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  1. People forget that Moses can play am on either side. Move azpi to rwb and slot in rudiger or Christensen.
  2. Everyone out partying? Or is this the shortest thread ever? Do people only comment when we lose?
  3. Well well. Costa is off then. Hopefully we can sign Belotti. If we dont it will be hard to replace Costa. Not many strikers who have those qualities.
  4. We also have Andreas Christensen who looks really good for a role in the back three. Very good on the ball and reads the game well!
  5. 3 Points and no drama, (wait, Mourinho is there, always drama).
  6. didn't see. What happend?
  7. 3 points and no drama.
  8. City and arsenal both look like championship teams. We should beat them easily.
  9. I expect is to win this. Costa har been bad. But hopefully he is fired up! 3-1
  10. Raid entire Monaco. Silva and Hazard on each side would destroy all defences in the league.
  11. Fairly easy game we will win. Hopefully Costa can play well all 90 mins.
  12. Apparently the club has contacted a mega rich chinese conglomerate for some reason. This could get very exiting!
  13. Might be an unpopular opinion here but I think a draw is an OK result. Not good nor bad, but ok. Burnley are really good at home, combined with the weather and fitness a win would be an extremely good performance. We are still gonna win the league comfortambly. A few easy fixtures now and we are hard to catch when they touch matches comes. Also the other topp teams are playing eachother. Everyone season you are sucsessfull you will have matches like this one. I remember a few campaigns with similar fixture and result. 2009-2010 we had a hard fought match with Blackburn that ended 1-1 14-15 we played 0-0 against sunderland. You get the point.
  14. And thats exactly what I mean.
  15. My concern is not how much we get for him, but who can we get in? If there is none available then we can't sell for any price. If we are somehow able to get Icardi, Dybala or Griezmann then we should do it. If its inevitable that he leaves.