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  1. Club just announced Kante will get the number 7 shirt
  2. I wouldn't either. But Juventus aren't our league rivals so its a little different.
  3. And someone else is moaning because we aren't throwing money on players. Wanting us to do the football manager thing of just upping your bid til they accept. They'd love it if we just paid 70 million for morata because at least we'd be 'doing something'. Is he worth 70 million? Doesn't look like it at all. But WE are the amateurs for not doing it, apparently.
  4. Suspended jail sentence. Its less than 2 years so he only serves it if he re offends.
  5. The minimum requirement is wearing a suit on the touchline
  6. Are waiting for Conte to be done at the Euros.
  7. Sick counter attack by Hazard
  8. Something about faffing about with prices, something about a 2mil higher bid would've got him, something about not closing deals
  9. Step 1 to moving on: Stop opening this thread and telling people what they can and can't post about
  10. Di Marzio reported about us and Nainggolan, calling the negotiations in 'advanced stages' Btw, a day before we signed Fabregas spanish expert and all around pretend ITK Guillem Balague said there was no deal between Chelsea and Cesc. The next day we signed him in an hotel room in brazil it looked like and that tweet from guillem disappeared. No one has a clue what we are doing, that's why its free range on speculation about tons of players to be spread. No one is going to refute it.
  11. You read stories about city being 'close' and arsenal 'closing in' and say their boards are getting their targets with minimal fuss Yet us 'closing in on' kante and going for those players at roma and we are twiddling our thumbs
  12. It was a while ago now but I rememer Carlo sitting at press conferences listing his starting 11 for the weekends game. Maybe they think its a thing Italian managers do
  13. These were away games and I'm pretty sure it was oppo fans doing the chanting. Is it Chelseas job to police oppo fans in their own stadium now?
  14. I agree But what lingers in the back of my mind is I thought the same thing last year It's only going to get worse because I think we will wait til after Italy get knocked out of the euros to announce deals so a lot of media speculation to come. Then once Conte is actually at Cobham the longer it takes the more rapidly will people get restless
  15. And some punditry tried to make it sound like we were the aggressors and spurs were merely responding to it and poch 'would have told them not to play chelseas game' in his half time team talk