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  1. okay it was worth it :) what a rocket
  2. getting up at 4:45 to watch Spain, he better get some minutes
  3. Oh gosh I hope so
  4. New Kits,,10268~2803400,00.html the rumoured away kit that was leaked is now official
  5. Hazard to wear 17?
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    What do you guys think we should do with Josh next season?
  7. I only just realised that I share initials with Eden. I hope he gets 28.
  8. do Liverpool fans think Preston North End is a bigger club than us?
  9. New Kits

    Just received my Home kit with Mata 10 on the back from the asia megastore, and it is the sex. My only gripes are that the badge and the adidas logo are not emroidered, but just stuck on. Otherwise it's beautiful. Comparing it to my 11/12 home shirt I would say that they used a darker shade of blue for the new one, has anyone else noticed it? Maybe my eyes were playing tricks
  10. Part of me wants to see Torres, Studge and Lukaku to lead the line for us next season, but another part thinks that may be a little too risky. I would not buy a top top level striker (eg. Falcao) this window, maybe a decent 2nd choice striker though. Then give Nando 6 months as the main man, and if he doesn't raise his game by January then it is time to splash some cash
  11. Chelsea for trophies! He came to Chelsea for trophies! Chelsea for troooophies! He came to Chelsea for troooophies
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Words can not describe how much I f*cking hate Ashley Young and United
  13. New Kits

    Nice and simple kit for next year. Hopefully it's not too tight though. One gripe of mine is the keeper kit, I quite like this years one, but there's nothing wrong with the green one
  14. Juanny Cash! Loving it, what a super player.