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  1. Indeed! And now he's been subbed I can see it was Hudson-Odoi and not "N'dou" ;-) And in goes a 5th!
  2. Great 3rd goal... I was screaming at N'dou (sorry not exactly sure about the spellig) to pass to Mount, but what a finish. Great 4th goal too from Dujon Sterling
  3. Also, as a defender, you don't always have to out-jump your man; just make it awkward for them to get their header on target. What I like about Aké is his composure. For a "little" guy he also has a decent leap and, more importantly, good positional sense and a better than average reading of the game. All he really needs is more game time for us in our system.
  4. I think you're wrong. We might not have the chest-thumping of JT or Drogba any more, but there is an inner strength and steely determination in this squad which is lacking in many other Premiership teams. That was shown on Saturday against a Spurs side who, currently, are playing some of the best football in the country and winning games with ease. We didn't play particularly well. We had our moments, but we were on the back foot for much of the game and I'm sure most neutrals believed, at 2-2, that Spurs would go on to win. But having taken the lead twice and been pegged back twice, did we meekly surrender to the inevitable?
  5. The worrying thing is that Tammy is quite similar to Michy in style. If Conte doesn't think Michy is a good fit for our (current) style of play, what hope for Tammy?
  6. Well deserved.
  7. I see JM was yet again wearing an unbranded (in terms of any Man U badges) coat today.
  8. I get the feeling Costa is committed to the club, his team-mates, the fans, etc., but is just having a poor run at the moment. The way he celebrated all our goals suggests he is still very much committed to the club and to winning trophies this season. However, I also feel that should another large offer come from elsewhere, he'll be off in the summer without even a backward glance. Maybe the offer from China in January has affected his form, but as he's never given us a full season yet it matters little. I'd be happy with giving Batshuayi another start against Southampton.
  9. I thought they both had decent games yesterday. Nathan was more involved as we were on the back foot for much of the time, but Michy was doing his best to occupy Spurs' 3 central defenders on his own, and made more attempts to get in the box in his 60 minutes than Costa has since January.
  10. Straight down the tunnel suggests an injury rather than tactical change
  11. About to come on now
  12. Rubbish!!! (Your post, not Ake)
  13. Maybe having Hazard and Cesc on the bench is to avoid them getting kicked from pillar to post from the start, and hoping the larger Wembley pitch tires Spurs out with them coming on at some point during the second half to properly take advantage of the greater space when Spurs are tiring? OK, so I'm clutching at straws, but... ;-)
  14. Other than Droy (who I can only assume thinks of himself as a bit of a Lothario, based on that) I can't imagine any married man ONLY wearing his wedding ring when his wife might meet his ex-girlfriend... and if Mourinho only ever wears a Man U badged coat when playing against Chelsea, but unbranded ones against other clubs, you have to wonder what's going on in his mind.
  15. Proof (if any more proof were needed) that you not only live on a different planet from the rest of us, you inhabit a whole, weird universe of your own!