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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Theoretically McEachran, Chalobah and Baker are in there too. I'll admit though, that none have a realistic chance of minutes next season. Just saw that Micah Richards and John Guidetti have been released by City. Both would be decent HG cover for the positions we're looking to fill, IMO.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree and I've said as much previously - a deal at or around €50m and a 'double your money' contract would IMO come close to getting him. At those figures, he's a far more viable option and there'd still be a bit of wiggle room come the next round of contract talks. But the first figures (€250k, €70m) are those that seem to be bandied about the most (whether pie in the sky or leaked from the club/agent). And that makes him prohibitively expensive for any other than the mega-rich or the deluded.
  3. Media / Press

    For the defence to be a weak point you have to be able to get at it. Considering how much possession we concede in games against ball based teams, we'd find it very difficult to dominate them in the way Juve did, IMO.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    €250k a week and €70m worth of marketable? Not for me. Hazard's only just got that sort of wage and he's around 2 years older. Neymar doesn't earn that much yet. The worry, IMO, and I think also for thevelourfog is - what do you pay a 27 year old Pogba?
  5. New Stadium Plans

    Ah, OK. As a supporter who's rarely in attendance I didn't read that. Thanks.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    Probably a lot of Samsung signage that needs to be binned
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Still got a good chance at one.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Left Schalke by 'mutual consent' today. Not surprising really, his record there has been fairly poor and the natives have been growing restless over what they perceive as an overly negative approach. They were awful against HSV at the weekend. With that team he should have been far closer to the CL positions than he's ended up.
  9. New Stadium Plans

    Nothing to apologise for blue moon - if anything, I do for being such a pedant!
  10. New Stadium Plans

    Isn't it only a temporary increase in standing to 5,967? The new north stand is planned as "all standing" with a final capacity of 3,500 but when the west stand is complete 2467 of the initial standing places are sacrificed for 2800 seats. Once the stadium is enclosed on three sides the only remaining standing area would be in the new north end and would be a reduction of what's currently provided. By my reading, total capacity after Phase 3 is around 11,000 rather than 32,000. Considering the Premier League Handbook expressly requires all seater stadiums, it's unlikely we'll be trying to include terraces in our proposals.
  11. Santon was the one definitely blooded by Mourinho at Inter. Arnautovic is the one you're thinking of, I believe. He played 3 times for Mourinho with a sum total of 52 minutes over the 09/10 season.
  12. Media / Press

    Don't have much time or love for the man, but to lose your wife and for their young kids to grow up without their mother is truly saddening. RIP Rebecca Ellison.
  13. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Droy is actually referring to the 'ripping' part. I agree, it's not necessary.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I don't think he can play for us anymore, can he? Already had games with Boro and Cologne
  15. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    Hoofball won't work on this team. Need to get the ball down and play it faster.
  16. New Stadium Plans

    To be honest, I don't think we'd get any real increase in capacity without doing all of those things. Even then I wouldn't expect to see us get much over 50k without CPOs
  17. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    For me, it's too simplistic an argument to say a team has a chance at top 4 or not. No one knows at the start of the season who will ultimately be challenging and who's there just to make up the numbers. Sure, there are favourites and that's what has panned out this year, but Tottenham, Liverpool or Manchester United could equally have started with a bang and continued in the same vein. As it is, as a team who were never going to get top 4 this year, Tottenham are only 6 points back from 4th, still have Southampton and City above them to play, and have a run in where the rest of the games are eminently winnable...IMO they're definitely in with a shout. And they've bought players through. On the other hand, we could have fallen apart around Christmas, be out of every competition and come sixth in the league. That would, using the argument that a team has nothing to play for, be the year in which the academy players would/should be used. We both know that would never happen to any meaningful extent and everyone would be saying we need to play the first team to try to get top 4. There's always an excuse. To be honest, I think RLC will see as much of the pitch next season as Aké has this year. And that's not even factoring in any transfer business we do. We're more than willing to spend €20m on a squad player who barely plays and most posters are already asking for Pogba and Khedira as rotation options. Even if Mikel goes that's four quality rotation options for two spots. With Zouma now being used there, it's 5 for 2. If/when that happens, how many minutes do RLC or Aké get then? The same? Or will they be told they're not good enough and sold too? What about fringe players like Baker, Chalobah, McEachran, Van Ginkel, Pasalic, Moses and Atsu..? They may not win you games against the top 6 teams but that still leaves 26 league games they're capable of playing in and, IMO, they're good enough to help get a result against the lesser lights. The fact that they've only got between 500-700 minutes total between all of them this season, it's ridiculous to think they'll be used any more next year. I think it's getting to the point where match day places need to be reserved for academy players for them to have any chance of coming through. In all competitions. There needs to be a commitment at the start of the season to actually use these players - and not just as glorified training cones.
  18. Hull City 2 Chelsea 3

    Dug ourselves out of a hole of our own making and probably deserved the win. Don't make it easy on ourselves with our passivity/complacency though. Hopefully next year we'll put games like this away more comfortably. 19 to go...
  19. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    It's moments like that I miss the little fella... Thanks Juan for continuing to help destroy the hopes and dreams of Liverpool FC.
  20. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    At this moment in time, yes. But even if they weren't the all-conquering beast they presently are, most BL teams would still take the league over the CL to show Bayern up.
  21. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks for that Droy
  22. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Bit late, but congratulations to the U18s for making another final. Great game by the sounds of it.
  23. Media / Press

    Looks like it includes EL ties Had a look back until I hit a second win for an English club in the CL - that was 08/09 (when Liverpool and Arsenal went through vs. Real Madrid and Villareal respectively). If we only tally CL ties up to that point (including semis and finals) its 3 in 14 or a 21% success rate. 14/15 ties (0 from 1) Barcelona - City 3-1 13/14 ties (0 from 2) Barcelona - City 4-1 At. Madrid - Chelsea 3-1 12/13 ties (0 from 1) Real Madrid - Man Utd 3-2 11/12 ties (1 from 1) Barcelona - Chelsea 2-3 10/11 ties (0 from 3) Barcelona - Arsenal 4-3 Real Madrid - Tottenham 5-0 Barcelona - Man Utd 3-1 09/10 ties (0 from 1) Barcelona - Arsenal 6-3 08/09 ties (2 from 4) Barca - Chelsea (a)1-1 Barca - Man Utd 2-0 (Final) Madrid - Liverpool 0-5 Villareal - Arsenal 1-4 If I've missed something or wrongly tallied, I apologise in advance...
  24. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    I may be wrong in my assumption but, from what I've heard here in Germany, only Bayern would prioritise the CL over the Bundesliga. Everyone else would want the league title - if only to put one over FC Hollywood.