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  1. Motta now officially out. We'll win tomorrow night. https://twitter.com/Jon_LeGossip/status/567408469431836674
  2. https://twitter.com/OLIVETALLARON/status/567388105045737472 Thiago Motta pulled up in training this evening. Their best player over both legs last year. Could make a big difference if he's out.
  3. Still think Griezmann would be a better buy considering he went for less in the summer.
  4. Got to play our strongest XI. Saturday is when Mikel, Schurrle and Zouma will play. Play like we did Saturday and this tie could be offer Tuesday night.
  5. No need to drop Cech at all. He deserves this little run of games.
  6. Seems there is embargoed news on Hazard until 10.30….. Thorgan news though it seems. Could see Salah move on and Thorgan come in to replace him.
  7. Seems Roma and Napoli are willing to take Salah on loan with possible view to permanent deal.
  8. Thoughts on Bale? Seems Madrid will nap Reus for £20m but they'll have to shift Isco and or Bale as a result. Ancelotti still seems smitten by the idea of Ramires, who does look to be just a squad player nowadays. Would people be in favour of Bale and in return Ramires +£50m as a hypothetical scenario? It does look like Schurrle will be off in the summer. Did think at the time with Atletico making enquiries for him for £30m it would be silly money to turn down. He has had a horrible time with illness etc but this can't be an excuse with his recent performances. He seemed to be up for the big games (City (twice), Arsenal, PSG) yet against the lesser opposition he looked lost and too keen to impress. Salah hasn't been given a chance but yet again even if he was he isn't up the elite standard needed. The definition of a stop gap and an expensive one at that. We're struggling with left footed wide players at the moment so I can understand why Salah came in but that doesn't justify the purchase. Was around this time last year, if we wanted a left footed player it was Griezmann. Granted at £24m it would have been expensive but he has gone from strength to strength. Look at him tonight. 2 assists for Torres and a delight to watch. We need players who will genuinely challenge for 1st team spots not stop gaps, they can only get you so far. Last year was the perfect example with Eto'o, Ba and Salah the main examples.
  9. Thorgan Hazard seems to be part of the First Team next season says the Express.
  10. No you're right….I said it over 18 months ago and then again in January. https://twitter.com/Seb22/status/288797486062112771 Salah was never a good buy. Good games against us, great. Let's buy every player who plays well against us. Waste of £12m for someone who is barely good enough for our 3 XI.
  11. Don't understand the fascination about getting Reus who plays as a No.10 or from the left….like Hazard. We need a non divvy left footed winger playing from the right. We opted for Salah for £12m when Griezmann was there for £24m. Double the price maybe but twice the player. Reus is a fantastic player but doesn't mean he'll fit especially when we've just committed ourselves to another 5 years of Oscar and most likely Hazard. Some big changes in the summer.
  12. We seem to go into these Southampton games thinking it will be difficult but in fact the past 3 games we've thumped them. 2-0. Costa and Hazard.
  13. Isn't going anywhere in January.
  14. This is going to be a scrappy nervy game. Cliche but a game where we'll have to go head to head physically and roll up our sleeves to earn the 3 points. 1-0 Costa (62nd minute).
  15. Don't think Schurrle will go in January because he's not mentally or physically gotten over this flu/World Cup burn. If he doesn't show any spark, he could be off in the summer. A direct swap with Reus would be ideal considering Salah will most likely to be sold/loaned next season (won't go on loan in January due to ACN).