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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, I fully imagine you being happy and posting accordingly if we signed an uncapped 28 year old with a hitherto unremarkable goalscoring record from a mid-table French team.
  2. Media / Press

    Fair enough, misread it. Think the general point stands though. (You're sticking up for Spurs now?!)
  3. Arsenal vs Chelsea

    I don't 'expect' a win, but I do wonder if Arsenal needing to beat us and very likely coming at us will be helpful; we've really toughened up defensively and have the players to exploit any space left open. In an odd way it could prove a less difficult game than Newcastle or Southampton.
  4. Media / Press

    Quick look at their official site; no mention. This is again a case of Chelsea FC being very, very good at policing racism (and not just in terms of responding to it, but recognising the need to do so in public) and so being mistaken, often wilfully, for having a particular problem with it. Lots of other clubs choose to not do anything, or at least to not do anything in public because it draws scrutiny. Less an issue on what the 'media' as a whole does IMO and more an issue with other clubs lacking integrity. Spurs are, for obvious reasons, particularly bad at this.
  5. Instant reply (I was still in this thread!) ... Those odds on top 4 look right; I just think it might take fewer points to get there than 81. I also don't see Arsenal repeating a 22-game unbeaten run, or United carrying on as they are. Saturday is a huge game; get a result there and we've got a real cushion.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quite. For me, the reason to replace Morata now is less that I think another striker can come in and score goals even if nothing else changes and more that I suspect Morata's confidence and morale is just shot, and lost forever. I can't see Higuain (who I've always had in my head as a bit of a poacher, perhaps unfairly as I watch little European football) making a substantial change to us other than he might start games with some genuine hope, perhaps even expectation, that he will score.
  7. I'm not following; do you expect us to equal or better our points tally thus far in the remaining games?
  8. Like Everton, Southampton and Leicester at home. Or at home to a dreadful United. Or when 1-0 up going into the last minute against Liverpool ... So far we've taken, to two decimal places, 2.14 points per game. 34 points from the remaining 16 games would be ... 2.13 points per game. Whatever way you call it, to say we are on course for 81 points is to say that we will reproduce in the remainder of the season what we have already done so far. Personally I would say that your allowances are optimistic. Not out-of-this-world and of course we have it in us to get the results you predict or better, but I would expect each of the top five or six clubs to be aspiring to beating each other at home and think the bookies will have us losing more points in those fixtures than you are allowing for. I think it's often enough the case that bigger clubs struggle against teams fighting for survival later in the season; we definitely have form for that. 81 points would be (when you're being realistic about where we are this season) a real achievement. I hope we get (at least!) there, but maintain 'on course' is too strong a way to look at it.
  9. Not trying to assert Sarri is a disaster (I think he's doing all that could be reasonably asked) but I take issue with this. I disagree that we are at all on course for 81 points, as it does not reflect at all how many points we have dropped in home fixtures we were favourites for and how many challenging away fixtures we have remaining. Will we get as many points in a half season involving trips to Anfield, Old Trafford, the Etihad, the Emirates, and Goodison Park as in a half season where we don't? I sincerely doubt it. Factor the difficulty of remaining fixtures in, along with the potential for draining Cup runs (especially the Europa if that becomes imperative for CL qualification) and you can knock, even being conservative and optimistic, 10-12 points off that. 81 points would be heroic, rather than something we are steadily working towards.
  10. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    I have literally no idea what it is you are trying to say, and no confidence that you read all the words in my post. Enjoy the game!
  11. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    I'd like Hudson-Odoi play purely because, as a ST holder who rarely does cup games these days, I've not yet seen him the flesh. Purely selfish and nowt to do with form or tactics.
  12. Marcos Alonso

    Predictable, but I think Alonso is no different now than at any other point in his career, minor and entirely normal fluctuations in form aside. The manager picking him has changed...
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's an answer to losing home grown players. Unfortunately, Barkley is an answer to the same question.
  14. Media / Press

    Yeah, he's never really got over looking so much of a prat he became a meme after the FA Cup semi-final a few years ago. There's definitely an argument that Hazard has done all he realistically can here and new achievements depend on a move. Like you say, there's an equally as strong argument for the entire Spurs squad ffs, and that's without any of them having ever won anything at their current club. Don't mind that he's got a Spurs supporter mindset, just don't understand why his fan nonsense makes for BBC articles.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    😉 My post was before his for once!