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  1. Indeed, it is a long but worthwhile read.
  2. Not sure where to put this as he doesn't have his own thread, but as he's an, albeit peripheral, member of the 1st team squad... Scored twice and by all accounts had a good game. I still think he could do with a season's loan to a Championship club to toughen him up and see if he actually has the core fitness to play 90 minutes week-in, week-out.
  3. He's said in the past (mainly in interviews to French radio and TV) how much he likes London and the surrounding area because he can go out and about with his family and people leave him alone. He wouldn't get that sort of peace and quiet in Madrid.
  4. You just ducked an argument you knew you would lose by your tried and tested method of deflection... a true disciple of JM.
  5. Interesting to note that Droy studiously ignored this post and instead responded to another, bringing up the name of Allardyce for some reason (known only to himself)
  6. All too true, I'm afraid.
  7. Obviously not old enough to remember the Leeds team of the late 60s through much of the 70s then ;-)
  8. Massive 3 points at this stage of the season. Even when we're not at our best we still keep winning. That can do nothing but demoralise the chasing pack who have fewer and fewer fixtures in which to catch us up.
  9. ^ I was thinking the same... do you have a hands-free steering wheel, Mark? ;-)
  10. On Matic... You may not rate him, some "know all" fans may not rate him, yet managers still pick him! I wonder why? Furthermore, being in the majority does NOT mean you are right... it just means that there are more stupid people than sensible people!
  11. After a short lay-off due to injury, I see Tammy Abraham is back and scoring again tonight!
  12. Man Utd charged with failing to control players. No news yet on the stamp on Hazard though.
  13. N'Golo Kanté v Paul Pogba... ⅓ of the cost, half his size, but twice the player!!!
  14. Well, there's a surprise... NOT!
  15. I thought that, too. You expect the Daily Fail to make such mistakes, given they sacked many of their subs (who proof read articles prior to publication) a while back... but the BBC??? Oh dear!