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  1. @flymo100 Oh I agree, people elcted from real life, not Oxbridge with degrees in politics etc 10 years minumum in t…

  2. @Millhaven_Curse *stands behind Nilesy and says 'yeah what he said'

  3. @KenBarkway @TashaCGlover Well chuffed Ken. Will make the weekend a bit more......ahem......socially relaxed

  4. @StamfordChidge @gate17marco @tim_rolls @MsTransSam @lita12557 @davehill_56 @Linz1969EU @6thGUARDS_TNK @grniz2…

  5. RT @PaulDanefield: If there was another EU Referendum how would you vote lets make this the biggest sample ever done. Please retweet after…

  6. @neal_sousbois Your reply has already restored my faith……errrr…….belief…….errr…….*goes into tailspin

  7. The Good Place. Series 3. Absolutely cracking stuff. But then I did Philosophy as part of my degree so I do find it funny.

  8. @losriley Much appreciate Los, have a good weekend ….errr…lets hope we all do :)

  9. @gate17marco A positive! I’ll be using them tomorrow so lets hope they can run back to back :)

  10. @PineappleHurts Yep. Love the place but tonight was rank

  11. Ha ha, I've been limited by Twitter! I assume it's because of my liberal use of the C word when discussing Farage e…

  12. @HuskerBlue1 Giroud battles and sets others up more as well

  13. @CFCPinky That is actually a very nice memory to have x

  14. @j_mccreight Ooh I like that....

  15. @julieo25 @heavenlyblue007 That comes over, very warm pair,funny and humble