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  1. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    Caballero, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, Hudson-Odoi, Willian, Giroud. Subs: Cumming, Luiz, Ampadu, Jorginho, Loftus-Cheek, Hazard, Higuain
  2. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0 Arrizabalaga (hamstring), Zappacosta (fever) & Pedro (strong stomach ache) out for tonight's game
  3. The reality, though, is that it'll probably have to be another option. Given the ages and contract situations of a fair few players, we have to bring in new players. However, we know from experience that the manager will not get what he wants in 75% of cases. He may get one player he really wants, a couple of others who the board think are similar to players he wants, but actually aren't... but hell, they're half the price! Then we'll get a player who won't suit his style, but the club think will increase in value to sell later. If Sarri stays, he'll still have problems next season getting his message across to the players. If someone else is manager, we might do a little better, but we'll still have a sub-par squad and certainly not one capable of winning anything but a domestic cup, with a bit of luck.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. I would have been prepared to 'give him time' in spite of the odd bad result here and there if I could see some sort of progress or some sort of flexibility. However, when a team is losing I expect the manager to make some changes beyond just the predictable like-for-like swaps we've seen since the start of the season. There were a few rare times when both Morata and Giroud were in the match-day squad, but it was always one coming off for the other. What was wrong with trying both together for the last 10 minutes in a game we were chasing? Why is it only ever Kovacic for Barkley or Barkley for Kovacic? Willian for Pedro or Pedro for Willian? One centre forward for another centre forward? If the players, as Sarri has claimed, haven't yet adapted to his 'system' after 6/7 months, will they ever? In which case, with results going they way they are, modify the system a bit to one that better suits the skill-sets of those here, then (with CL hopefully gained) start a proper rebuild in the summer. The way we are going, we won't make top four and tougher opponents than Malmo will quickly see us out of the Europa League. Rebuilding in the summer will be that little bit harder. The 'blip' of not qualifying for the CL is now beginning to look like standard practice.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    If that was the reason, fair enough, but watching on the telly it just looked like Sarri saying "see... I don't ALWAYS swap the centre forward for a centre forward!" Azpilicueta didn't look injured as he came off.
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Could one of the Sarri apologists in this forum please try and justify why you would swap a full back for a full back with a few minutes to go and 0-2 down at home? Please.
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yes... same BS being trotted out all the time by the Sarri apologists. Nothing to do with Jorginho being dispossessed all the time, being caught out of position and allowing opposition players to go past him unhindered, whilst our best ball winner is being employed as an inside right!
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    A team whose manager is allowing his players to play in their best positions is beating a team hamstrung by a manger sticking rigidly to a system that has been shown, time and time again, not to work. Who'd a thought?
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Anyone remotely surprised by the line-up? No matter the result or how we are playing (baring injuries), I predict at some point after 60 minutes Willian will come on for Pedro, Barkley for Kovacic and Giroud for Higuain.
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Harris' books (written down a lot later, as you say) are based on the actual writings of Cicero, who died some 40 years before 'Jesus' is supposed to have been born. Did 'Jesus' leave behind any evidence of his own existence? All I see are accounts attributed to his followers, who may or may not have existed, gathered together after these followers would have been dead. One existed and left unequivocal evidence of his existence... the other is as mythical as the chimera.
  11. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Cicero actually existed! 😉
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    As was his teacher, flat face! 😉
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Just as an aside, but Robert Harris' novels (Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator) depicting the life and times of Cicero are an excellent read. Heavily based on Cicero's own writings.
  14. Pretty much the conclusion I came to from reading that. If Sarri doesn't want players that dribble, that explains his ambivalence towards potentially losing Hazard and Hudson-Odoi in the summer and suggests the purchase of Pulisic was as much for potential (US) commercial reasons as for anything else. Pulisic was a club purchase with little to no input from the manager (I wonder if Sarri will try and coach the pace out of him?). Wrong manager with the wrong system at the wrong club at the wrong time!
  15. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Jim Croce did a cover... which was the first version I'd heard of the song.