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  1. quote:Originally posted by Dan Murphy

    Does anyone else find it amusing that they describe Veron as a write-off?!



    In football financial terms, players are considered as assets. hence when you remove an asset in terms of being obsolete or dis-used or as a loss-generating asset it is considered as a write-off.

    Veron is considered as obsolete, hence a write-off.

    Mutu is more of a dis-used asset. An asset that can still generate added-value but under exceptional circumstances is removed for exceptional reasons.

  2. Another thing

    £25.5m loss on Umbro cut-off (so that we can gain extra revenue of the next few years)

    £9m loss on Veron (to save two years of Veron wages)

    £5m on recruiting Arnesen (to reap talented youth in near future).

    So £40m of those loses are for the benefit of Chelsea FC. The Veron situation is more of a case of mitigating the loss.

    Only the £13.8m loss of Mutu (although I would say £11m as he gave us a good year in his first year) is an ACTUAL significant loss.

    The other £86m needs to be broken down further to be examined, I would assume it mainly consists of the transfer fees and the wages overriding the revenue.

  3. Being a fully qualified accountant and reading Kenyon's statement. It is not as bad as it sounds. In fact the £140m figure was what I was expecting. I knew Chelsea would squeeze in the extraordinary costs this year. This will ensure the 2009/10 to break-even.

    Expect to see 3 more financial years of losses before witnessing a profit.

  4. Now can he actually come back and help us to find the next Theo Walcott or Wayne Rooney.

    I haven't seen us snap up any wonderkids yet since Arnesen's arrival.

    I appreciate it takes a while, but it only took Arnesen 2/3 months when he got Tom Huddlestone for Spurs.

  5. quote:Originally posted by Vendetta

    Good to see that he's recovering well but I dont think anyone should rush him to play.



    Agreed. But he is the David Beckham of Ghana. The Ghanians will want him to come over and play even if he had two broken legs!

  6. quote:Originally posted by Richard Redmond

    Mancienne did excellently both as captain and centre half. Harry Worley scored a cracker from 25 yds and he's a centre half too of course. Scott Sinclair looks excellent up front, though he didn't get too many opportunities to shine last night. Perhaps 4 of these boys look like they could be pushing to be in the first team squad in 5 years time.



    Maybe Scott in 2 years time?