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  1. TOCWS announcement. Welcome Cesc.
  2. You can see a full explanation of the Read Jose's Mind Challenge here but the idea is pretty simple. All you have to do is reply naming the eleven players you think Jose will select to start the Premier League fixture against Leicester on Saturday 23rd August. Two points will be awarded for each of Jose's picks predicted correctly. Bonus points can also be earned for naming all eleven selections, or for predicting the highest number of players selected. Posters are allowed a maximum of two predictions per fixture, so if you change your mind after making your initial prediction you can come back and update it. The deadline for predictions is two hours before kick-off so no line-ups posted, or edited, after 1:00pm BST (12:00 GMT) on Saturday 23rd August will be counted. I'll post a table of the results after the match. An example prediction Blackman Azpilicueta Christensen Cahill Ake Baker Matic Fabregas Salah Costa Torres Good luck all.
  3. Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Leicester 23/08/2014)

    The predictions deadline for this fixture, match two of the challenge, has now passed. No more new, or amended, entries can be accepted. Sorry. Check back later for results and an updated table.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Naturally enough I don't, but realistically how could he not be? To Bayern I fear.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hello Seb, There are parts of your post with which I don't agree but I do strongly agree with the portion I've quoted. In an earlier post, Michael Tucker asked, "what's wrong with Bamford as a second striker?" Like you, my answer would be not too much if we're talking about a situational role where we're chasing a goal and plan to use Pat in the way you describe. I do wonder though if JM could resist the option to turn to Didier ahead of Pat in that situation? That's an especially tempting alternative perhaps when JM is trying to snatch a win from a drawing position. Chuck Didier on and then, if he does the trick, utilise his defensive strengths to help hold on. For what it's worth, I don't believe that there is enough to Patrick's game to make him a good backup striker in the sense of being the man who will start if the first choice can't. If Jose also feels that way, and if it's likely to be Didier who will be used as the second striker on most occasions, then we'd have to question the value of keeping Pat watching most weekends when he could be playing elsewhere. By the way, has it emerged that it is Jose who is stalling on a loan move for PB? Good news of a sort for the lad if true I suppose.
  6. Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Leicester 23/08/2014)

    Just a reminder for everyone of the rule that, having now posted two line-ups 3Sphinx cannot make further changes to his prediction for this fixture.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    My money is on the former. When, during one of the international breaks, the runt of the first team squad trained with him CTV made a featurette about it. He was unimpressive. Harsh but honest. I don't like saying this because, based on the way he comes over on CTV, I like the bloke but he does not seem to me to have the kind of personality that would allow him to manage a squad of Premier League footballers. Perhaps he could serve as an assistant but maybe not even that.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't really say that I'm fully sold on Balotelli's ability and the fact that three top clubs in quick succession have given up on him has got to be like a big neon sign flashing, Buyer Beware! When we also take into account that our chief-buyer was one of those who previously decided to give up on Mario, there has to be doubt that we'd be interested. That said, if Jose does want Balotelli, you'd have to think there's a fair chance he'd choose us over Liverpool. That would be a shame for Patrick Bamford however. Personally I don't believe Pat is good enough to make it here but, as we're thin at his position and understocked with his nationality, surely now is the moment for him. Maybe even now or never.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Evening 3S, Just read it. :) Am I the only one who sometimes reads threads from the end backwards? Well that what I was doing here so the old keyboard was preparing itself for a bashing. Then I came to your post so maybe I can slide the qwerty box back under the desk. Instead I'm going to believe Scooba means that Destro will get better at understanding his position and how to play it, his attributes and how to use them. The attributes themselves however... Now Scoobs will be along to put me straight :)
  10. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    That '67 was the first shirt I ever had and is the reason I love the new one. The 2014 is the exact same colour. Forever etched in my mind as 'proper' Chelsea blue.
  11. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    Anyone who would like to enter a prediction of the line-up for this game in The Read Jose's Mind Challenge can go to the thread linked here and post the names of the eleven players they think will be selected to start. The deadline for predictions is two-hours before kick-off, so 6:00pm BST today. You can also go here to forecast the result. Follow the link before kick-off and predict the score plus any goalscorers. The double of forecasting the results and correctly predicting the team has never been done. Yet! :)
  12. Chelsea 2 Real Sociedad 0

    Agreed. The luxury Jose has of being able to rest each of them from time to time could be a real difference maker.
  13. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    The Read Jose's Mind Challenge, in which members try to predict the players Jose will select for each game, is back for a second season. A full description of how the challenge works can be read here. Anyone who would like to enter their prediction of the line-up for this game can do so in the thread linked here. Just follow the link and post a reply naming the eleven players you think will be selected to start. The deadline for predictions is two-hours before kick-off so, 6:00pm BST (5:00pm UCT/GMT) on Monday 18th August 2014.
  14. Chelsea 2 Real Sociedad 0

    I'm really pleased to see Nathan around the squad again and getting the start tonight. I said last summer that I was surprised Nate had been selected ahead of him for the tour since I felt Nathan was the better player, and therefore the better prospect. Perhaps there was some psychology going on there; keeping Nathan out of the 2013 tour so as to dampen his expectations and make it less difficult for him to accept a season of U21 football while he qualified as club trained. It seems that Jose and his coaches agreed with you about Nathan's chances at CB & DM because they used that year in the development squads to groom Nathan at left-back. (As everyone would know if they watched Chelsea TV ) For me this is interesting because my opinion that DM is actually Nate's best position has not changed. Be that as it may, seems left-back is the place where he'll get game time so good luck to the lad.
  15. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    The temp was not to blame for the situation with Studge. Interim made it clear that he had been told not to use Danny. The thing was broken beyond repair before interim got involved.
  16. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Torres earned a place in the Chelsea team, and a £30m transfer profit for Liverpool, by fooling some people into believing that he was a great player. That was a myth of course but so strong was the belief that many here still cling to the notion that Torres was once a great player. Indeed the myth was powerful enough to survive the first season and half of real evidence to the contrary and caused the club's leaders to make that ridiculous promise to Nando in summer 2012. It is unusual for so many people to be so badly wrong about a player but there is nothing unusual about a player earning a place in one team with his performances for another. It's called the transfer market and, in fact, you yourself are arguing that Romelu had earned a place at Chelsea with his performances for Anderlecht, West brom and Everton. Which youngsters, which players of any age come to that, a club puts its faith in is a matter of judgement. I think the club made the correct judgement in not wanting to install Rom as our main striker, you disagree. I can live with that. You may say that it's easy for me to live with since the call went the way I would have wanted it to but I can also live with the decision to bring Didier back which is something I would not have done under any circumstances. In any case, at the very least, the evidence bears the interpretation that Didier was resigned only after Romelu had made it clear that he wanted to leave.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not really reporting it, they're reporting someone else having reported it and staying true to that report, as they should.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Nando is not, and under Jose has not been, our first choice striker. He has been used in rotation with others but Jose has confirmed that Romelu was unwilling accept a similar situation. Rom wanted to be made the same promise that the club once, stupidly, made to Nado. He wanted to be promised that he'd be first choice. Jose clearly was not willing to make that promise and I think that he was right not to do so, right both in principle and in this particular case. The principle is well established; players should not be guaranteed a starting role, the should earn it. Having broken that principle by making promises to Nando it would be unbelievably foolish, in my opinion, if the club were to repeat that error with another striker. There are some guaranteed starters at this club but that's because their talent demands it, not because their mouth does. Opinions vary of course but, for what it's worth, mine is that Romelu's talent is not sufficient to command a place in Chelsea's first choice eleven. Rom has made a good choice in joining a club slightly below Champions League level; a club where he will be seen as first choice and where his talent may keep him in the team. Chelsea have made a good choice in allowing him to do it.
  19. Media / Press

    :) :) Either I didn't express myself very well or you need to read my post again!
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree, just quoting the reports.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Jose is really prepared to sacrifice Mikel then should we rule out a loan move for him? Given the reports that MJO needs to stay in the UK to qualify for citizenship, and that he wants to stay in London for family reasons, there could well be Premier League loan options for him. These might include Southampton who are within commuting distance.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    The Guardian are reporting Rom as having travelled for a medical and quoting the price as £22-25m. Bearing in mind that we would almost certainly have had his wages covered (at least) by West Brom and must surely have picked up a fee on top of his wages from Everton, that looks a good deal to me.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    The last signing I was genuinely excited about was Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink. Getting Reus would eclipse that. T'ain't gonna happen though. :(
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    He scored 5 league goals in his last season here. Granted we're a better side now than we were then but, despite the glorious highlights, 2011-2012 was not a season to inspire a lot of hope about The Drog's likely contribution in 2014-2015.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ditto. For all his faults, and he has a few, I prefer Studge. Anyway, onward and upward.