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  1. Josh Mc Eachran

    Printed and framed.
  2. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Funny how some people in this thread are talking about embarrassment. The only one who should be embarrassed are the ones who got super-excited over this potential transfer. They're probably in heaven already over Torres.
  3. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    It's not over yet..we'll probably have another go in the summer. Stay positive!
  4. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    They're demanding way too much for him, don't blame the board if this doesn't go through! We can't expect Roman to pay overprice anymore..
  5. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    It has to be Rajkovic.
  6. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Breaking news: Benfica are demanding £50m + Hilario and we are willing to pay that amount, only problem is Hilario won't move :( OK, enough of thiss
  7. Salomon Kalou

    He can be brilliant at times, but mostly he is frustrating..
  8. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Demanding £25m for a player like Luiz is unreal. Never mind actually bidding that amount..I hope we don't
  9. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Don't hold your breath, I'm sure he will make it past the summer transfer window.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I do not care. It was an innocent question.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Is there any chance of Nathan Chalobah becoming the youngest ever Premier League player?
  12. Frank Arnesen

    Sad news, this.
  13. Injury News

    Frank Lampard was supposed to be out for two weeks after the initial surgery. In the rehabilitation process however, he tore a tendon off the bone which is a 12-week injury. That means was actually supposed to be out for about 14 weeks in the first place, but we're all sure he'll recover quicker.
  14. Josh Mc Eachran'nt this what they call "Spot on" nowadays..
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I just love the way Joe Cole has been performing. He gets what he deserves!