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  1. Mourinho's interview in a nutshell:
  2. Nothing nothing to say -Jose Mourinho His interview.
  3. If Mourinho survives this and we get back to what we are we could have a hell of a team going forward. Think about it Arsene and Ferguson went through rough patches really bad ones too early on and they came back stronger from it. I feel like we have the potential for the same to happen with Mourinho. However, I feel like if he stays many of our players including hazard will go. It will be rebuilt as his team with his type of players. If that happens I see us being the team of Robben, Makelele, Caravllo, Drogba again. These are all ifs and I don't think we fans or our owners are patient enough for that to happen.
  4. Will most likely say fans weren't loud enough, referee was poor, etc etc.
  5. Good game. Most likely Jose's last. All I want is to not be so close to relegation.
  6. Poor defending
  7. Let's forget top four. We're in a relegation battle now.
  8. Almost by Oscar so close.
  9. Mikel off Fabregas on
  10. Benteke on....
  11. Hazard off. Worst player on the field by miles.
  12. Kennedy coming on. For either Hazard or Oscar. Hopefully.
  13. Hazard's first completed pass comes in the 46th minute. All fingers are pointed at our Goalscorer ramires though.