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  1. Quote of the Week
  2. I think, and I stand to be corrected if wrong, that the rule change since we won the CL that sees the EL winner qualify for the CL allows them to join in addition to, rather than instead of any other clubs from that nation.
  3. Most of the papers have the same story, actually.
  4. Loan has turned into a permanent move
  5. Everything I've read so far suggests they agree with both clubs (Arsenal have said they won't hold a parade should they win, and they've cancelled showing the game on screens at The Emirates). It's eminently sensible to a) not put people needlessly at risk and b) divert police resources when they're needed elsewhere.
  6. Agree. As the season has worn on, he's taken more of them, though. Alonso strikes me as a quiet person, so against bigger personalities, like Luiz for example, he was always going to play second fiddle when it came to free kicks. That was certainly the case at the beginning of the season. Obviously he's shown in training (and now in games) what he can do, as players like Willian and Luiz now seem OK about deferring to him when he feels it's in range for him.
  7. Juventus have today announced that Cuadrado's loan has turned into a permanent move for €20m (around £17m), so that can be added to whatever is in the transfer kitty.
  8. We have a strong and stable club, with a strong and stable owner; we can trust our board to get the best deal for Chelsea. Unlike other clubs, we really don't need to cost everything down to the last penny. Just trust us!!! ;-)
  9. Of course he's not (in any system), but Everton don't want to sell him, so they've placed such a price in order to deter interest.
  10. I doubt it. The dark horses for 4th place will be United with no European football to distract them (come on Ajax!!!) ;-)
  11. Absolutely agree... which is why I have him on ignore now. We can't win every game 8-0, and I bet if we did, he'd be moaning that we didn't reach double figures! You'd think we'd been relegated instead of being crowned champions.
  12. It's too easy to read things into actions... it could just as well be him saying "thanks and see you next season" as "thanks, I'm off now, been good knowing you"
  13. Terry to be subbed after 26 minutes and carried off the pitch like Drogba was?
  14. ☝︎ I don't think anything else needs be said... Droy believes managers do very little, so therefore is right. The rest of us believe having the "right" manager can make the difference between success and failure. We, of course, are wrong in thinking this.
  15. ... which contradicts an assertion you made about managers adding very little value to a club that you made in another thread!