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  1. 22 minutes ago, Martin1905 said:

    Cheers mate, sums up pretty much what I think about him, although I dont see him in direct competition with Ziyech,  but then I've always thought he would end up playing as a '10'

    One thing I think is certain though, I dont see either of them on the bench very often.

    What I would really like to see is 


    Pulisic Havertz Ziyech

    That will probably end up being our starting forward line but I wouldnt be surprised to see depending on injuries:


    Pulisic - Mount - Ziyech

    in the first few weeks folllowed by a first change of Havertz. I think we'll move more towards the Doppel-6 that's favoured here, purely because our personnel (considering the players we're targetting) suits that set-up better than most formations and theoretically gives us better protection through the middle of the park. That's why, long term, I'd like to see a CF like Haller here.

  2. Just now, Martin1905 said:

    Flinkers, am I right in saying you watch a lot of Bundesliga?

    What's your view on Havertz ?

    A lot is overstating things - don't have much time with two young kids!

    Having said that, I think we'd be pretty silly not to sign Havertz. He's comfortably one of the best players in the league already and has really stepped up his goals and assists since Bosz arrived in Leverkusen. Bosz tends to play a pretty aggressive, attacking style, so maybe that's why..? He's got great technique like most young Germans do, he gets himself into great positions on the field, seems to get open a lot (similar to Thomas Müller) and he's fast to boot. We'll miss Willian's pressing on the right but I think Havertz's/Ziyech's speed, directness and threat on the ball either through a cross or shot should compensate for that.

    He seems to really like playing as right Inside Forward so IMO he'd be in direct competition with Ziyech if he came. I don't see him slotting in further back.

    Regardless of COVID-19 etc, if we pass on him this season, we won't get a chance again.

  3. Everything I read here was that we had no recall option and the coach thought he had far better alternatives in the squad. I’m not sure if the loan was organised before Nagelsmann took over, but it’s certainly clear he didn’t rate him. We clearly underestimated how competitive Leipzig was going to be and the standard of the Bundesliga in general.

    A German team might be a decent bet for him again but he needs to drop down at least another tier to a team like Wolfsburg, Frankfurt or Hoffenheim. Mönchengladbach was an upper mid-table team when Christensen went there. A top 4 team won’t touch him. A team challenging for the top 4 won’t touch him. Personally speaking, I don’t think a team challenging for promotion from the Championship would take him either.

    But wherever he goes, he can’t be stuck for the whole season again.

  4. 3 hours ago, The_Ghost said:

    Too bad we’ve ****ed up his season by an incredibly stupid loan move. He should have been loaned to the Championship where he’d play every week. 

    In fairness, a loan to the Bundesliga is a good step.

    Loaning him to Leipzig was incredibly poor planning and a pretty serious misjudgement with respect to the quality of their squad.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Low risk I agree.  But high cost.  His wages are reportedly Eur 15mn.  He has mostly started for RM when he has been fit.  There really is no point RM loaning him out unless there is a big cash element above the wages.  And besides surely he'd be cup-tied in the CL.

    I think the cup-tied rule has been changed. Dealt with under Article 45 here

    BUt Hazard has just been diagnosed with a broken ankle and is out for a while - getting Bale out of Madrid probably got much harder.

  6. 13 hours ago, chara said:

    Hey Mark..sorry it'd a bit late and hopefully you are asleep and in a "good" place..all the best for a quick recovery.

    This on a day that I should have been in a bed in hospital recovering from a knee replacement yesterday...unfortunately due to a tooth problem(resolved) it was postponed until 20th Aug.

    Oh and today is my birthday so maybe for the best!....so ..with you in every way...

    Many squabbles on here but always when the chips are down we all reach out to fellow Chelsea guys and gals.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Chara!!

  7. 11 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Thanks everyone , much appreciated . At least I feel much better today , Luiz to Arsenal aside !!!!

    The hardest part for me was the three days of no food after the procedure and waiting for the biopsy results - uncomfortable from the excision, nervous and tetchy from lack of food does not help one's mood at all!!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Mark!

  8. Thank you Eden for your skill, goals, assists and commitment.

    I would have loved it, if he’d stayed but can’t begrudge him his move after everything he’s done for us. Just hope the dream lives up to the reality...

    We’ll miss his goals and creativity, and next season has just got exponentially harder, but if we can consolidate this year, bed in a couple of youngsters and use our cash stockpile wisely when we can, we should be good going forward.


  9. 3 hours ago, Droy was my hero said:

    As it is, it may be true - that is I am sure anyone with an available site in the area to sell will offer it to Chelsea and we will take a look at it.
    That is a long way short of us being about to sign a deal on a new site though.

    The big question for me is the rise in cost on the old plan from £500m to £1bn.
    Did the rise cause us to pull out?  Or did we decide to pull out, and pre-announced an exaggerated cost rise so the decision to withdraw was more easily accepted by fans and media.

    The projected cost was always wildly optimistic, considering the complexity of the design, cramped site constraints and engineering works required. That was even before allowing for any sort of delays or rises in construction costs which are inevitable on a project of this length so your second scenario sounds more likely to me.

    Two examples of large scale Herzog & de Meuron work -

    Allianz Arena cost £300m to build (15 years ago) on a brownfield site, with no neighbours and a simpler facade. The Elbphilharmonie was originally projected to cost €70m and ended up costing 10x that much with a construction time 3 times longer than estimated. That building had a similarly complex form to our new stadium design and was also built in / on top of an existing urban fabric.

    New WHL had a threefold increase to ca. £1bn over its 3 year construction period and had to deal with only some of the issues we will face. The revised cost for our stadium still seems like creative estimating to me and regardless of it currently being a "poor investment climate" I can't see the price coming down at all, new site or not.

    Maybe it's part of Abramovich's plan to set the strongest possible sale platform? Appease the fans with wow-factor, provide a blueprint for site maximisation and obtain a valid planning permission before selling at an inflated price - all fairly standard developer tactics...

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  10. 1 hour ago, RobertoftheGiz said:

    So we could buy a player and loan them back to the club for a season, or effectively do the same as the dippers did with ketia agree a fee a season before the transfer?


    Yes. That was a pre-transfer agreement between the clubs, not a loan.