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  1. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    I took it the same way Nobbs, definitely aimed at Chelsea fans. It was his 2nd goal in this game (although the clip doesn't show it).
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Couldn't have put it better than the man himself...
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    How do you put someone on ignore? His 9 year old bed-wetting is beyond tiresome
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wouldn't that be the case for any team who's (arguably) best three players left?
  5. Next Chelsea Captain

    Agree, he certainly had history with us (with Barca as well as Arsenal) but think he's really handled himself well since putting on the blue shirt.
  6. Next Chelsea Captain

    I'd like to see Fabregas getting the VC role. We're getting a few 'leaders' together in the group again now, with Luiz, Azpi even Hazard (capt. of Belgium) which we've been lacking since the days of Cech, JT, Frank, Drogs etc.
  7. Well yes, I don't think anyone, pro or anti Jose can say he isn't a hypocrite, far to many very obvious example to argue otherwise.
  8. Exactly. Is it not plausible Jose has been saying it to Shaw every day at Training without effect and so gone public - which appear to have yielded results? I know it's fashionable to call Jose the Antichrist now but when Balotelli is used as an example of a unfairly treated scapegoat you really need to end the discussion there.
  9. Club announce new stadium plans

    I may be wrong but I seem to remember a lot of games going on general sale which almost never happened during my time going to the Bridge, especially in the Roman years. These games may have gone on to sell out but I thought there was a noticeable change in usual appetite from STH/members.
  10. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 1

    I actually thought Bellerin fouled Costa in the header that came off the bar, made no attempt to play the ball or win the challenge and pushed Diego off balance
  11. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    Speed and coverage are two of the biggest things you'd credit Pedro for, plus he's bang in form at the moment...
  12. Tottenham Hotspur 2 Chelsea 0

    Just a bad day at the office, that's all. Spurs were surprisingly composed I thought, even when they scored they didn't celebrate OTT. Can't think of anyone who had a decent game to be honest. Timing of their goals killed us. Still top of the league so no need to panic.
  13. Victor Moses

    Always thought he was more than capable of filling that backup winger role in the squad, especially when compared to those players we've signed since (Salah and Cuadrado being the main examples), especially when you consider he is home grown, association trained or whatever it is. That said, he didn't pull up any trees whilst out on loan so I think his performances this season have come as a little surprise to everyone. As someone else mentioned, he had been doing ok prior to the switch to 3-4-3 too.
  14. Chalobah

    Think he's been really steady in his cameos. Has tried to do too much, and appears to be just keeping it simple, breaking up play where required and generally proving himself dependable. Exactly what he needs to do to curry favour.
  15. I don't agree Droy. Jose knew exactly what he was doing by not covering his mouth with his hand - as everyone seems to do nowadays. He wanted to make it a story. I'm a Jose fan but he has always been pretty blatant at contracting himself as Exiled mentions above.