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  1. Fankaty Dabo to Vitesse for a year has been confirmed
  2. This was a point I was trying to make the other day. Some here may feel we don't need to upgrade on Alonso because there are more pressing matters elsewhere. However, the real transfer market isn't like some computer management game. If an upgrade to what you have is genuinely available and gettable, do you pass because the position he plays is not where your priority lies, or do you try and sign them because any and all upgrades make you better? I know it's only paper talk, but it looks like we are close to deals for a back-up keeper, a central defender, a central midfielder and a striker. If we still have the funds for further signings beyond these, why not strengthen where we can whilst we can?
  3. Spot on James. I really can't understand the disdain shown towards him by some on here.
  4. I recall lots of people saying similar things about Zlatan... he didn't do too badly for a pensioner playing his first season in a "real" league!
  5. The most sensible take on the Lewandowski rumours I've yet seen...
  6. Sorry, but I thought discussing politics was a no-no around here! ;-)
  7. Coming off the bench, carrying drinks bottles for those on the pitch ;-)
  8. Maybe it's less a case of "we need to upgrade in these positions" and more a case of "who is currently available who is also an upgrade on who we have?" and going after them. It may seem crazy to try and sign Sandro when the need, in our minds anyway, is elsewhere; the fact is it seems Sandro is amenable to a move as is his club (for the right price)... you have to take your chances when they come around as they may not come around again.
  9. Just taking one at random... Shirt sponsorship is £40m/year. Are you suggesting we get £70m/year for the training kit sponsorship? You are indeed plucking figures from a hat!
  10. Insigne and Koulibaly?
  11. I suggest you re-read your old posts going back several years in this thread. Every transfer window you claim we could buy so-and-so for some inflated price on the basis we could recoup the money in shirt sales. It's not one, solitary, post; it's many going back six, seven, maybe more transfer windows (probably more given your 13,800+ posts!). As for success bringing in more income; yes that happens, but spending £150m on Ronaldo, for example, isn't going to bring you £150m of extra income on top of the money you'd earn from winning competitions and being on TV anyway, whether he was in the squad or not.
  12. Did you actually read the article; or at least the part dealing with shirt sales? I don't care what RM may or may not have claimed regarding Ronaldo merchandise, given the club tend to lie about most things. Just do the maths for yourself... or maybe read this post regarding Pogba to Man U If you can't be bothered reading it all, here's the most salient paragraph: To recoup the money spent for Pogba’s transfer fee from shirt sales, United would, of course, need to sell £89 million worth of Pogba shirts. But United’s figures don’t even come close to that. According to the club’s 2015 annual report, United made just £31.652.000 on “retail, merchandising, apparel & products licensing revenue”, which United would need to nearly triple just on Pogba shirts. Not likely. The same applies to Ronaldo, be it at RM or any other club. Look at the up-front payment as an advance on shirt sales, much in the same way an author gets an advance from a publisher. A club doesn't get £x million a season from a kit manufacturer and keep 100% of shirt sales. This debunking of the shirt sales myth has been made time and again over the years by both myself and others and still you continue claiming we can spend some huge amount on whichever "marquee signing" happens to be on your radar because his shirt sales will pay for the transfer.
  13. Again with this rubbish?? Time and again the argument that player x can cover the cost of his transfer in shirt sales has been blown out of the water, and yet you (in particular) keep repeating it. Please stop.
  14. I'm really not sure what fans have to do with it? It's not up to the fans who we buy or sell, and nor should it be!
  15. Completely OTT comments, all based on us not signing anyone yet when the transfer window isn't yet open!! Get a grip, James.