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  1. You the man, thanks!
  2. 4-2 Hell of a game. Thought we played well throughout. Hardly any faults. A win of champs.
  3. Glad I was showed up.
  4. There you go Diego!!!
  5. The fact that Costa is so slow with his feet he should just take the shot as soon as he can.
  6. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! What a beauty that header.
  7. They pick the biggest fools to commentate Chelsea games don't they.
  8. Could I please have my name changed to ShedEndMassive? Cheers.
  9. CAHILLL!!!!!!
  10. Ok Hazard definitely should've been greedy there. Well really it's not greed... He just had the perfect and best opportunity to shoot.
  11. I'd recommend visiting the spurs forums for a good laugh LOL
  12. 30 mil for bats. Wow.
  13. Lol yep. Every ****in time.
  14. Plenty of time to make changes and get back in this. Fabregas in please.