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  1. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1

    I thought United edged it. De Gea made some blinding saves (what a goal Ivanovic's volley would have been!) but there again so did Tibo. Fingers crossed for Zouma, but it really did look bad. As someone said above, can't really be pleased about our form still. We've stopped losing, which is great, but we also haven't started winning. It's been an ever so mild new manager bump. Pleased to see Blue Rod's criticism of Hiddink, shows it wasn't all anti Mourinho hate which is refreshing.
  2. Next Chelsea Manager

    I'd go so far to say that no club will have managers that last longer than a couple of years, very few do as it stands. As soon as Wenger hangs up his puffer coat they'll get into the same hiring and firing frame of mind that everyone else (inc Man United now) have. This is not a Chelsea thing, this is how modern football is.
  3. Ramires - Signs New 5 Year Contract

    Sad to see him go but considering the strategy of selling high profile squad players, £25 mill was too good to turn down. Problem is, we're running out of those type of players so will be interesting to see what the club intend to do. Oscar is probably the most obvious choice in this respect. Rami scored some belters here, obviously Nou Camp, but City home when he waltzed through, and a screamer apiece this season and last, including an FA Cup final goal. Sure, his first touch and passing were awful, but he was certainly useful at what he did. Best of luck Rami
  4. Taking the pee out of Liverpool

    Well, whether it's true or not, Klopp pretty much said the same thing a few weeks back so that opened the doors for pundits to follow suit...
  5. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Was that LeSaux on Twitter?
  6. Club announce new stadium plans

    That's been moved to the director's box
  7. Chelsea 3 Everton 3

    Sorry to bump this post but catching up and I agree completely. I can't get to many games but was behind the goal in MHL for the FA Cup and the bloke in front of me was only interesting in turning his back on the game have having a natter with the people around us. The only songs he joined in served to prove how long he had been a fan (singing over a brief 'when Wise went up...' with 'when RON went up') and moaning at a guy who started the Ossie chorus telling him to sing it from the start if he was going to sing it at all. I know it was only the FA Cup 3rd round to League 1 oppo, but the impression I got was that it's 'what he did'. Some other bloke behind me was talking about how he was getting his kitchen re-done at some point during the game.
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    Sums up my thoughts on the situation exactly.
  9. Official: Chelsea Sign Falcao

    I don't understand how Monaco didn't take him back due to the fact he's injured. How many times to you hear that X player has returned to his parent club due to injury? Obviously it's not in Monaco's interest but he's their asset, they have loaned us something we cannot use. I can't believe that some sort of break clause wasn't inserted into the contract by us considering everything everyone knew about his form/fitness over the past season or two
  10. Branislav Ivanovic

    Thanks for talking some sense
  11. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    "David Moyes - the 'Master' at building clubs over a period" He may send you a signed photo if you tell him that James. He did OK at Everton whilst he was there, that's as far as it goes.
  12. Official: Didier Drogba Comes Home

    Who knows, maybe that's because it's gone quiet - Monaco saying Falcao is here for the season. If they had taken him, maybe we would have had the same 3 strikers as last season
  13. Official: Chelsea Sign Falcao

    This could have been cut and pasted from the Torres thread. Unfortunately it was a gamble that hasn't paid off. I'm kinda shocked that we didn't insert some sort of break clause into the contract so we could send him packing in January if he wasn't up for it. Maybe the board had a bit more faith in Mourinho than we thought!
  14. Media / Press

    In my opinion that shows that she doesn't think she has that much of a case for anything. If she was certain of what happened, she would have gone in heavy for constructive dismissal. This way it appears she's spreading her bets as she's not confident she'd win with just one charge. I was surprised when I saw she wanted her job back, surely this is the last way to go about it. If (and I've read nothing to advise otherwise) John Fearn has "his" or "a" role at the the club again, surely she would have been able to do so too.
  15. Official: Didier Drogba Comes Home

    I know this has gone a little quiet, but if Drogs was going to retire, why would he/we need to negotiate with Montreal?