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  1. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    We are going to concede free kicks near our area for a very simple, predictable reason ... We are going to attack and dominate territory, so virtually every chance Cardiff get will be on the break and when do-or-die challenges are necessary. It will be a function of trying to win games, the ying to attack's yang. It will not be about the individual defenders or players acting as defenders (although they may make mistakes also), it will not be an indication of some flaw that can be corrected or ironed out. It will be what happens with any tactic or strategy. A con to the pros. Of course, we conceded like crazy when all we tried to do was defend last year, so you'd think conceding chances when trying to score wouldn't get too many people annoyed this time round.
  2. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Snipped for convenience ... I think most football, not just Chelsea fans, are hypocritical in what they say but not really what they think. They like to see their team win games and ultimately trophies, and whatever style of play you have becomes a problem when you don't. I don't think we've been especially electric this season, but we're holding a higher line, we're actively seeking the ball for more of the game and higher up the pitch, and we're forcing and creating more chances. I think it's understandable that people are, at least for now, happier with that and the idea that we might struggle to defend while trying to score than they were with having nine CBs and still struggling to defend. You know why. You're just too polite to say it. Funny when a sentence starts one way and ends up another.
  3. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    The listed squad has never mattered or been the problem. It has always been the actual squad. Piazon is in the 25, and we've no player in the U21s likely to contribute to the PL squad. So it is 24. Still a lot better than other seasons as a starting point. Guess now the question is how many of those 24 are actually available to the manager. By my count, all of Liverpool's listed 23 are trusted enough senior players and they have 2 U21s who actually play, often in the first XI. All of City's seniors are what I would consider trusted and Gabriel is in their U21s. Maybe 1 of United's seniors isn't really a pick, made up for by Rashford. Spurs seems the genuine smallest to me; 24 seniors with 2 of them likely to play little if at all, and perhaps 1 U21 who will contribute. We're looking at a difference of what, a single player, between these squads. It does make it interesting.
  4. Imagine watching our first 4 games this season and thinking anyone else in the squad should be playing instead of Pedro.
  5. Europa League

    Lesson learned from the Lyon game, maybe? Didn't go but heard it was a pretty poor attendance and the £30 tickets were to blame. Struggle to make cup games much these days, but did always enjoy the cheap LC games where you could see excited, wide-eyed kids everywhere. Anything that lets us bring through new fans is a good idea.
  6. I don't think the defence is going to improve much. There are consequences for playing the kind of football Sarri seems to prefer, things you gain from it and things you lose. Coaching and tactics can go so far, but we are going to have to accept that a pressing, high-intensity, possession and territory-based attacking game is going to mean defensive vulnerabilities. I'm feeling positive about the season having watched our first four games. I think we are going to get absolutely hammered 4 or 5 times (painfully, probably against the likes of Liverpool) but will take a lot of points from the rest of the table.
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Interesting ... Can't say I've ever heard or seen this said about first time round, but I did wonder and think said as much here that I wondered just how difficult he was finding personal matters (primarily his father's ill health) the second time round. I found a lot of the hounding of him then, mostly by the press, to be in very poor taste.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I suppose I could say anything I felt like here to 'confirm my expertise as a clinician'. An honest but admittedly evasive answer, and the clearest I'd be willing to give on a public forum, is that I work in a profession that involves regular visits and meetings to secure MH wards, a lot of work with community MH services, and lots of time with MH professionals and patients. Clinicians are very reluctant to diagnose anyone with anything specific, that I agree. It was my point. I certainty don't envy what sounds like your very difficult experiences with the NHS! I think anyone is perfectly entitled to think Mourinho is an absolute bellend. I feel a bit more, idk, iffy about 'diagnosing' personality disorders from a distance. Bit of a personal bugbear. Suppose I'd also say, perhaps as a bit of middle ground between us, that I think being narcissistic and having a narcissist personality disorder are very different things. You can be self-obsessed or self-serving without it being a disorder. That's my two cents on the Mourinho/DSM chat though...
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I'm going to be a spoil sport and to take a wild guess that you're not a clinician. He almost certainly, from my experience of working with the NHS, would not get a clinical 'diagnosis' of a narcissistic personality disorder from a clinician, and would not even come close. Mostly because of the context in which he demonstrates any of the above behaviours (I.e. one where those behaviours are, albeit to different extents, the norm) but also because quite frankly some of the alleged beliefs (I.e. that he is exceptional in what he has achieved) are fair reflections of reality. Again, perhaps being a bit too serious but I also think it's a poor thing to suggest someone you don't know at all lacks empathy; that really requires an insight into someone's life and inner workings that we just don't have. I do find myself wondering how much Mourinho really enjoys the day-to-day of football these days. Does he like leading training? Does he get a buzz out of analysing upcoming opponents? Does the match day atmosphere still get the juices flowing? His press appearances suggest a man who is not enjoying his job at all, but perhaps he just doesn't enjoy the press bits.
  10. Really don't think Sarri meant anything other than the players need to look at the ball, lads.
  11. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    I think it's nonsense we've 'messed' any kids about. Generally what we've done is massively, massively overpay them. That, arguably, isn't helpful for them in lots of ways but I doubt there is a single kid that doesn't know what the deal is when they join the academy or sign a pro contract. We set up lots of kids for life, either by paying huge amounts that subsidise their later non-playing lives or by training them up for a decent trade in the lower leagues. Can hand on heart say I've never seen or heard RLC be called lazy by anyone, Chelsea fan or otherwise.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think there's only one moderator these days, so probably best to lay off them really. I do think this forum is over policed compared to lots of other places online, but that it compares very favourably with most other PL club fan forums I have seen. Guess the question is how much would the standard fall if all moderation went. My guess is not that much given it is a relatively small group of regular posters. TBF though you can just have that conversation here or in the Jorginho or Kanye threads. Can't really criticise the mod for being overly prescriptive when you're doing the same thing.
  13. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    This is where our paths diverge; I don't agree. There are plenty of reasons you can't have both; the desires and the motivations of the players would be the obvious response with some of the examples you mention. And there are always going to be transfers that just don't work out for one reason or another (signing Luis was arguably formative in Azpi being the player he has gone on to be, Rahman perhaps was just genuinely a poor signing through and through). Who would you say has 'had both', I.e. won multiple big titles and nurtured young players through to the levels De Bruyne or Salah have met? I can't see anyone in English football for almost 30 years. I'd say a mark of a successful team is that every year some players want to go; it means they couldn't make it, and if they couldn't make it usually it is because someone else won the competition. If RLC ends up leaving because other players did so well he couldn't get a foothold, it'll be a shame but not a big one for me. I hope it doesn't happen; I hope he thrives on competition.
  14. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    And my point was that you could make that argument and have said that and been, for all intents and purposes, right; none of those players were good enough (I.e. better than the players getting picked ahead of them) when they were here, the team didn't suffer in the immediate or mid-term for not having them. The worst to have come from selling them has been a sense of embarrassment. I've found the numerous trophies won since they were sold to have more than cancelled out the embarrassment. You could make the argument that we perhaps could have found a better balance between nurturing young talent (as they clearly all had it) and sustaining the 'now', but in practice I think that would have been a very hard thing to do. And we arguably did precisely that, anyway; it's just that other young talents responded better and/or faster. When you buy a lot of young talent, the reality is not all of it will make it at the club. The De Bryune who didn't get picked at Chelsea is not the same one City signed or who is currently one of the best two or three players in England. I think he did what was right for him, as did Lukaku and Salah; fair play to them for wanting to play more often there and then, and for all carving out very good careers. My RLC view would be that he has not been anywhere near good enough to deserve more than 6 PL starts for us so far, and he isn't of a standard right now to be getting automatically picked over the other players here. My hope is that he gives us the season; that he works hard in training and that he works harder in games and impresses, and becomes a genuine first XI player here. And that if that doesn't happen, he and the club can look each other in the eye come next summer, say each tried and can take it from there. If he doesn't want that and wants to play now, that is also fine; but he won't be doing that in a team with an equal or better standard of player than Chelsea, will he? How much can we think about how good he might be in a few years?
  15. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    This list doesn't answer the question you were asked. I'm not sure listing two players who still haven't won anything of note and another who did for the first time aged 27 is a strong argument for anything related to RLC, other than maybe he'll be good enough to start for a top level team in 3-5 years. Maybe he'll get lucky and we won't be a top level team in that time.