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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    My post seems to be what triggered this, and I feel compelled to point out what should be obvious... I, and indeed no one, made much of any criticism of RLC at all (I have done elsewhere and in the past though, tbf). If anything I made an observation on RLC and a criticism of another poster's viewpoint on RLC. RLC is both very talented and, in some circles, hugely overrated. Both can be as true as each other. I'd never have particularly laid into Lampard for having a poor game, but I'd have disagreed with anyone who claimed he'd played well.
  2. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Thanks; I felt intituitively that he couldn't possibly play but couldn't put my finger on why.
  3. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Late to the party here ... Didn't look for a few days and a bizarre argument about Lampard emerged. But enough happened to show my RLC view is not a minority one, it's simply not a loud-mouth one. I can see how you would confuse the two. For the ledger, my starting point was 'RLC has not been the second best Chelsea player in recent months' and 'we couldn't be certain RLC would have been picked in the final even if fit'. Two wholly uncontroversial opinions. Evidently it was easier for you to argue against 'RLC is rubbish' or 'I refuse to experience any joy in life', so you chose to read that instead. Again, I can see why. I mean, you literally did, the day before. It's right there, in the quoted post. At least it's not just other people's posts you don't read before replying. Asked elsewhere, but does anyone know if Pulisic is available for selection in the final? Not that I'd expect him to be picked even if he is, just curious.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    May have been asked and answered elsehwhere, but is he available for the Europa League final? I can't think of any solid reason he wouldn't be (he's been registered with us since January, Dortmund were in the CL) but somehow it just doesn't sit. I guess I have the same question with the other loan returnees, not that I'd expect any of them to be close to even the bench.
  5. I often find myself in two minds about woman's football, or more specifically the press coverage. I'm very pleased to see greater coverage of the women's game, and more women involved in covering the men's game. It serves a purpose much greater and more important than football. At the same time, I think much of the press has rushed to congratulate the standard of the women's game when it is, overall, still very poor. I think there is no shame in that; the women's game lacks almost completely the infrastructure of even semi-professional men's clubs so it would be an impossibly unfair ask of them to be competing or even significantly improving within their own frameworks. It's a press issue more than anything else; I suspect most women in the game know how far behind they are and would rather have equal opportunities to improve rather than have PR-savvy pundits patronise and pretend they're already there. Think DWMH covered it, but it's less wrong gender and more wrong league. We need managers who have performed at a very high level. For all her achievements, that is not Emma Hayes. It's why the desperation from some for Lampard is crazy IMO; he's done well at what he has done, but what he has done is not anything close to qualifying him for a top PL job. There is, as we often bemoan here, really a very small pool of people we should be recruiting from.
  6. Media / Press

    There's no confusion either way; the 'on their way to Auschwitz' chant is anti-semitic regardless of what anyone singing realises or doesn't realise it relates to, and using the 'y' word is anti-semitic no matter who the person using it thinks they are addressing. This counts for any and all football supporters. The 'confusion', if there is any, is exactly around the idea that anti-semitism, or indeed any form of racism or bigotry, is a matter primarily of what we personally think or intend. Baddiel makes that point quite well. Of course there are some people who are anti-semitic or racist in a quite purposeful, self-aware way, and those people (without wanting to get to philosophical about what 'choice' even means) knowingly chose to act out their views. There is a much larger number of people who are (again, using broadly and wanting to steer away from philosophy!) are 'good', who do not deliberately, knowingly or maliciously hold anti-semitic or racist views but who somewhat unwittingly reproduce racism in their actions anyway because reproducing racism has come to look normal. This is exactly the kind of anti-semitism that using the 'Y' word is for all but a more malicious minority. A broader point maybe than Chelsea, Tottenham and the 'Y' word, but I have little hope for a better world while people maintain an assocation between 'being or have done anti-semitism/racism' and 'being a bad person'. It's an attitude that puts up walls, makes people defensive, makes them (espeically Spurs fans) do ever more ridiculous mental gymnastics to justify an obviously unreasonable position. If we could hold in our minds the ideas that we are not bad people but have done a bad thing, we'd be much more able to figure out how to not do bad things anymore. That is why I admire Chelsea FC's public position on this, it's willingness to say it has a problem and to do something about it, and that it is why I think as supporters we need to do the same.
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Third paragraph explains the second; rating our products on what you hope they'll do rather than what they are doing. He picked up in form towards the end of the season, and I also see a real player there. He also disappeared for huge sections of games. Not worth arguing because there is an insane number of people determined to see otherwise, but it's plainly true.
  8. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Nonsense. Imagine Chelsea FC sending out kids in a fundraiser for anti-racism initiatives. Injuries do and can happen at any point, with all the best planning. It's annoying and I think this fixture should have been in July, but 20/20 hindsight is a mug's game. Left wondering which RLC people have been watching, anyway. Some good performances recently, but mixed in with disappearing like he's in a witness protection programme. He was far from a definite starter or even sub for the final. Getting Kante and Rudiger fit would be huge. Expect Kante can make it, no idea about Rudiger.
  9. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Jfc, could you be any more unnecessarily childish? No one here really knows how long the recovery will be, which is what makes people offering opinions fine.
  10. Media / Press

    Eh? Wasn't the supposed issue that Dean, given his Tranmere roots, would be biased against Liverpool? On those grounds, I'd want him reffing any game that stood to screw Liverpool! Not that it matters, given he has reffed loads of Liverpool games since and was removed because of press silliness rather than genuine risk of bias.
  11. These are surely examples that do your argument more harm than good, though. Gattuso got the Milan job (with respect not a top job for many years now) on the face of it because of his history with the club rather than an especially impressive resume with lower league clubs, and he's reportedly on the verge of the sack having done fairly little there. Zidane is a weird one to bring up; he also got his job out of tradition and nepotism rather than impressing or establishing himself at a lower level. The Portuguese league ... With respect, who cares? Most people who follow the PL couldn't name most of the clubs in that league, never mind the managers; there's maybe two jobs worth having (in a top level sense) having there. Lampard is less than a year into his managerial career. I love him, but he's done nothing especially impressive, or even interesting in it yet. There is literally no way on Earth you would be talking about an imaginary Joe Bloggs who lead Generic Championship Team FC to 6th place in the Championship (having taken the job with them in ... 6th place) after 11 months in the career getting the Chelsea job.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cut for simplicity. CAS have always suspended bans until the case can be heard in the past, so it really doesn't matter if our appeal is not heard until July. In fact given our likely guilt, CAS hearing the appeal before the window opens would almost certainly be a disaster for us. Ornstein is either operating outside of (easily gained from Google) expertise, is misrepresenting the process for a story, or has been misrepresented himself. My guess is that as soon as CAS have our appeal they will look at it and estimate how long it will take to treat properly and then compare that against their capacity and availability. That whole process should not take more than a day or two. They'll have two options available to them; hear the case before the window opens so there is no need to suspend the ban, or not hear the case before the window opens so suspend it. What none of us knows for certain is how long it takes a club to prepare and file an appeal, and how long it takes CAS to screen an appeal and decide when it can be heard and what immediate action it needs to take. I think we'll hear before the month is out.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think Coutinho is a great player just having a difficult time fitting into a team where a few players have a legendary status that gives them (legit) cause to claim the role he'd usually play. He'd be good for us ... ... But I don't see it happening. He'd cost a huge fee, almost certainly any money we got for Hazard and I expect has a ridiculous wage to match. And he strikes me as exactly the sort of signing United will target, and they have the financial jump on us still.
  14. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    If you insist on an 'ism' (not sure why you would though, people can say sh*t things without them), it's really obviously classism. I think lots of people are able to hate Liverpool and call them and their fans mean things without classism TBH. Very, very happy for them to do so. Even more set themselves higher moral thresholds than 'well, it's not illegal'. And I'm very happy for tribalism to continue; caring what 11 blokes do with a leather ball every weekend would be a bit weird without it. Don't think it's an especially outrageous or controversial position to take that, for example, singing about a set of fans having sex workers for mothers and being too poor or stupid to make food for themselves doesn't position whoever sings it in the best light. And I bloody hate Liverpool and their sanctimonious BS, so would personally take pride in being in a much better light than them. But whatever, it was a simple pondering and I can see from your reaction its not worth pondering here.
  15. Maybe it would, but it's hard me to tell unless you make clearer the point you're making.