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  1. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by TeRiYaKiquote:Originally posted by hernancrespoLet's not pursue the guy any further. Let's groom Tiago and Jarosik and think of a striker. Apart from against Barcelona in Nou camp, I have not seen our midfield over run last season. If we must need a midfielder, then let's get a playmaker! id="quote"> id="quote"> I'd rather we groom someone with more potential than Tiago/Jarosik. id="quote"> id="quote">Have you two been sharing some smoke that I haven't been offered ...
  2. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by Blue Jackelquote:Originally posted by KhobarAshley Cole is a player. Like most players, he isn't the brightest of chaps (playing football instead of studying). He has employed an agent, an "expert", to manage his affairs. The agent has led Cole along on this and he has ended up as persona non gratis at both Chelsea & Arsenal.Cole has followed this advice and that's why I feel sorry for him. Like it or not, we have behaved badly on this. Now, you or I would have known the rules on tapping up, so why didn't the highly paid executives at our club know them? They did of course, and ignored them. We deserve the **** which has followed and it will be fair as long as the precedent follows for ALL other clubs. If S****horpe are found guilty of the same offence next season, then the punishment should be equally punitive. It's naive to think that players will not use Chelsea as a way of improving their wages - our own players will no doubt use our cash as a bargaining tool when negotiating their contracts. Makelele went on strike when Real didn't pay him the wage he thought (and he was right) that he was worth. Having said all that, the hand wringing of Arsenal the great innocents makes me laught when I recall how they stitched up Spuds over Sol Campbell. I personally think that case was worse because Campbell strung Spuds along until he was available on a Bosman - there can be no doubt that he had already agreed to go to Arsenal. You live by the sword, you die by it. id="quote"> id="quote"> Your points are well covered and extremely valid.....you took the words out of my mouth...you can't argue against that....well done Khobar you summed up perfectly. id="quote"> id="quote">Sorry guys, but if your points are so well made, then please explain to simple little me. Why are our fines ten times more than those of Liverpool's, who actually tapped a player by approaching him, where this is the other way round and then still went on and allowed to sign him?
  3. Ashley Cole

    Well pretty much everything has been said that I agree with , I think it's an absolute joke the fine they sactioned on us, lets face it if Bill gates was to get a parking ticket would his ticket be for a £1 million pounds just coz he's got money, NO!!!! so why was Liverpools fine so low for a "tapping up" proven case that the deal went through anyways and we get half a million pound fines.... it's a f***ing bad joke that I don't find at all funny, and don't know about anyone else but the hate Arsenal feeling has gone up twenty notches and they are just fast becoming my most hated team in the league, and believe me I never thought that possible before, because even now to this day no one eats Jaffa cakes in my house because of the manure scum.
  4. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by the motherDid anyone see Toby Brown on BBC news 24 being interviewed on this very subject about an hour ago ?? God he's good looking !! id="quote"> id="quote">I missed that, fancy having to put him on when we are all at work, it's like they didn't want us to see him or something Ah bless, hope you wore a clean shirt Toby ....... and combed your hair
  5. Ashley Cole

    UPDATE 2-Chelsea, Mourinho and Cole found guilty Wed Jun 1, 2005 3:18 PM BST Printer Friendly | Email Article | RSS By Bill Barclay LONDON, June 1 (Reuters) - Chelsea, their manager Jose Mourinho and Arsenal defender Ashley Cole have been found guilty of breaking Premier League rules, the governing body said on Wednesday. The Premier League announced its decision, but did not specify any punishments, in a statement following an inquiry by an independent commission into allegations that Chelsea "tapped-up" Cole in an attempt to sign the England full back. The Premier League said Chelsea "were found to be in breach of Rule K3 which prohibits a club making an approach to a contract player either directly or indirectly without first obtaining permission of the club to which he is under contract. "Ashley Cole was found to be in breach of Rule K5 which states that a contract player, either by himself or by any other party acting on his behalf, shall not either directly or indirectly make any approach to a club with a view to negotiating a contract without obtaining the prior written consent of the club to which he is under contract. "Jose Mourinho was found to be in breach of Rule Q, governing managers' conduct." Penalties would be announced after the parties' statements of mitigation, the Premier League added. All the parties have 14 days in which to appeal. The Premier League has the power to dock Chelsea points and is expected to fine them together with Mourinho and Cole. The previous highest fine for an illegal approach was the 20,000 pounds ($36,280) Liverpool were fined for speaking to Christian Ziege when he was at Middlesbrough in 2000. The German defender was also fined 10,000 pounds. Chelsea won the Premier League from Arsenal by 12 points this season. Cole's legal representatives had argued that the Premier League rules breached European employment law. The incident was investigated last month by the three-man independent commission who interviewed Cole, Mourinho, Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon and Arsenal chairman David Dein, who made the initial complaint. Mourinho initially denied that he and Kenyon had met Cole, saying he was in Milan speaking with (Inter) striker Adriano when the meeting took place, while Cole, who is contracted to Arsenal until 2007, has never denied his presence. FUTURE UNCLEAR The involvement of agents -- representing Cole and Chelsea -- further clouds the issue as they are not subject to the same Premier League rules as players and clubs. Cole was present for the verdict having arrived back in England earlier on Wednesday after playing in England's 3-2 win over Colombia in New Jersey on Tuesday. His future remains unclear, however. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said he hopes he stays at the club but fears the influence of his agent -- and the money available at Chelsea -- could tempt him to move across London. Last month Wenger said of Chelsea: "They have enhancement of performances through financial resources which are unlimited. "It puts pressure on the market that is not very healthy. They can go to (Liverpool's) Steven Gerrard or (Manchester United's) Rio Ferdinand and say 'how much do you earn? We'll give you twice as much'." Wenger also warned that any attempt to take the Cole case beyond the football authorities and to the civil courts "would create huge chaos". © Reuters 2005. All Rights Reserved.
  6. Ashley Cole

    Can someone explain how everyone can be guilty ? I'm confused man !!! Cole approached us and we are guilty of approaching him, what's all that about? scratching his head in confused state. 42 that's the answer, now does anybody know the question ?
  7. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by DanQquote:Originally posted by My Blood Is BlueJust want to say if we are fined the expected £250,000 then I may be unable to reply after throwing my computer out of the window in anger. id="quote"> id="quote"> I think we may get even more than that... :0( id="quote"> id="quote">I am writing this using a mates computer as mine has been thrown out of the window !!!!! this is gonna cost plenty and all knives are out for us, I'm a bit p***ed off right now so maybe I should allow some time to pass before really losing it.....
  8. Salomon Kalou

    quote:Originally posted by Simon PooleI'm not sure, I think he would probably be happy that we have finally won the title. However I think he will be miffed by the way in which we have done it, lets face it he didn't really get on with the new regime very much. id="quote"> id="quote">Wouldn't exactly say he doesn't get on with the new regime, I've seen him at Chelsea enough times this year with various friends on certain match days and non match days.
  9. Ashley Cole

    I am confused however ..... I know it's not hard to confuse me lol, being a simple guy , yeah yeah .... but can anyone explain if Cole as also been charged , with approaching Chelsea football club without permission from his Club , then how can Chelsea be also charged for approaching Cole..... is it me ?????? who approached who in the end ?????
  10. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by PaulTThe rumour about docking points from the start of next season appears in today's Independent (3rd paragraph from the end) - I doubt that Jez originated this: http://sport.independent.co.uk/football/ar...sp?story=623060 id="quote"> id="quote">PaulT,when I said about Jez saying that I wasn't saying that he is starting rumours or anything like that, I heard the show and when asked about what punishment Chelsea might face, Jez replied that he has a very respectable source saying that was the rumour, Jez himself said that if that was the cases he felt this was totally unjust and a case of one rule for one (liverpool/Ziege) and another for us, and he felt everyone should get the same punishment, so if they saw fit to only fine Liverpool then the same should apply. I do not believe for one sec that Jez was tying to scaremonger, quite the opposite, he was fighting the corner of equal justice. I was just suprised to hear what sources were saying and like him felt deeply annoyed at the F.A being so bias on this case. And just wanted your opinions if this were the final outcome
  11. Ashley Cole

    Did anyone hear talksport this morning, thay had a representative from according to Alan Brazil cfc.net a whose name I think was Jeremy Walters not too sure about surname, but he was speaking on behalf of cfc fans and was saying that a mole that he has on the Colegate charge as said that there is a very strong rumour that F.A want to deduct 5 points but not this season, it would be from the start of next season, did anyone else hear this and thoughts please.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Rachel, I have looked on every site I could think off to see if anyone else was reporting the same, so far I have found no other site saying anything about JT and suspension Champions League, I have been on www.uefa.com and there is the report about JM saying that it is unlikely DD will play on Wednesday and the fact that AR is also missing but nothing about JT.
  13. Didier Drogba

    I was in the Shed Bar last night watching Newcastle v Chelsea and 20 mins from full time in walks Didier, couldn't believe it, but he was, ask anyone you know that might of been there and they'll tell you he was there. Anyways needless to say everybody started hounding and he soon went after the final whistle just before extra time, I was outside when he came out and asked him how long before coming back to the team and he said 3 weeks. Now that I can honestly say was straight from the man's mouth.
  14. New Kits

    I have CFC 4 EVER on mine on the new away shirt I have fcuk in 8 Arsenal
  15. Didier Drogba

    Just something that has come on sky sports, by our new man, have a little read and tell me what you think, coz to me it makes damn great reading. If this is a genuine guy then we have loads to look forward to. http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.a...a's+Chelsea+vow