to win the league, then I'll put this forward as an alternative view to the above. If we get the three more wins which you mention then this Chelsea side that wins the title ensures that it is actually this year that is the best PL season ever. 2004/05 might have seen us win more points but should we win the three remaining games then we will have won more games - 30 and a Premier League record of wins in a single season. If you can make any sort of case whereby Spurs are currently the best team in the league then it is nowhere near as much of a stretch to say that a side that wins more games than in a comparable season has actually had a better term now than before. Should you argue that it is more points (2004/05) that determines "what is best" then your stance on Spurs being the better team for the last few months is tripe. Which most of us knew anyway. Should we win the league and win the next three, this is the best PL season ever.
  6. It's a stretch to say Spurs are the best team in the league; it sounds like fear that's driving that opinion to me. "If Poch continues like this..." well Poch has been there since 2014 so his - and Spurs - improvement is easy to measure. And if you do take the time to measure then it's not really yielded much. Conte on the other hand has been here 10 minutes which makes judging any improvement of his absolutely impossible. But look at it this way - if Poch has improved Spurs season on season then there is still no cup triumph, early knock outs of the CL and Europa and almost certainly "also rans" again in the league. Meh, it's ok. Conte on the other hand has inherited a squad that were shot to bits in confidence, belittled and undermined, with players not sure of what was being asked of them or where to play, had his squad trimmed yet further and then turned all that into a side that sits very pretty at the summit of the Premier League and in the final of the FA Cup. He's 4 wins away from a league and cup double - Poch is 4 wins away from nowt. Now just imagine if Conte continues like this?
  7. Absolutely correct. And I like the mention of Anelka too.
  8. Very good :)
  9. You are being deliberately obtuse, Droy quelle surprise. A run with fewer goals following a run with more goals is the dictionary definition of "a slump" so I am glad that even you now agree that Diego is in one. If he scores again the weekend and a few more by the end of the season then he is "out of as slump". Until then, that's where he finds himself. A slump; to "undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount."
  10. I utterly love your posts Droy, please don't ever change. You are like Karl Pilkington; if you are being serious and this is genuinely how you are and what you think then you are stark raving bonkers but if you are a comedy act then you a probably the finest comedian going today.
  11. Haha, you little internet warrior. Bet you couldn't wait to get this in. What happened to Zouma? Great reaction to Matic's goal from the bench.
  12. Zouma in a back 4! This gets better and better. Dave, Alonso, Luiz, Terry and Moses. It'll be the same formation as has been for 90% of the season. Got nothing to do with sentimentality at all.
  13. That's John Terry; club captain, hundreds of club appearances, dozens of trophies and years and years or experience in high profiled and massive games vs Nathan Ake whose made 5 first team Chelsea appearances ever. Yep, I'd be gutted if we took such a foolhardy risk. Tsk, tsk.
  14. I mean, it's ludicrous isn't it Bob? I can't help but laugh at it all, it must be said. I wouldn't change him!
  15. I meant it in the nicest possible way - like Benny Hill, he was a proper wally and buffoon but hugely entertaining. You're comedy gold and while almost everything you say is the complete polar opposite to everyone else, I wouldn't change a thing about you. Your posts cheer me right up, give me a right giggle.