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  1. And I'm a member of the CIoJ, but James has this rose-tinted idea that (sports) journalists at "serious" papers never make up stories because they'd be sacked. As I pointed out to him when he first made this claim, the last journalist I can remember being sacked for making stuff up was Boris Johnson by The Times back in 1988!!!
  2. Costa was "unproven" in the PL once, as was Drogba... and, indeed, Kane! Why do we need one more striker? If we go two up top, both Pedro and Hazard can play as support strikers, as can Fabregas, too.
  3. I've not seen enough of Cuevas to know if he's better than Kenedy or not... I'll take your word for it that he is. One thing's for sure; he'll be very wary of what he posts on Twitter or Instagram!!! LOL
  4. Did we even keep him for a whole season?
  5. Just a like-for-like replacement for Kenedy, who has been sent home. Given no replacement from the 'loan army' was sent out to replaced the injured Pedro, should we read anything into this? Probably not.
  6. ... and Azpilicueta has officially been named Vice Captain. Can't think of a nicer or more deserving bloke!
  7. Maybe, you know... Swansea don't want to sell him? So they've put a ridiculously high price in order to dissuade would be buyers. It's also around the price Swansea would probably need to pay to get a replacement. Did you ever think of that?
  8. When did I say anything about how Costa was playing, in February or at any other time? You said Conte was getting rid of Costa. I pointed out that it was only because Costa had been hinting at wanting to leave for sometime, so 'blaming' Conte was actually blaming the wrong man... so, as you always do when you are losing an argument, you make it about something else entirely; in this case a subject I hadn't raised (Costa's level of performance) and yourself. Allow your pea-sized brain and supernova sized ego to consider this a victory, but I'm done attempting to have a rational discussion with you.
  9. Pretending it's all about you. What an ego!!! Try not to ignore this bit; "Are you deliberately ignoring the fact that AM can't register any new players at the moment in order to make yourself seem right? Costa has been wanting to return to AM almost since he first arrived at Chelsea. "
  10. Are you deliberately ignoring the fact that AM can't register any new players at the moment in order to make yourself seem right? Costa has been wanting to return to AM almost since he first arrived at Chelsea. By the way... how many transfer windows has Matic 'survived' since you pronounced he'd be sold in the next window, so poor a player was he? He hasn't left yet, has he!!!
  11. So we have a player who keeps saying he wants to leave, a manager who finally says to him, 'OK, if you want to leave, leave; you won't be in my plans next season" and it's the manager who wants to get rid? You need to go further back in time, Droy, to see where the root of this is, and it's certainly not Conte, given Costa wanted to leave when Mourinho was here. Still, you and facts aren't exactly best buddies, are you?
  12. James, that may well be the case for those who write political and/or economic stories... it's simply NOT the case for those who write about transfer speculation. Both the papers you mention are behind pay-walls, but the transfer speculation stories are not. They are the free 'tasters' for what you have to pay for... and just like click-bait ("watch this video... you'll never guess what happens next") they are there to entice, not to educate or inform, and as such veracity goes out of the window.
  13. One person who won't play is Kenedy... I see the club have sent him home following his offensive tweets. I expect Conte to field the strongest XI at his disposal, as he did against Fulham and Arsenal, with the younger players coming on late in the second half.
  14. I can possibly believe the club 'leaking' false info to muddy the waters as to who their real targets are, but why would they leak a list of players they do want to sign?
  15. I'm 57 and at the weekend I did a personal best for the 100m!!! I managed 43m before giving up with a stitch!