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  1. @chelsearog1966 Dear lord Rog, I had to do a double take!!!!

  2. Deadpool 2 for me. **** football.

  3. @RickGlanvill 😂😂

  4. @DJGrint Shearer had it spot on. No one running into space. Awful endless sideways and backwards passing being marketed as entertainment

  5. RT @GrumpyBlokesUK: The Guild of Grumpy Blokes - Reborn: Jacko. Wacko? Nonce? Both?

  6. When the radio station you have on plays Tangerine by Led Zeppelin and you haven't heard it in ages. That.

  7. @andy46ftgvmt Whatever it would have taken 😂

  8. I enjoyed last night. Yeah they sang their song trying to bait #cfc fans but not even a nibble. Raucous rendition o…

  9. And it's 'LIIIIIVE......'

  10. Monday night games ****ing stink the house out....bollocks #cfc

  11. RT @hilarybennmp: Now we know why Michael Gove said back in December that food prices would rise in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Anyone…

  12. The Shoes on The Danube. Thanks for the tip Martin! @ Danube Promenade Memorial

  13. @michaeljcaustin Yes I believe this is right,and Boeing have stopped production as well. Looks like the days of sky…

  14. RT @ObiWokKanobe: So.. Britain's only Aircraft Carrier ..*almost* ready for service to have joint US/UK crew on board. How's that So…

  15. @JCollettCFC Ditto. Franchise thieves.