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  1. Different times Paul and at the time Ronaldo was sold, he wasn't the player he is now.
  2. The only truly world class player we have, it would be terrible to sell Hazard; it's the wrong message entirely. We're not Liverpool, and we're not Arsenal FFS. EDIT: if we were United or City then Hazard wouldn't leave.
  3. It's probably been ignored Dave because of the tone of your posts; you ram it down everyone's throat at all times, belittling at every opportunity. You don't seem to be able to debate with a person in the slightest; you result to name calling and people are morons for disagreeing with you. You're dismissive of anyone else's opinion and you state your own as the only fact ("to say anything else is ludicrous/ridiculous/moronic"). I can't find anything positive to say about the tone of any of your posts so I don't read your stuff any more (unless you quote me like this). Shame really as I used to like what you said as I agreed with much.
  4. All this semantics - counter-attacking, defensive, attacking, cautious - and no one really mentioning that whatever style we have or employ that it is winning football and infinitely better than the dross served up last season. For whatever reason and whatever you want to call or classify it as, we are top of the pile by a long way, on for an enormous haul of points, a nigh on certainty for the title and still some are whinging for whinging's sake. These forums and threads are so much poorer for the name calling and sniping at each other. It isn't fun to read, it's quite the shame.
  5. Go and get him.
  6. Think I saw that Hazard has been fouled 80 times this season; as much as De Bruyne and Sanchez combined. Systematically targeted and it's just a matter of time before one of those fouls is the end of his season.
  7. Who? So a stamp to the chest couldn't have possibly injured him? Had it been slightly higher then it would have been across the throat. With football boots as they are now this could easily have injured Hazard.
  8. I've quite enjoyed them Nobly. Not agreed with much in regards to your opinion, but you're one of the most logical and sensible in these threads. I find your consistency refreshing even if your stand point significantly differs from my own. Never a waste to read well made arguments and posts considering the large amount of dross that is on here.
  9. Quite dreadful that he even had to acknowledge the notion of leaving. Deary me!
  10. There, you've gone and done it now Mark.
  11. If we beat West Ham, Watford (when rearranged), Stoke and Palace then we're champions. No one will come back from that far behind with those few games to go. We win it in March. No need to change a thing - strongest XI with Pedro and Matic although Cesc can feel a little hard-done after his weekend performance. But I think that for West Ham - being a derby game away from home and with Obiang and Fegouli in the middle of the park - that extra mobility in midfield would be prudent.
  12. I'm guessing that the reference was to the stupid media nonsense about Conte being homesick and Inter are his escape route back to Italy in the summer. There are other links to this rubbish.
  13. 31st December 2016: “They won 13 games in a row. Not bad. Can you imagine how annoying it is when you win 13 games in a row and there is still one team only six points behind?” 27th February 2017:
  14. When the discussions and arguments start for the greatest players of a generation, neither Kante nor Fabregas will figure. Unless you are talking to yourself Droy in which case, carry on as usual.
  15. I'm amazed that people do care. There is no thread for AVB over in Shanghai, no separate thread for Ancelotti in Germany, nothing for the newly unemployed Ranieri... I don't get the negative or positive prolonged fascination with JM - he's gone, I am very much over that period now. But I'll await the "Jose is box-office and creates headlines" rhetoric from those that persist with the testimonials. (Not pointing that finger at you Nobly, BTW.)