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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I have thought for a while Di Maria would be ideal for this team. Most comfortable on the right (Salah aside, I'd imagine all our other AM/winger options prefer to cut in from the left if given the choice), willing to put in a shift, and most importantly he's a top top player. Unfortunately I don't see it happening though, and even if he did become available I'm sure he'd cost a pretty penny.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's easy to say that but players like that don't grow on trees. I'd be surprised if you could name one player of that ilk who is a realistic target. For what it's worth I don't think we need a 30 goal a season man like a lot of people seem to suggest. Look at how close we have come this season, and if one of our strikers had offered anything at all we would be champions. If a new striker comes in and scores 15 goals in the league next season, given that we will probably strengthen in other areas and our young players will be another year older, I think that would be enough even though he'd be branded a failure by many. Plus if the striker can make enough of a nuisance of himself that opens up space for others - it's not just about the goals. I'm not sure if Costa is the right man or not, but it's at the point now where we have to do something and there aren't a truck load of obvious options. He's coming off of a fantastic season, available at a reasonable price, and seems to have the characteristics of a player Jose would covet. Most wouldn't have realised Suarez was capable of this before he joined Liverpool otherwise chances are he wouldn't have ended up there, and Drogba probably surpassed most of our expectations. Who is to say Costa isn't going to be our "beast" if given the chance?
  3. He's a good finisher with his head to be fair, I think (especially in his Chelsea form) it might be because he has less time to think about it. What got me was the movement, it was simple but a proper strikers goal - he never makes runs like that normally! So frustrating. In fact, I'm willing to bet if he was wearing blue he'd have stayed out on the right wing where he started.
  4. Andre Schurrle

    Surprised by this. I can't claim to be an expert on him so if you've seen him play regularly then fair enough you're probably right... but as I posted elsewhere his finishing looks great in this video (sorry technologically inept for someone my age so I don't know how to inbed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD6qh9LyUIw As I said in my previous post, this doesn't show the misses of which there could be many but there are some worldy finishes in there. As for his long shot I'm sure he is known for it, and I've seen him rifle a few impressive ones home on the Bundesliga review show in the past.
  5. Off topic, but Crespo was immense!
  6. New Kits

    I'm considering an Azpilicueta shirt for next season, but then I've always been a bit of an awkward sod. Mind you atleast I'd get my monies worth out of the printing and I doubt I'd see another one when I visit the Bridge.
  7. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Personally I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Love the guy even more now. Ray Wilkins went way down in my estimations saying he should have more respect for his fellow pro than to try and get him sent off... well I'm sorry Ray but Rafael didn't show much respect when he tried to kick Luiz up in the air. Idiot.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Whilst nothing would surprise me at the moment, but letting Ash go is ridiculous. I have no doubts it's happening but he is actually our best player at the moment. The man is just class and what's more he is a leader on the pitch - lord knows we could use a few of those at the moment.
  9. I think that's a little harsh. I'm far from a Torres apologist, but I think he was more angry and moaning about the fact he'd just been clumped in the mouth to be fair. Either way, the fact that Sturridge could miss 2/3 fantastic chances today and still look like our best striker says it all really. Ideally I want them both replaced.
  10. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    He nearly scored a couple last season to be fair but was a little unlucky. Didn't we get a goal away at Sunderland after he hit the wood work? Then he hit the wood work at home to Sp*rs and De Gea pulled off an amazing save to stop him winning the 3-3 game last season.
  11. I thought his general play was pretty good yesterday, but I still came away feeling so frustrated with him. He could (should) have had 2/3 goals yesterday IMO. There was a moment in the first half that stood out for me, I think it was in the first half - the ball broke to him and he looked like he was clean through on goal but he's so hesitant and I think it was Gallas who managed to get back and get a tackle in. Hopefully some of you remember the moment I'm thinking of. He just doesn't have that goal scorers instinct. The ball comes in the box and he's static. Whether it's "anymore" or "ever was" he just isn't good enough to play for us. I feel like with an upgrade on Torres we would romp to the title.
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    THAT pass from Hazard for Mata's 2nd was absolutely sublime! No need to look, just plays an inch-perfect, defence-splitting pass around the corner first time and on his weak foot. Class.
  13. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    I think this guy is going to play a lot more than most people realise. Playing Ramires RW is a waste in most games and I think Moses will see a fair bit of action in that spot.
  14. New Kits

    I just ordered the white shirt with Hazard on the back because I thought it looked awesome on the site... suckered in by advertising!
  15. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    If I remember correctly from the video of him visiting the Bridge on that infamous school trip, he does a fake press conference and he seems to dream of wearing the number 9 one day anyway. On Hazard, I kind of like the 17. Sometimes it's cool when a player has a number like that which you can instantly associate with them - Anelka and 39 for example.