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  1. Media / Press

    The Football Leaks thing on Andreas Christensen seems fairly damning, ethically if not actually in relation to the rules. I don't know how leaked 'evidence' works in relation to any FIFA investigation or disciplinary procedures. Do FIFA have to contend with admissibility or is any and all intelligence fair game? I really bloody hope we haven't been stupid enough to break the rules on this, or at least have a very robust defence.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I like him and think he'd be a good fit for the squad (especially with the likes of Cahill and Fabregas seemingly on the way out), but the price is indeed the issue. He's a first-team striker at a now established PL club. Probably still on fairly low wages that we could double without him even being within £100k a week of most other players here, but it would cost a disproportionate fortune to get him here. Likely not worth the effort for what he could bring.
  3. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    So you think Conte would be the manager now if we'd failed getting Sarri? Nonsense. Conte was gone no matter what. We'd have gone into this season with a plastic training cone as manager/coach before Conte would've been allowed back.
  4. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Not sure where I sit in terms of optimism and negativity ... I think we played well enough and it is a 'one of those days' result and that generally the football and results have been better this season than I expected, but also think we are in a real battle for CL qualification, despite being unbeaten. Points dropped late against Liverpool and against a United side virtually anyone else would have rolled over that weekend, and then again here. Other teams might have lost games, but I think most of those around us have played fewer bankers and more of their difficult away games. We are, imo, in something of a false position. I think it is fair to be critical of how Sarri plays. Criticism should be about an appraisal of the pros and cons of any approach, and primarily about how effective it is. Defensive, deep-block counter-attacking is fine if it works. Conte's issue was that it did not. Possession and direct attacking is bad if it doesn't work. Sarri is finding it doesn't always. I think the Everton game tells us little about the flaws in Sarri's approach that you couldn't identify on a whiteboard. We do not get enough people in the box, and especially do not get enough people running towards posts when we are attacking. We are too narrow too often, but that is difficult to resolve. Personally I have seen enough to think Sarri has made tweaks (there's less faffing about with Jorginho in the middle of the pitch now than there was in September) and isn't pathologically tied to one approach.
  5. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    This ... ... and this. Perhaps it's mentioned somewhere and I missed it, but something I have only myself learned recently in the Solari press coverage is that La Liga clubs apparently must appoint managers/coaches on permanent contracts within very strict timescales of their predecessor leaving. Can't say I understand the ins and outs, but it provides a very simple explanation as to why Real Madrid would make ostensibly expensive and permanent-seeming decisions without the genuine intention of seeing them through long-term. And then ... ... there's the suggestion that Real Madird operate in a way that would make sense to us. Would they? Why assume that? They've a reputation for basket transfer and managerial decisions and political infighting. Anyone paying attention to Real Madrid, at least in my 33 year life time, would have done a bit of guffawing and head-scratching at what seemed like completely bonkers or opaque decision-making there. Saying Conte to Real Madrid "makes absolutely no sense whatsoever" itself makes no sense whatsoever. I'd say there's an argument for the opposite being true; Real Madrid making an on-the-face-of-it crap decision about an ill-fitting manager is precisely what I expect them to do at any point. There is very good recent evidence for it; look at the bloke they just sacked! Someone else got there before me, but then see you replied faster than me again ... Without being facetious (well, 100% facetious), this is the exact kind of thing that makes a lot of the DWMH-baiting here fall down. We can't, with a straight face, call someone else's guesswork on what Conte's contract looked like '"conjecture" and then say this. The club's statement on Conte said only that he and they had "parted company". It said nothing about the terms, or what this really looks like. It certainly makes no explicit reference to his contract being terminated early. Our understanding on what this looks like, in this case at Chelsea but in fact in all cases at all clubs, is part-conjecture because we are not in the boardroom. Personally I think it is likely that some kind of legal connection, I.e. one that means we remain potentially obliged to pay Conte but that suitors remain equally as obliged to pay us, exists even after "parting company". I'll accept that is my opinion rather than a stone-cold fact, but it is hardly a possibility anyone here can conclusively rule out.
  6. Edited for length... None of us have the full picture in fairness and I won't claim otherwise, but my understanding is that alcohol and its impact was a problem in the workplace. Very few people will be kept in roles where that is the case, and fairly often it wouldn't even be ethical for employees to allow them to stay.
  7. ... Yep. Something to be proud of the club on; it was absolutely hammered by the fans and press over Wilkins being let go but never once briefed against him.
  8. Media / Press

    People thought the Premier League couldn't work, and that the move from European Cup to Champions League was a doomed, temporary experiment. If there is will for a European super league, it will happen. And part of the frustration from the clubs not included will be that they simply do not have the clout to do anything about it.
  9. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Only seen highlights, but based on them I am pleased to see Morata not only having a match-long fight with a bullying CB (and just engaging in one would be a huge step up from him) but seeming to actually win it, too. The runs have always been there, the technique has always been good, and the numbers game means all but the super humans miss more than they score, but the lack of bottle and confidence is what has made me give up on him. If he keeps having those fights, even if he loses a lot of them, then maybe he is someone worth having around.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Replying mostly because it's been a while since I could be Scrappy to DWMH's Scooby and I know Ham loves that stuff, but ... The article you link to literally also says the bans were immediately waived, and we know the prosecution went absolutely nowhere. Never really had much of an opinion on the gouge/non-gouge, tbh. Always just been a big, big fan of the impassive mustachioed observer. Wonder what he's up to these days.
  11. Alvaro Morata.

    I think we had no choice but to persist and give him a crack at the start of the season, but do feel that the end does have to be nigh for him now. It is very hard to say there is anything he is doing well or anything he brings to the team. Up there I think with our worst signings. Nowhere near the worst in terms of his ability because I do still feel that he have seen demonstrations from time to time of real technique and talent, but just a horrible match for the club. Letting Conte get his man was a dreadful mistake and it is going to cost us a lot of money.
  12. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Quite. Thousands sang 'f**k off Mourinho', so think the 3 fingers thing is pretty much nothing in response. The 'f**k off Mourinho' chant is an absolute embarrassment, regardless of whatever your view on the man is.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Ianni was a total prat, but even as someone who thinks Mourinho gets absolutely slaughtered for no reason I find the exoneration of him slightly odd. Provocation is a reason for misbehaviour, but not an excuse. Think we were sold short by a ref determined to make no big decisions. Young could have been booked about four times, and as much as I love Mata his horror tackle was very easily a red card. Don't think the ref was at all obliged to halt play for their equaliser, but that he did for Rashford in differing circumstances illustrates for me a reluctance to intervene meaningfully. I'm a bit unsure of how optimistic to be at this point of the season. We are unbeaten, but have essentially dropped 4 points from home games against competitors, so I don't think the on-paper record is as good as it seems. I think you can argue about lots of details in the team, but the issue really is up front. Any other change would mean very little compared to having someone who isn't Morata. I think Sarri did the right and pragmatic thing giving him a good run, but his time has to be up soon. He offers nothing.
  14. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    We are going to concede free kicks near our area for a very simple, predictable reason ... We are going to attack and dominate territory, so virtually every chance Cardiff get will be on the break and when do-or-die challenges are necessary. It will be a function of trying to win games, the ying to attack's yang. It will not be about the individual defenders or players acting as defenders (although they may make mistakes also), it will not be an indication of some flaw that can be corrected or ironed out. It will be what happens with any tactic or strategy. A con to the pros. Of course, we conceded like crazy when all we tried to do was defend last year, so you'd think conceding chances when trying to score wouldn't get too many people annoyed this time round.
  15. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Snipped for convenience ... I think most football, not just Chelsea fans, are hypocritical in what they say but not really what they think. They like to see their team win games and ultimately trophies, and whatever style of play you have becomes a problem when you don't. I don't think we've been especially electric this season, but we're holding a higher line, we're actively seeking the ball for more of the game and higher up the pitch, and we're forcing and creating more chances. I think it's understandable that people are, at least for now, happier with that and the idea that we might struggle to defend while trying to score than they were with having nine CBs and still struggling to defend. You know why. You're just too polite to say it. Funny when a sentence starts one way and ends up another.