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  1. @PineappleHurts @goalie59 TBH I had a problem picking one lol

  2. @BonnyriggBlues It means you haven't been allocated an IP address which means your computer hasn't got a clue where…

  3. Me and Mrs TG

  4. @DanSilvs73 Wow. I'd never ever have guessed mate. All the very best fella. I'll hopefully see you at the Palace ga…

  5. Mahrez missing in style....#LIVMCI

  6. @julieo25 No need to could have said far worse and I think I'd have guessed her 😀

  7. RT @mrjamesob: On today's @LBC show, we will be discussing the Prime Minister's unilateral decision to remove our - and future generations'…

  8. @ChelseaKelv Zidanes booking more English lessons right now 😂

  9. @kathy_stephens Oh yeah. Damned if they did (disciplinary / potential sacking) and now damned because they didn't.

  10. @BlueTintedNick Oh my, you poor soul lol

  11. @jfcfc2107 Quality that. Quality.

  12. @osgood9 Yeah, it can't all be #cfc stuff...sometimes real life interrupts

  13. @losriley @KanteBlueArmy @CFCboogs @Bistocat @CharlieFitzh @Dan_Fuller1 @filthyhazard @Buzzhazard72 @faegee…

  14. @westlondchelsea @julieo25 Sounds fantastic, but I fear I may be a bit old for tents held down by stones!

  15. @KenBarkway Indeed. It opened my young eyes to lyrics outside of teenage love/lust. Quicksand is bleak beyond belie…