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  1. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    The players are not the constant, though... there have been sufficient changes in personnel that makes saying they are 'the constant' the fiction it plainly is.
  2. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Except for Kepa, Luiz (hardly played last season), Jorginho. Kovacic, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Hudson-Odoi and Higuain
  3. Eden Hazard

    I think Real Madrid already know what he's capable of... not sure he needs to 'pull out' a special performance between now and the end of the season to convince them. If RM can't get Mbappé or Pogba or someone of that ilk to join, then they might turn to Hazard. If they do, he'll go. I'm not sure Hazard would be interested in leaving for anyone other than RM. The ball is in their court... we (and Hazard) just have to wait.
  4. Watching that video, they're essentially saying neither Luiz nor Rudiger are suited (I presume Christensen also falls into that category), nor are our fullbacks. Other than Jorginho and Kante, who amongst our central midfielders? The video suggests CHO is OK, but doesn't mention the other wide players by name, neither praising nor downplaying them. If over half the players aren't good enough to play "Sarriball", either the manager hasn't noticed and is continuing in his attempt to play Sarriball, or he has noticed it but has decided to continue in his attempt to play Sarriball anyway. In such a situation, who is to blame... the players or the manager?
  5. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    You mean when UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations came into force?
  6. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    I'm not sure he's turned the tap off (how much did Arrizabalaga cost?)... just that those spending it have, of late, done an average to poor job of spending it (Morata, Batshuayi and Bakayoko being three expensive failures)
  7. Media / Press

    Earlier this morning there wasn't much in the media, but as details of what was said emerged, the story has been covered by many outlets, including that it would feature in the referee's report.
  8. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Well said!
  9. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    You'd think someone might notice that on the training pitch... but apparently not!
  10. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Yes, putting someone on who is slower and poorer at pressing (and dare I say not as 'prolific' a goal scorer) is an obvious improvement!
  11. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Still adjusting (poorly) from m2m marking to zonal marking.
  12. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Sarri wanting to use his height?
  13. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Not always the wonderful life it's made out to be! Hope you manage to claw something back from the client.
  14. Maybe he shows them how far he got with his colouring-in book during the first half, following which the entire team lose the will to live.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are you sure about that?