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  1. totally forgot about that 'reduced role' Nobbly! good shout
  2. Indeed, I think people are basing his inclusion in the squad on the basis of one game 2 years ago, not the subsequent failed loans since.
  3. We have much bigger things to think about than replacing Willian. Glad he's signed on for another 4 years. He started to work on his attacking output last season, let's hope it continues.
  4. Quite excited by this signing, eager to see what he can do for us.
  5. Thanks for the info Pete. Considering those numbers it's a reasonable amount that's been raised so far. I guess another factor is that I would imagine there's a lot less traffic on the site during the off season. Fingers crossed either way
  6. How many unique posters have donated? I've only just read this thread and it's been up for a few days. I would subscribe to a £few/month donation to keep the site going and will donate in the next few days.
  7. Won't let that go will you? Do you mean you would not employ him on any basis because of the accident? I think it's a simple bridge between the new Manager and the players/fans. Carlo was well liked and respected here, so think it would work out. Unlike Zenden being Fat Rafa's no 2 which really missed the mark.
  8. I've always found it strange reading stories of Clubs offering their players to another Club. Make it known in circles that they would welcome offers sure, but always get the image of officials knocking on the door of Madrid/whoever and saying 'excuse me sir, do you want to buy our player' randomly out of the blue. That wasn't a challenge to what you posted Bob, just the scenario. RE Pedro, I had really high hopes for him last season, thought he would be one of the signings of the summer. It hasn't gone quite as expected but then again I would imagine he would have performed better if the team in general had. Hope he stays this season and settles in a bit more
  9. I think all the evidence you need for him 'falling out' with players is Matic, supposed to be one of the players that downed tools and who was destroyed by Jose because he subbed him off after coming on as a sub....now he's apparently first in the queue to join Jose's United revolution. But Jose's pros and cons, myths and truths have been done to death. Going back to Conte, would I traded Jose for Conte 6 months ago? No, if I had the choice, would I now? No. That said, I'm really pleased with the appointment and can't wait to see him on the touchline.
  10. I like the look of that run in from April onwards (City and United aside). Especially with no CL to interfere. Conte to win it in his first year :)
  11. Because apparently by his own admission he was able to get rid of those players that weren't on board. It's unlikely he'll be given that free reign here unfortunately. Jose gets on with most players famously, unless you hadn't noticed. If you'd forgotten just ask Lamps, Matterazzi, Ibra and many others. Ferguson was largely lauded for getting rid of players 'at the right time' (usually when they had a falling out with him). Stop with the petty point scoring against Jose, James.
  12. Glad you confirmed that Zoowraa! If we spunk £65million on bringing him back we really need our heads checked. Granted it was only one game but I thought it encapsulated why he left the first time around.
  13. Pleased to see that his English is pretty good in the pre match interview, so much for not speeking da lingo. Looks like he had that nosebleed/cut from when they scored the first - passionate man! I liked what I saw, Italy did really well, and even had a niggly, cynical side to them with a spate of professional fouls when Belgium were breaking - interesting to see if that's adopted next season! Just the right manager for us I think. Now we just need the players to match.
  14. Plus I'll admit, I liked his hair and tattoos...
  15. I thought he got a bit too much stick that season, mainly because people saw him as AVB's pet who was in the side of Frank (that's the impression I had at the time). Didn't he refuse to celebrate his goal against...Birmingham? the game after AVB was sacked? That Benfica goal was brilliant, but if he had missed I would have gone apesh*t - he was clearly trying to stick it to their fans and Rami and bust a lung to get up alongside and was free for a tap in. But he didn't miss :) That said, I thought he was decent enough to stick around for a squad place and agree Paul & Alun, great in the Camp Nou