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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Martin 'mute the tv' Tyler
  2. Chelsea 2 Burnley 0

    this is a bizarre way to rate players. Well its an agents wet dream of how players are rated tbh
  3. Media / Press

    Grant or Sarri I know who I'd pick
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Yeah but he writes in a notebook a lot.
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    So it is personal then cus that's all business. Who wouldn't rather go to Juve.
  6. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    But if its us, when are we actually planning to make the change? July?
  7. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Wouldn't that be something. Reaction would be... interesting to say the least. Side note, sounds like Werner nicked a forum members GF or something.
  8. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    An american article, pre written before the game, using opinion of management of the game, posted 3 minutes after the game. Anyone here could have written that and have it be plausible. It's based on nothing but assumption. Hahahahahah greed. He was going about his business managing Derby and he got given the opportunity and he took it. If we are going to knock him for ambition then we really should get Allardyce. Such a bizarre criticism.
  9. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Am I going crazy? Did you censor the word yourself? Did the forum censor it? Do you see it not censored but its censored on my side? ( I can't find any mature language filter in settings) All I see is ****ing cheat ?
  10. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Ask Sheffield United how much worse it can get...
  11. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    The only Chelsea manager I've seen him talk up is Benitez.
  12. Conversely it was more important for James' to get regular playing time and experience than be backup to Azpi like Zappacosta and get minimal game time.
  13. Tammy Abraham

    You are either world class or dog ****. And yet another mark in the book of how 'I'd take winning nothing if it meant playing the youth more' is utter bullshit. (Not saying anyone here is of that opinion, but its remarkable how quickly sentiment turns on our own and the level of patience shown to others)
  14. Can't think of a manager with PL experience we would go for? Sarri v2.0?
  15. Damn we should get Avram Grant back