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  1. We've signed that goalkeeper Eduardo.
  2. And he did just win the european championships
  3. Its a bit harder than heading down to the shop for some eggs
  4. Yes. Already putting in those seeds of doubt. Now 50/50 become 40/60s. And we were always going to get hit hardest by the yelling at the ref thing, we are the team refs enjoy riling up the most and probably get a good pat on the back every time they put big bad chelsea in their place
  5. Because it causes us problems later.
  6. Monaco bought him for 1 million
  7. Sorry but 'just buy players that would have worked out instead of ones who didn't' is an impossible standard. When we do what you just said people moan that we overpay anyway and other clubs find bargains. "Why don't we just find the next Kante instead of spending x amount on x" player. No one is ever happy.
  8. Club just announced Kante will get the number 7 shirt
  9. I wouldn't either. But Juventus aren't our league rivals so its a little different.
  10. And someone else is moaning because we aren't throwing money on players. Wanting us to do the football manager thing of just upping your bid til they accept. They'd love it if we just paid 70 million for morata because at least we'd be 'doing something'. Is he worth 70 million? Doesn't look like it at all. But WE are the amateurs for not doing it, apparently.
  11. Suspended jail sentence. Its less than 2 years so he only serves it if he re offends.
  12. The minimum requirement is wearing a suit on the touchline
  13. Are waiting for Conte to be done at the Euros.
  14. Sick counter attack by Hazard
  15. Something about faffing about with prices, something about a 2mil higher bid would've got him, something about not closing deals