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  1. Ryan Nelsen and Louis Saha are just what we need, aren't they?! I don't want tax-dodging wobbly chops anywhere near my football club.
  2. Why does everyone associate stability with Arsenal, Wenger and their lack of trophies? What about Man Utd, Ferguson and their success?
  3. I agree with you, but why did someone you know stop supporting Chelsea the day he took over? How did he know how significant Roman's changes would be? That's a really stupid thing to do.
  4. No one's disputing the amount of money he's put into our club and thus the amazing seasons of football we've had under Jose, Carlo, Robbie etc. But as a life-long Chelsea fan, this club's DNA, ethos and identity is in my heart and soul. But the three words 'Chelsea Football Club' has become an undignified, shameful brand. We're perceived by everyone connected with football to be a club who buys success, shoots ourselves in the foot when it comes to media controversy and who's got a ruthless owner who doesn't understand the first thing about football. And that's exactly what we are. I'm not saying I'd rather go back to the days of mid-table obscurity, with the odd cup run if we're lucky. But there's no way I'm happy with how my football club is being run. Robbie and Eddie have dragged our club from our lowest point and steadied the ship. Maybe they're not the right coaches to take us through this transitional phase but if Roman is as ruthless as we all think, why didn't he tell Di Matteo straight that he's not the right man for the job, instead of giving him a two-year contract? I'll never stop supporting Chelsea and the people on here who are saying BS such as 'I'm sending them back my membership'. Do yourselves a favor, keep your membership, get to a few games here and there and sing, scream and shout for your club until your voice packs in. That's all our club has ever needed from us. That and extortionate ticket prices, of course.
  5. Already mugged T*ttenham off twice this year - 5-1 at Wembley and dumping them out of the CL spots after a few days. They'll probably take 3/4 points from us next season, with the win coming from WHL. Still can't see them finishing higher than 5th.
  6. JT before Lamps, surely?
  7. Redknapp gone. Modric already throwing his toys out the pram. Van Der Vaart tempted to a move to Germany for CL football. Defoe more than likely off, too! Assou-Ekotto. I love it when it goes wrong at Sp*rs.
  8. Hopefully the backroom staff stay in place. I'm talking about Eva.
  9. If the 'pally pally' approach gets us half of the glory we won last season, then I'll take that all day long.
  10. That's amazing. Thought it was photoshopped at first. I was in HMV about two weeks ago and saw one of their DVD's in there. "Spurs 1-0 Chelsea, 21 March, 2009. £15." Embarrassing. They wonder why the get the piss ripped out of them. They don't exactly make it easy for themselves.
  11. Apparently he hasn't actually signed for them yet. Gone a long way down the negotiations side of things, but apparently Mourinho's trying to turn his head at the last minute. Doubt it'll happen though.
  12. I love it when people try the 'Chelsea ruin young players' argument. Two words. Frank Lampard.
  13. JT?
  14. The big question. Can he fill Kalou's boots?
  15. Well, I'll say it now. It was written. in. the. stars!