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  1. What's the difference between George Takei and a lemon? One is a small, sour, yellow fruit. The other is a lemon.
  2. pricey, wow
  3. Yeah I saw that today. Is it official? It's so... plain. I wish they would remove the "tyres" and just leave it as Yokohama. Would be much better IMO.
  4. Drogba @ Arsenal 09/10 - freekick Deco @ Bolton 09/10 - excellent team goal Robben v Norwich 04/05 Luiz @ Fulham 12/13 Drogba vs AC Milan 09/10 - preseason screamer at Ravens stadium in Baltimore Oscar vs Juventus 2012 champions league
  5. Chelsea have accepted a £10m bid from Bournemouth for Asmir Begovic. Shame he never lived up to the same level of good goalkeeping as he did for Stoke.
  6. A couple more potentials. I wonder what's taking so long on the official release.
  7. Damn
  8. YEAAAAAA!!!! GET THE **** IN!!!!!
  9. Moses should've been subbed at the half
  10. **** off...
  11. Open your ****ing eyes ref. Yellow card!
  12. We're only one down. We're fine.
  13. We've had really good positions to get a shot off and we just keep passing.
  14. holy **** man. Why don't they take shots sooner.
  15. FFS matic
  16. Wow. Too close. We've not shown up yet.
  17. Matic so so sluggish. Well off it.
  18. We haven't really got possession yet.
  19. We are shaky with no desire to play today it seems. Otherwise that was an offside goal because of the interference.
  20. Looked offside to me with the interference. ****ing bullshit goal
  21. Oh damn. RIP :( Glad I got to see Soundgarden play.. they were excellent live. Rock legends. Those are few and far between these days.
  22. Possible leak
  23. Willians instagram live video right now is hilarious. Costa been pounding back the brews. Look so happy right now.
  24. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Batshuayi worth the price tag for that lol It was also worth the speeding ticket I got... =( ANTONIOOOOOOO.. ANTONIOOOOOO.... ANTONIO... ANTONIO... ANTONIOOOOOOOOOOO Chelsea champs!!!!!!!!!!