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  1. I'm just happy to finally be rid of being forced to have the 3 stripes so I will most likely be happy with whatever design they go with
  3. O ok I see what you are doing.
  4. Even the people who fancied Luiz fancied 50 million more so bit of a stretch to use that as a stick to beat him with
  5. No, that scouser is still talking a load of bollocks. "Could of knocked Mourinho out cold" really? What do they think he was saying to him?
  6. did Blue Rod write this script?
  7. In about 2012
  8. 1 million more than our highest bid, every time.
  9. Even you must admit that droy is not or would not be that bloody obvious. It reads like a parody, because that's probably what it is and I doubt he is parodying himself. edit: Guys posting a lot about Gary Cahill being the best CB in the league
  10. Gotta wait for that transfer ban to end. Doubt he wants to go back THAT bad.
  11. And then at least we'd get to see how well they handle losing together
  12. Because he is an ex chelsea manager
  13. Like... Michy?
  14. Wow you guys got baited easily. Most blatant wind up post I've seen in months