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  1. At least one from Costa for his 50th goal. I don't see why we can't win this. Playing fantastic at the moment.
  2. hope we destroy them again
  4. Cmon you blues. Do the job. Show up today. CMON CHELSEA!!!!!
  5. A penguin takes his car to the shop and the mechanic says he needs an hour to check it out. In the meantime the penguin goes across the street to the 7-11 to kill some time and get an ice cream. Penguins love ice cream, but because he's got no hands the poor little guy gets the ice cream all over his beak. So he goes back to the mechanic and the guys tells him, "looks like you blew a seal". The penguin tells him, "no, that's just a little ice cream."
  6. Where did I say he plays bass on every track? He has many albums. Listening to one song and saying I'm OTT is ridiculous. I can tell this isn't for this forum though so I'll move along.
  7. kiss my ass you dumb old ****s
  8. Yea man.. so so good. I've only just discovered that vid a few weeks ago. Classic metal and rock will never die. It's too bad nothing in these current times have been close to the good stuff of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
  9. There he is, cmon Costa!!! Booom!!! 3-1
  10. YEEEAAAA PEDRO!!!! **** YEAAA!!! Cmonn!!! Fat lady and all that!
  11. Cmon dont lose faith we got this
  12. \m/ ( 0 _ 0 ) \m/
  13. at least 3-0 to the cfc 💪 💪 💪
  14. Good finish. Done deal. Well done.