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  1. New Kits

    Perhaps we should instigate a CFCnet training regimen to make sure we all fit into the new tight look for next season.
  2. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    I'd never read any Mailer until a year ago, Droy. Now I'm obsessively going through his back catalogue. Good stuff. Not all instantly accessible but always has something worth hearing. Try "Tough Guys Don't Dance", maybe. It's not genius but it's a damn good story. Updike... now him I struggled with. I know the Rabbit novels are supposed to be Americana at its finest, but I got halfway through the first one and committed the cardinal sin of giving up. Just. Not. Bothered.
  3. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    Oscar and Lucinda is a stone-cold modern classic. If you enjoy it, look for "Illywhacker"... another one of Carey's. He's got a sly, amiable style that I really enjoy. Other Bookers off the top of the noggin... Haddon's "Curious Incident" and - I think it won but don't shoot me if I err - McEwan's "Saturday". In fact, most of McEwan's stuff is pretty enjoyable. Read some crackers on holiday recently. Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" is fantastically readable and very moving. Norman Mailer's "The Naked and the Dead" is probably the best war novel I've ever staggered through, and all the more awe-inspiring coming from the pen of a then 23-year-old. Precocious, brilliant bastard that he is. To be honest, nearly all the writers I'm into at the moment are Yanks. God help me. Mailer, Roth, Chabon, Garrison Keillor.
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Wealthy Russians and hedge fund managers. In 600 years time, assuming the human race is still actually here, your great-great-etc-etc-grandchildren will be seeing posters outside the National Gallery advertising "Faces of Cash: Portraits of the Rich and Feckless in the 21st century". Roman is, of course, excepted from my contempt on this subject. I'm sure he knows his art. And can recognise fine writing when he sees it. Think he gives grants to struggling hacks, Grahame? As opposed to Grants to... oh, never mind.
  5. Petr Cech: Official - A Legend Departs.

    "man who sounds like Rocky's Ivan Drago and is built rather like him" Nice interview. Pity about the writing wrapped round it.
  6. Mikel John Obi

    See, I'm sort of with Harvz. If we play a bona fide holding midfielder, we don't want him making bombing, surging runs into the opposition penlaty area. Watch Makelele from a couple of seasons ago. He doesn't chase the ball... he waits until the ball drops into the semicircle in front of the penalty area, and then he savages the guy until he has the ball or he's forced the attack elsewhere. You only really see him move from that area when we're absolutely pressing another team into their own third, or when he's moved to cover another player that's out of position. That's why I like Mikel there. His close control reminds me of Makelele's. It gets him out of trouble, he's very strong and tough to push off the ball, and he has method and maturity. That describes a holding midfielder... not someone who surges out of that area and forces someone else to cover for him. Discipline, gentlemen, discipline.
  7. Mikel John Obi

    Sorry, hanuma, perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I was suggesting that your catty little remark about spelling was neither constructive, nor interesting. Nor funny, come to think of it. Is that quite clear for you?
  8. Mikel John Obi

    Brilliant. That really adds to the debate, doesn't it?
  9. John Terry

    "He'll probably bite it off if it gets on his nerves." That actually made me laugh so hard I nearly snorted my coffee.
  10. John Terry

    Ah, but it's an interesting insight into the Mourinho psychology, no? To choose to raise the point at all, especially to the media, suggests that he's nearer staying than not. Otherwise why say it? The alternative possibility - that he's a power-mad nutball who fully intends to leave and just wants to wave this fact in the club's face - we can hopefully discount. But you can't have one without the other. It SOUNDS as though he's reassuring the captain and the fans that he wants to stay, but there's also the veiled threat to the board. This man believes in my philosophy. He's your most important player, and the biggest icon this club has had since Wisey. Not to mention that he's England captain. Don't mess with me. Etc.
  11. John Terry

    > Me too, but I think that there is a potentially damaging form of myopia amongst football fans which leads us to believe that because players are our idols on the pitch, then they're capable of no wrong off it. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm absolutely not the sort of person to suggest that because someone is a player I admire, that gives me the right to make judgement on their character. Quite the opposite, in fact... with an issue like this, it should make us even more conscious of the fact that these men are not the idealised figures that the tabloids would like to depict (until it suits their agenda to sling mud at them, of course).
  12. John Terry

    This one seems to have cropped up again in the newspaper "The Voice". What I find interesting is the suggestion that there is a cover-up at hand. A cover-up... involving every single member of the national press... and the entire "football fraternity". In this era, is this in any way likely or possible? Christ, you'd expect the Observer or Independent to run it at the very least. Why wouldn't they? Because it would have a negative effect on the England team? Let's face it, how much worse can England get? If I were Ledley King, would I accept some sort of gagging order from my club on an issue like this? If I were Ashely Cole, would I want to play alongside my captain after hearing this? Are we to understand that the entire Tottenham first team is protecting John Terry? Are we to believe that, after all the fine words of Kick It Out, that the England captain is now exempt and that there's a conspiracy of silence to protect him? Sounds like balls to me. But, hand on heart, if this does turn out to be true then I may formally revise how I feel about football in general and our captain in particular. Until it's proved, I'm behind JT.
  13. John Terry

    If nothing else, the very fact that his mentor was Marcel Desailly and his centreback partner for years was Gallas? Still, I'm sure it all adds a little frisson for the Spuds. I hope they enjoy it.
  14. Mikel John Obi

    In the article I read, it also mentioned that the boy's "entourage" (their word, not mine) was causing the manager concern. Damn right. The boy's 19 and has done nothing in football. I don't know whether the piece is accurate or not, but if it is then a little humility would be in order. What's the first rule? Train your bloody nuts off.
  15. Petr Cech: Official - A Legend Departs.

    Hnut, according to the article, is "a relative unknown who had picked up only one yellow card before this incident". I find that especially unsurprising, given that this was his full Premiership debut.