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  1. Media / Press

    Chelsea must stick together to take a stand against the de-humanisation, discrimination and total mistreatment of our fans, our players and our captain. We are sick of our players and club being targeted by the media. We must take a stand against 'hearsay' racism claims which have rocked English football, and is sure to effect our national team in competitions to come. False claims of racism is as bad as racism. Since when have I been able to take someone to court and asked for evidence have said “My mate told me”? The only example the FA and the media are setting with their actions is that which portrays a law system where the accused is automatically guilty, and that claiming things such as “racism” is ever too easy. We demand Anton Ferdinand to be present at the trail, to give evidence, and if the only claim he can make is 'hearsay', then he should be found guilty for wasting police time and for damages to Chelsea Football Club, The English National team, The FA and John Terry. We expect an apology as Chelsea fans. We also expect apologies from the MP's and the 'journalists' who have forgot one of the fundamental laws of this country - innocent until proven guilt. We want this IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise we shall stand together as one in protest. We must protest before, during and after games. We must show the English media and the FA that what they’re doing IS NOT ok. We need to ‘kick out’ the discrimination of Chelsea. We are also a colour, BLUE. We have been offended beyond limit from the chants towards our players families tragically dying (R.I.P. Pat Lampard) to homophobically abused. What about nicknames such as “Chelsea" - which surely in itself is racist. Chelsea Football Club is a family. Our fans deserve better treatment than they get. Pass this on as a Chelsea fan. Make our voices heard.
  2. Alex available tomorrow and Terry could be back next week!! COME ON THE CHELS

  3. Injury News

    Said this in my earlier post. They ain't even confirmed as injured. Thank god for this!!! Hope we have a very convincing game against Birmingham.. 4-0 sounds good
  4. LONDON Nov 18 - Chelsea have named Nigerian Michael Emenalo as their assistant manager, the Premier League leaders said on Thursday.

  5. Ivanovic on 4 yellow cards :-/ doesn't sound good. Hoping to dominate and gain 3 very very crucial points against birmingham! We can't let it slip! KTBFFH

  6. Injury News

    Carlo said that he put Paulo ahead of him simply and only because of what he saw in the training just before the match. You've made some good comments, argued your point well. My post wasn't aimed at people like you. It was aimed at people who've never been to a Chelsea game, or even if they haven't fair enough... Who dont even KNOW about the clubs situation and ambitions, just watch a game once in a while. People from websites like Obviously, if the right signing comes along for a reasonable price (like 30mil) or so I'd want that signing. But things like "WHY didn't WE SPEND AHH WE BLAME CARLO" its ridiculous. If our attack gets into its form, which it can do with the return of Lampard, our defence doesn't have that big a job. How many saves has Cech had to make untill now in all the games? we DOMINATE possession. Were just missing the key link in the midfield, which is Lampard.
  7. Injury News

    High Club Spending = High Ticket Prices to break even and generate enough revenue. We're still in a loss and even though ticket prices have gone up this year, were still making a loss. Spending millions like Man City is only possible if the owners **** money and dont have a care in the world about making a return.
  8. Injury News

    can't believe the bollocks coming from the Chelsea 'faithful'. funny how you all suddenly attack the Chelsea management. Its probably the ones who don't actually go matches and doesn't have to pay near enough £50 a game. Now you're all going on about "SPENDING MONEY" when the club is doing what's best for the club in the long run. Were fine. As long as Ivanovic doesn't get injured, and Lampard and Essien are back in 2 weeks, were laughing. We aint exactly playing Barca and Inter in the next 2 weeks, our team should be fine. We lost to sunderland? so what? you can't win them all you have off days. doesn't mean "OH MY GOD WERE NOW 5TH". Whoever saw that match saw that the whole team was lacking spirit not just defensive problems. Bruma can play, he hasn't had playing time? neither did ivanovic the CENTRE BACK who played right back last season. and turned out to be the right back of the season. Dont be so daft. Under pressure, players perform. No matter how young. Also got the possibility of improvising. Essien, Mikel, Ferreira they can all go to CB. Ramires, Zhirkov/Lampard, Essien... with Mikel in defence is even a possibilty. And plus, John Terry isn't 100% ruled out yet. He has this pain but he's been playing with it since (in his words) the start of the season. IF he has surgery hell be ruled out. Neither is Alex the tests will be done in the next few days Chelsea is CHELSEA. Well bounce back and keep the blue flag flying high.
  9. Injury News

    The next few weeks will be very important for us. I think we underestimated Sunderland UNBELIVABLY. The moment we started the game we played like "oh we'll manage to score somehow were chelsea" and it didn't work out obviously. Maybe the defeat can come as a good thing and fix up their mentality! We had so many poor games where we just about got away with it (example: Blackburn) that we haven't learnt our lesson. The 1 injury were TRULY missing is Lampard. I can now see how he is the backbone of chelsea. Our midfield was absolutely none existant against liverpool, fulham and sunderland. Dont get me wrong, I'm not criticising any of the palyer, but we just didn't have that crucial link between midfield and attack that Lampard provides. Hopefully Drogba starts scoring also because he's been a big miss even though he's on the field this malaria business has got to him and it shows. I hope we have a convincing game against birmingham and boost our confidence. Our "back up" squad might not be strong, but theyre a damn sight better than birmingham or sunderland. We can't blame injuries. We need the mentality to be changed. Hopefully the Loss FINALLY gave them a slap round the face