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  1. Ballague said Fabregas had no agreement with chelsea within 24 hours of Fabregas signing for us and spain is supposed to be his journalistic forte. Unsurprisingly the quoted tweet in the articles no longer exist.
  2. Mikel John Obi

    Firstly I don't know why you want your DM to make defence splitting passes all the time. Thats Fabregas job. Your second point is a bit of a negative twist on something a lot of players do. He does passing moves, alright. You obviously are trying to make it sound like the move does nothing to suit your view when many times it his helping other players get into better positions and is ofc, obviously not the only type of passing he does.
  3. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    Heard all these same arguments when Jose was appointed and we still didn't learn so I'm not holding my breath
  4. Next Chelsea Manager

    Yeah that's why.
  5. Next Chelsea Manager

    He has though. When we were doing well, he and the manager and the board were all praised. When things go sour everyone gets blamed, he is just the most in front member of them all at the moment so he is taking all the heat.
  6. Next Chelsea Manager

    Could be worse, Ancelotti used to give our lineups in press conferences.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why get upset about a rumour about a man rumoured to be our next manager Getting annoyed/upset/whatever by rumours is fast lane to being annoyed all the time.
  8. Chelsea 1 Stoke City 1

    Sure we are.
  9. Chelsea 1 Stoke City 1

    My only concern with him is even in his great form at atletico he had a habit of pushing things back into the danger area. Really needs to sort that out. Great shot stopper, good at corners but it all gets undone when he does that
  10. Chelsea 1 Stoke City 1

    Closest we ever had to it though.
  11. Media / Press

    There is so much wrong with that sentence it's actually quite impressive. In so few words he manages to be wrong about so many things
  12. Next Chelsea Manager

    Just last night someone compared mikel to their dead great grandmother and followed it up with asking what his purpose in life is. How harsh can criticism get before you rank it as abuse?
  13. Next Chelsea Manager

    Just putting Droys post in an easier to understand way. Hard to draw conclusions from an outlier like Leicester this season.
  14. Next Chelsea Manager

    Leicester were 14th and 6 points off Relegation last year They now have a 5 point lead at the top this year. Therefore for us to win the title next season we just need to get a full squad and an italian manager like Leicester did.
  15. Next Chelsea Manager

    Why do people call him Brenda ?