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  1. Stoke City 0 Chelsea 4

    Good win. Annoyed with myself for giving Aguero and not Morata the captaincy in my 'fantasy football' team, though! I think those decrying Pedro and Willian are being a tad harsh... I think expectations are so high at times, based on previous performances, that anything other than a 9 or 10 out of 10 performance is judged as 'poor'. Hazard had the benefit of fresh legs for a last 20 minutes or so when the game had already started to open up. The hard graft had already been done by the others who had started. Furthermore, Pedro's goal was so well taken, it's that kind of sharpness that can often decide close games. So, so impressed by Rudiger. In fact, I've been impressed by all our 'major' signings (Rudiger, Bakayoko and Morata) as well as our loan returnee, Christensen. Four really top players who have fitted in seamlessly into the squad. Looking forward to the Athletico game.
  2. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    You're wrong, GURJ SS... he's not looking for the next Messi; he's looking for the next pointless argument that results in people eventually stopping posting so that Droy can claim he 'won'
  3. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    First game of the season... maybe it was an issue of fitness rather than talent/ability that ruled Conte's thinking that day?
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Given the circumstances as they were, and that AM were talking £25-£30m during the summer, let's be thankful for getting as much as £50m!!
  5. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    Subject to a medical. Hmmm, that'll be interesting! Scored some great goals. Scored some important goals. However, I'm glad he's going. What a player he could have been had he been bothered to turn up for a whole season, year after year, but it wasn't to be.
  6. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Kids did well. Shame we couldn't keep a clean sheet.
  7. 2017/18 predictions

    Ahhhh, the get out... we've started winning and looking good, so your prediction is now a 'wind up' You really are a rather pathetic excuse for a human being.
  8. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend 2

    "A Dying Breed" by Peter Hanington. First novel. Formerly worked on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, mainly on stories from Afghanistan, Iraq etc., and this book is mostly set there. The main character is a world-weary BBC foreign affairs correspondent on his last assignment before taking a 'voluntary redundancy' that he's not all too keen to take, who stumbles across shady dealings between the British and Afghan governments that everyone would like kept quiet. Once I started reading it I honestly couldn't put it down; I was desperate to get to the final denouement.
  9. 2017/18 predictions

    I take it Droy never replied? Herding cats is easier than getting a straight answer out of him.
  10. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    I quite like us being "under the radar" so to speak. Last night on ITV's Champions League highlights show we were very low in the running order (admittedly because they showed highlights of all the Wednesday games first) and it was a subject brought up by Mark Pougatch, that we were "under the radar", to which Roy Keane replied he couldn't understand why, as we were one of the strongest teams in the competition with a balanced squad of very experienced players and a great manager.
  11. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    A little unfair. Of all the positions, the one with the most pressure and the one where confidence, or lack of it, makes a huge difference is striker. You can build confidence with a run of games. Batshuayi gets few games, and as such, for all the training players do with team-mates, he is always going to look "off the pace" on the rare occasions he does get to play. I think at times he was almost trying too hard, such was his desperation to score.
  12. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    What a goal!!!!
  13. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    13 Courtois 28 Azpilicueta 27 Christensen 24 Cahill 21 Zappacosta 7 Kanté 4 Fàbregas 3 Alonso 2 2Willian 23 Batshuayi 11 Pedro Substitutes 1 Caballero 2 Rüdiger 9 Morata 10 Hazard 14 Bakayoko 15 Moses 30 David Luiz
  14. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    He may have been referring to "Walk on by" (the best cover of which was done by The Stranglers) 😉
  15. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Indeed Ham. I thought the points Martin Samuel made in his article to be well thought out and well argued. In no way was he attacking Chelsea... if anything, he admonished Spurs as a club, and to a slightly lesser extent, English football and the Met Police, for allowing Spurs supporters to use that language in the first place.