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  1. Well that's the game. Not really fussed. If this was when we needed to win in January I'd be fuming. But I teally could care less. We're top of the league! Still top of the league! And those fans are enjoying themselves. Can't wait for the trophy presentation His weekend.
  2. Hope Ake, RLC, Christensen, and Izzy all start verse Sunderland. Our starters have done their job. Stop flogging the horse and give the foals some time in the sun.
  3. Brown for Remy
  4. Brown coming on now!
  5. We're top of the league! We're top of the league! Great away fans.
  6. RLC off for Ake!
  7. Yes! Ake coming on
  8. Please give Brown and Ake more than 3 minutes at the end of the game.
  9. The fans are amazing even though they're watching purely ground manure right now. Feel sorry for them.
  10. Cuadrado For Costa............. Bring on Ake and Izzy please.
  11. We haven't. Players had days off this week instead of training.
  12. As long as we don't get embarassed...... 3-0 verse West brom. Luis is worse than our last Luis.
  13. Amazing what happens when you shoot in a game where you need to shoot to score. Main reason why I miss Schurrle. 9 out of 10 of his shots will be over the bar. But at least he shoots.
  14. Great effort by Remy. Off the post unlucky.
  15. Only three men playing football in Yellow. Courtois Matic and Hazard. The rest are thinking about the white sands of Boracay now.