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  1. Gianfranco Zola

    I'd love to see the great one back at The Bridge one day...
  2. New Kits

    lol Nah surely not... I don't think it's THAT bad if it is real.
  3. Gianfranco Zola

    It's gotta be Ronaldinho, he's a level above any other player in the World IMO.
  4. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by SGBlueThanks Scott for the info. Time to move on. id="quote"> id="quote">Agreed. Way too much has been made of it IMO.
  5. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by snuff_the_blue_dogMichael Essien's appalling challenge which got him booked was utterly disgraceful and he should have been off for that challenge alone. What is worse is he tried to make out he was the victim of the challenge and was hurt himself, in order to stay on the field, rather than check to see if his opponent was alright after a challenge that could have broken his leg. I have seen the nasty streak in Essien's game for Chelsea before and I don't think he really understands what the physical nature of the English game is about yet. He had better learn quickly or he will not be lucky next time he tries something like that and it could cost us dear. If Essien had been sent off at 1-0 down, it probably would have been a very different outcome. Also they hit the bar when we were trailing. id="quote"> id="quote"> WOW! Talk about negative. I wouldn't expect that from a gooner, let alone a Blue.
  6. Didier Drogba

    I have to say he has been very impressive lately.
  7. Didier Drogba

    Get in there Drogs!
  8. New Kits

    Looks weird, that's not our Chelsea blue.
  9. New Kits

    Just as Dan said, thought it would be a bit more blue. Ortherwise, very nice!
  10. New Kits

    Where did you get hold of that pic from, Chris?
  11. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by pmborgIt seems that Tottenham found part of the solution to the problem about the move of Frank Arnesen to Stamford. The "spurs" want Chelsea players with a value of 10 million pounds, but Chelsea only want to pay 4 million pounds! Scott Parker was not often used by Mourinho and his market value is 6 million pounds or Carlton Cole and Kezman both for 4 million pounds. Tottenham team is making blackmail with Chelsea because Arnesen move. Source: id="quote"> id="quote">I very much doubt that is the situation.
  12. Michael Essien

    Essien is a a defensive midfeilder who plays for Lyon. He looks a very good player from what I have seen of him, possibly a replacement for Makelele when the old legs start to give way. lol
  13. Didier Drogba

    Lay off Drogba, man. The guy has one bad game and all of a sudden he isn't fit to wear a Chelsea shirt. I'm still behind Drogba and hope he becomes a Chelsea great.
  14. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Vic LeerThe antics of Drogba were a disgrace today. I still dont consider him one of our BEST signings but tonight took the biscuit. After missing a chance to seal the match he then goes on to get himself SENT OFF and leave the rest of the team to suffer. His diving is not impressing anyone and I have got to say he was JOse's worst signing by a mile. id="quote"> id="quote">Are you crazy or what? There is no way that Drogba deserved to be sent off. Go and look at a replay f the two yellow cards and if you still think that he deserved to be sent off then you either don't know a thing about football or you are a Gooner. Seriously, how can you criticise Drogba? Ubeliveable. you should be getting behind our players not putting them down.
  15. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by bangkok-blueFor your sake, I hope he is not lecturing on business or accounting....... id="quote"> id="quote">Fortunatly not! Spark. Probably had too many shocks in his time! ;)