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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    People forget that Moses can play am on either side. Move azpi to rwb and slot in rudiger or Christensen.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well well. Costa is off then. Hopefully we can sign Belotti. If we dont it will be hard to replace Costa. Not many strikers who have those qualities.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    We also have Andreas Christensen who looks really good for a role in the back three. Very good on the ball and reads the game well!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Raid entire Monaco. Silva and Hazard on each side would destroy all defences in the league.
  5. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Apparently the club has contacted a mega rich chinese conglomerate for some reason. This could get very exiting!
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    There is actually alot of good players up for free this summer. A few of them just to bolster our ranks. Xabi Alonso: Getting old but very experienced and will work as a late substitute when we need to close out matches Lichtsteiner: A very good wingback who contes has worked with before Pepe: A big idiot but also one of the best cbs last years. Worth a try
  7. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    This PSG team is nothing but a joke, if we were nowhere near our best we would beat them comfy the last two years. Last time we were fking unlucky and massivly choking for no reason. This year we got two players injured and silly mistakes costing us a draw away. City will beat them and will look world class for 1 week before they meett bayern and barca. Then its straight down to earth. Wouldnt really mind psg to progress only to lose 6-0 to bayern.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Only big swaps I can remember was Cole-Gallas and eto-zlatan. Doesnt happen that often?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I got a list of 100 players that will improve us. But I have a hard time seeing we will get anyone. Who si available this window?
  10. I live in Norway and I know the press in UK is alot more "criminal" than in Norway. One thing is to claim or think it is. One thing is if it really is a criminal organisation.
  11. I have worked inside multiple media organisations and I can confirm what you say. There is no denying your view of the current media. The interesting part of this is how the press/media in democratic societies eventually ends up with the term"political correctness". The same happens in football. By this I mean there is some "will" in the media. But the conspiracy that the press has tried to make jose go into the united job from day one as a cfc manager is way off the scale. Thats tinfoil hat material. You agree?
  12. I'm not sure thats how the press works. I know we are not liked by a majority of the PEOPLE in the press. But to claim or think that the press works like an criminal organisation is a bit far fetched.