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  1. I certainly think that the Costa situation, along with the stupid prices clubs are paying for ordinary players (forget the £200m for Neymar; Sigurdsson is decent enough, but £45m???) may yet get the ball rolling toward seeing the end of transfers altogether. The Bosman ruling, far from being a final act in 'player freedom' was just a catalyst. It will be a while yet, but as you say, in what other industry are employees traded in this way?
  2. I've seen Conte give press conferences when angry and/or 'down'. Today he was quite jovial. I'm not saying he's 100% happy with everything that has happened/not happened, but ffs quit the doom and gloom!
  3. I've pointed this out, too. James seems to have a very naive and simplistic view of the world... the club make x from player sales, y from sponsorship and z from match-day revenue, less a for wages and we can therefore spend everything that's left on new players. I wonder how he survives if he runs his own life along similar lines?
  4. From the training photos I've seen, everyone seems to be happy, albeit also working hard. What makes you think that "morale is down"? The repetitively depressing posts of some on here shouldn't have you believing the players themselves are as morose as yourself, James, Holymoly, WHYSOSLOWYEH, etc.
  5. No. Come 1st Sept., he'll still be fooling around back home in Brazil getting fatter and fatter, officially still a Chelsea player. We will continue requesting him to return, get fit and make himself available for selection, whilst readying ourselves for a 'breach of contract' court case against him.
  6. If you're white and have never been harassed by the police, or been treated with suspicion by others, because of the colour of your skin, then you have misunderstood the circumstances. I have many black friends, of various ages and social backgrounds. All are law abiding. All regularly get stopped by the police and asked who they are, where they are going etc. I'm a middle aged white bloke. I've never been stopped by the police... ever. Because they are black, my friends often get asked by complete strangers if they have 'anything to smoke'; the assumption being that because of the colour of their skin, even if they aren't drug dealers, they'll have some form of cannabis on them. Racial stereotyping is still strong in this country, sadly. I wonder if Sampson asked any of the white members of the squad if they'd ever been arrested? I seriously doubt it.
  7. I agree... Draxler would add another, much needed, body to our attack, whilst Drinkwater (or someone of that ilk) is needed for our central midfield. Not really a case of one or the other, as they have different roles to play, both of which we desperately need at the moment.
  8. I too remember that. The next most exciting news came many years later when Hoddle signed Gullit
  9. I'm sure Conte could convert him into a ball-playing centre back!
  10. I was thinking last night that at 20 posts a day between now and the window closing, James will have reached his personal target of getting to 15,000 posts in these forums!
  11. In that case why not ask that question instead of the one you originally asked? Maybe the reason why we've played with a lone striker is because in Drogba and Costa we've had two of the best, but how many lone strikers of their quality are there now? Maybe the club decided that a change of emphasis was required and that we would look for two or three strikers who, in various combinations, could complement each other whilst posing different questions of the opposition than those we have so far done? I don't know the answer. You'd have to ask those involved with player recruitment. All I can say is that Mitchy is a decent second striker who has the potential to get better. It's fairly clear that when the club does spend a substantial amount on a player, they tend to be young, decent with promise of more to come, and with potential for a good re-sale value. Mitchy ticks all those boxes. Maybe, depending on what further recruitment we do, he will stay and become a valuable member of the squad? Maybe we sell him at a profit? Some players you can see are good but don't fit the style we currently play... maybe that style will change, maybe the players will change to fit the style. But don't blame Mitchy for not being Drogba!
  12. He never will be because he is not a 'lone striker' to start with. In effect you're (perhaps deliberately) asking the wrong question to start with. He's good enough to start as a second striker, were we ever to play two up top, and his skill set means he will be good against tiring teams when we have the upper hand and our wider players are putting the ball into the box. It's not fair to judge him playing a role he's simply not suited to play.
  13. Indeed... I recall Adrian Mutu thinking he could win a court case against us for 'unfair dismissal'
  14. I doubt Spurs will sell Rose, in spite of his recent interview. They've not added to their squad either, so Rose, currently, is their most senior left back... not sure they'd want to strengthen a rival whilst weakening themselves quite as enthusiastically as we sometimes do. Llorente may be a Conte target, but given his age and the money Swansea want for him, I doubt funds will be released from up high to acquire his signature. Drinkwater seems the most likely of those we've been linked with. Leicester want £40m for him, which is far too much... maybe they want to make up for us getting Kanté so cheaply last summer (and who could blame them?). If we can get them down to around £30m (still too much, but in this crazy market something we'll just have to accept) then it may well happen. After all we do need bodies in central midfield. Belotti... yes please. Probably unlikely, but who knows. If both he and Turin hint it may be possible then we should try with all our might to get the deal done.
  15. Maybe we did long ago... just that the papers haven't caught up yet? Who knows? Certainly nobody on this forum (not even James!!!) and certainly nobody in the press.