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  1. pricey, wow
  2. Yeah I saw that today. Is it official? It's so... plain. I wish they would remove the "tyres" and just leave it as Yokohama. Would be much better IMO.
  3. Drogba @ Arsenal 09/10 - freekick Deco @ Bolton 09/10 - excellent team goal Robben v Norwich 04/05 Luiz @ Fulham 12/13 Drogba vs AC Milan 09/10 - preseason screamer at Ravens stadium in Baltimore Oscar vs Juventus 2012 champions league
  4. Chelsea have accepted a £10m bid from Bournemouth for Asmir Begovic. Shame he never lived up to the same level of good goalkeeping as he did for Stoke.
  5. A couple more potentials. I wonder what's taking so long on the official release.
  6. Damn
  7. YEAAAAAA!!!! GET THE **** IN!!!!!
  8. Moses should've been subbed at the half
  9. **** off...
  10. Open your ****ing eyes ref. Yellow card!
  11. We're only one down. We're fine.
  12. We've had really good positions to get a shot off and we just keep passing.
  13. holy **** man. Why don't they take shots sooner.
  14. FFS matic
  15. Wow. Too close. We've not shown up yet.