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  1. As usual, the press has made a big issue of it. Yes it was a bad tackle and I am not denying it. But Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane have done them many times and did not have their name in the back pages!

    Essien will need to spoken to by Jose as I am sure we all do not want to see that again, but it's good to have someone with a bit of steel. He just need to be a little less agressive, only just a little less.

  2. quote:Originally posted by Bazzablue
    quote:Originally posted by Tony Burke

    Drogba is only under rated by Chelsea fans, elsewhere in world football he is increasingly recognised as a great player,


    id="quote">Probably because the rest of the world don't see his glaring misses and falling over as frequently as Chelsea fans.....



    Michael Owen falls a lot and misses a lot, but is still regarded as a world class striker.

  3. quote:Originally posted by Droggers

    You beat me to it. But goes to show what the opposition knows about Drogba, not what Basole and Bazza thinks.



    As I said before, we can only judge Drogba on this season and not last season where he had 2 nasty injuries and only 3 days rest between joining from Marseilles to Chelsea.

  4. quote:Originally posted by Steveo
    quote:Originally posted by Ollycfc2004
    quote:Originally posted by Estache

    I know a shop which sales chelsea home kits with Lampard's name and number at the back for £25



    A certain Sports Soccer perhaps?



    yea I got mine form there for £35 with Lampard on



    You can get them for £20 now at St Pauls!

  5. quote:Originally posted by gronkjaer77

    Bear in mind that these are just in essence 'transfer fees.' We are yet to factor in wages, signing on bonuses, agents fees, win bonuses, trophy bonuses.

    It's a money business baby!

    *sucks on lollipop in a Telly Savalas style*

    *70's whacka whacka music starts with lots of Wah pedal and tippy tap high-hat*



    You sucka baby!

  6. quote:Originally posted by TeRiYaKi

    The maximum compensation fee we would have to pay is:

    Ryan Bertrand - £775k (125 + 50 + (4 x 100) + 200)

    Harry Worley - £800k (150 + 50 + (4 x 100) + 200)

    Scott Sinclair - £950k (200 + 50 + (4 x 125) + 200)

    Plus 15% on next sale.

    If the youth player isn't good enough for our first team then we'll only end up paying approximately £158k for him which is okay. If he turns out to be first team material then we end up paying approximately £842k, and given that we could probably fetch a bare minimum of £4 mil for say Huth or Johnson I think these compensation fees are fair.



    The 15% on next sale stipulation is ridiculous...

    But I suppose it would help to fund and keep smaller clubs alive.

  7. quote:Originally posted by Guillaume

    Some people say we miss Tiago...

    I hope they are jocking! Tiago is a good player, but for me, Essien is really better than him!

    And I see him play regulary for Lyon, and he is not impressive...

    It's not him who make the business for Lyon.

    Give Essien a rest and time to be at his real level.



    Good to hear that! Since you are a Frenchman and watch French football regularly I will value your judgements on Tiago's current performances with more value than Basole who is saying that he is playing out of his skins!

    It's doesn't take a genius to know that Juninho/Diarra is doing the business in the midfield for Lyon, not Tiago!

  8. quote:Originally posted by basole

    With perfomances like the one he put up last night, I will happily welcome Tiago back into our team. Atleast he knew how to play in old trafford. (Look for Videos of the carling cup and the premiership game at Old trafford). I believe the Essien-Lampard partnership wont be as solid as the Tiago-Lampard partnership. Essien and Lampard bust forward alot and are abit more similar (except that Lampard is a better shooter). Tiago used to play between Lampard and Maka. Essien plays alongside Lampard and not between the two. Thats why we were solid last season in the centre.

    I know Essien gave a good impression in the first games, but so did Mutu. We will live to regret the greedy decision to sell Tiago when we see that silly Keane with the trophy in May after the season has crumbled on us. Essien looks exciting, but Tiago used to do the simple things that make the team whole.I will say this as many times as I can. Lyon is meanwhile having a blast and will knock us out of the CL if we draw it.




    You make Tiago sound like Redondo or Pele?


  9. I understand your concerns regarding Essien. But I am sure he will be the Essence of the Chelsea team...

    Give the man a break, he has only just arrived this year and winter has come and the poor African will need to get used to it! I reckon we won't see the very best of him until next season.

    Anyway, Essien has already shown some great games and was MOTM in one game. We have seen glimpses of him and it is very encouraging. The man still needs to sort out his new home, personal life and getting used to the new training schedules...

    And you are now shot RR! ;-)

  10. quote:Originally posted by 321TedRogers

    and that came from the supporters of a team with Peter Crouch playing up front for them? I saw lots of Morientes and Drogba the year that Drogba was at Marseilles and Morientes was on loan to Liverpool. Although Morientes was really great at Monaco, he didn't look anywhere near the player Drogba was at Marseilles.



    Morientes is a spent force. Like Raul, he WAS once a great player.

    Only Mendieta manages to remain a great player as he once was at Valencia.

  11. quote:Originally posted by Khobar

    I can't forget the Liverpool supporters' faces at work after the 4:1 win. They had spent the entire week telling me how crap Drogba is.

    For that alone, he deserves a 5 year contract.



    LOL! And I remember them saying that Cisse was a better buy than Drogba!

  12. quote:Originally posted by Kristina

    Ha ha ha, royalblue, I do know Zola. But not good enough to compare him with Frank Lampard. Or, perhaps one other reason might be that Lampard is simply my favourite player. You just can't tell me anything about this subject.

    Thanks for your trouble!



    So you confess to be a gloryhunter?