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  1. @BlueTintedNick Ha ha priceless.....don't give me ideas about what to tell her to say to her nana when she goes to…

  2. Great fun this

  3. RT @Barrib63: @gate17marco I heard a rumour that Sarri will log on to Twitter this afternoon and run a poll on who should be in the startin…

  4. @jfcfc2107 That's interesting they match with the ones I've blocked or muted 😀

  5. RT @SpillerOfTea: I see from the #ResignWatson trend that the Labour Party still considers internal ****-throwing to be an acceptable alter…

  6. @BlueTinted_LB @BoundForCFC That was excellent. I needed to think about it and that is always good. I'll watch it a…

  7. Am I the only one who knows that Jack and Dani is rhyming slang? #loveisland

  8. @burnsieboy65 Same happened to us a couple of years ago. Bitter sweet moment but lovely to see them making their own way.

  9. @westlondchelsea Plus modern audiences might not get the big ideas Adams used which were all based on pretty sound…

  10. @TrueBlue_Terry Terrific picture fella

  11. @RootlessCosmo I watched the BBC run. But Netflix is unedited so each episode is about 20 minutes longer and it int…

  12. @KenBarkway @ux_soulpatrol I wouldn't spill her pint

  13. @Andythefireman @evilbluebird @StamfordChidge Btw Captain Scarlet 'was' born in 2036 in.........Winchester lol. Whe…

  14. RT @NiceGuyKenny: You get all those smarmy ****ers giving it “oh the English are so arrogant they think they won it” that’s bollocks, what…

  15. RT @barry88quinn: David Davis: “Yeah it was about 11:30 Sunday night and I’d had a few and I just thought **** it...3 day weekend” https://…