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  1. I'm not expecting any favours from either of them. Not because they wouldn't want us to win, but purely because: a: Arsenal fold like a house of cards as soon as they're pressured in any way. b: Manchester United are crippled by injuries, especially in central defence. I'm hoping that both nick a couple of points though!
  2. Jose's public treatment of Luke Shaw reminds me of his approach to Joe Cole while he was here. Fairly regular criticism with little to no public praise. He always needs/uses one existing player to make a scapegoat of; Cole, Mata, now Shaw. I think he did with Balotelli too. It just seems to be getting more pointed the older he's become. On the other hand, by doing that he managed to get a tune out of both Joe Cole and Mata's replacement, Oscar for a short while. It's up to Shaw to respond positively or find somewhere else where his skillset is more easily appreciated.
  3. I may be wrong but weren't the goals:- 1. Ball over the top for Pedro to round De Gea. 2. Goalmouth scramble from a corner (Cahill). 3. Give and go at the edge of the box between Matic(?) and Hazard. 4. Mazy dribble from Kanté. So, no goals from counterattacks, one goal from a quick transition and the third and fourth goals came from fairly lengthy spells of possession using two different methods of attack. Seems pretty varied to me... I tend to agree with others on here that we're a far better balanced team this year, which happens to counterattack extremely effectively. We can go short and long, we're still a threat at set-pieces and free-kicks and we work the ball better as a team to generate space. The slowness and one-dimensionality of our play from last year is gone which, personally speaking, was the most frustrating thing about last season. The players and both managers had already shown they were capable of so much more, but for whatever reason, nothing seemed to work. The caustic atmosphere didn't help either. Whether the improved play of this year is due to the managerial change or the players bucking their ideas up is a moot point, but deriding/labelling us as only having the counterattack as a weapon is classic misdirection. Having said that, it's not a patch on most of 2009-10 and the start of 2014-15.
  4. A rather pitiful 5/12. 12/12 second time around though! Ahem...
  5. Even as a non-attendee, it's a little disappointing to see the ST numbers only increased by so little and a more than doubling of the corporate seats. Really goes to show what side the bread is buttered nowadays. Good to see the youth tickets are getting doubled though. Is the reduction in away fans a good thing?
  6. I'd imagine that, without buying up most of the surrounding property and bulldozing everything, this is the end of the road as far as capacity is concerned. Unless there's a major change in safety policy (I.e. safe standing), or someone develops a new way of fitting more punters into what we'll have, any further expansion going forward would require a move away. As for what hoops are left to jump through, with Sadiq Khan's approval, Stage 2 of the mayoral review is complete and with the passing of the deadline for a Judicial Review, AFAIK there are no planning obstacles left. There's probably still a few conversations to be had with e.g. TfL and Historic Places but nothing too serious anymore. Anyone know if an objector can bring a private legal action against the application still or has that deadline also passed?
  7. Stage I of the mayoral review is complete. The Mayor's office has noted that while generally acceptable, the planning application is not compliant with the London Plan. The majority of the issues outstanding are TfL-related. Further information is required prior to Stage II review. The Stage I report can be read here:- https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/planning/planning-applications-and-decisions/planning-application-search/Stamford-bridge Once submitted the mayor has 2 weeks to make a decision.
  8. I wouldn't be that keen on a permanent signing but a loan swap of Llorente and Batshuayi would appeal. Gives us experienced cover and gives Swansea a replacement forward and our fringe player much needed game time. That's assuming Swansea will do us that kind of favour, though!
  9. The application goes in front of the LBHF Development Committee on 11 January with a recommendation for Grant of Permission. http://democracy.lbhf.gov.uk/documents/g4484/Public reports pack 11th-Jan-2017 19.00 Planning and Development Control Committee.pdf?T=10 Looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel!
  10. Europe for sure - whether that's CL or EL is still up in the air.
  11. We don't have European football this season though. For me, it's all about getting numbers into the squad for the PL and to have a major puzzle piece in place assuming we get into the CL next year. By that stage, we'll most likely have released Ivanovic, Terry and possibly sold Cahill. That would leave us with Zouma, Christensen (maybe) and Koulibaly as the senior centrebacks with Miazga and/or Hector as cover.
  12. That's right - Hallgrimsson was promoted to co-manager after the playoffs for the 2014 World Cup to ease the transition when Lagerbäck retires. Prior to that, he was assistant manager for 3 years. Doesn't take away anything that LL has done though - he's never lost against England.
  13. Lagerback is co-managing with Heimir Hallgrimsson - a practicing Dentist. http://www.espnfc.com/team/iceland/470/blog/post/2879337/meet-heimir-hallgrimsson-icelands-co-manager-and-practicing-dentist
  14. Blimmin' heck - Prince gone now too! Bad year for musicians...
  15. This season's almost over