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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Sums it up perfectly for me. It's become taboo to even insinuate that Liverpool fans should share even the smallest part of the blame for what happened. If nothing else let's hope this ruling allows the horrible affair to be put to rest.
  2. Oscar

    Yeh it wasn't phrased that well! He is one of the few players left at the club that isn't first choice who we should sell if a big offer comes in (following Lukaku, De Bruyne (to an extent), Luiz and Mata (to an extent)) etc. Aside from Hazard and Courtois, I don't think we've gone many left in the squad who would command a huge fee if sold on.
  3. Oscar

    I think it was reasonable to reserve judgement until this season, mainly because the Brazil world cup and none stop football could easily be argued as contributing factors. Now the season is almost done, the judgement is pretty clear. I think he is one of the last players that could be seen as expendable if a huge offer comes in. Had such high hopes for him too...
  4. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    Fully agree Nobbs, He tried everything to get the players to react in a positive way and in the end went full on attack mode by saying the players betrayed him because nothing else had worked. That's why I couldn't understand why some people reacted like they did to his comments, he was on the last chapter of the 'how to motivate failing players' manual.
  5. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    All of these comments about Conte are a bit hollow to me, everything they champion in Conte is what Jose bought to the table. And the players couldn't handle it.
  6. Ian Britton RIP

    RIP Ian
  7. Next Chelsea Captain

    This should be the only reasonable bone of contention with JT + the Board. And when you boil down to that, it's a very simple decision. Can he still do a job for us? Yes? Let's make it happen then.
  8. Where do we finish?

    We'd get CL by winning it the next week anyway so definitely a JT thunderbolt past Tibo in the 93 minute to throw the game for me! ;)
  9. John Terry

    That was my understand, most likely from articles like the above and player accounts. However it seems to be accepted by the wider media that there was some sort of specific taunting of American tourists involved.
  10. John Terry

    Why has it now become accepted that JT, Lamps et al verbally abused American tourists soon after 9/11? I thought that they had just had a few too many and were abit rowdier than they should have been at a time of mourning.
  11. True Chelsea Legends

    I do agree that based purely on what we've won over the past decade, compared with the rest of our history, you can't look past JT & Lamps as 1st and 2nd. Dider isn't even 3rd, he's like 2.5. Tambling, Osgood, Chopper, The Cat, Dixon, Zola - they all get special mentions but if it ever gets to the stage we were consistently stay off the top run of football, we'll look back at this period as such an unbelievable level of success.
  12. Khobar

    Sad to say I've only just seen this thread due to not spending much time on here recently. As many people do no doubt, I always looked out for his posts in a thread. Thanks for letting us know and hope he has now found peace.
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1

    I thought United edged it. De Gea made some blinding saves (what a goal Ivanovic's volley would have been!) but there again so did Tibo. Fingers crossed for Zouma, but it really did look bad. As someone said above, can't really be pleased about our form still. We've stopped losing, which is great, but we also haven't started winning. It's been an ever so mild new manager bump. Pleased to see Blue Rod's criticism of Hiddink, shows it wasn't all anti Mourinho hate which is refreshing.
  14. Next Chelsea Manager

    I'd go so far to say that no club will have managers that last longer than a couple of years, very few do as it stands. As soon as Wenger hangs up his puffer coat they'll get into the same hiring and firing frame of mind that everyone else (inc Man United now) have. This is not a Chelsea thing, this is how modern football is.