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  1. CHO

    Well, that's good news. However, big wages for a teenager who has shown glimpses of huge potential but hasn't actually done anything yet. I'm hopeful that he turns out to be every bit as good as we all hope he'll be... just hope the expectation now doesn't weigh him down. Overall, though, quite excited at the prospect of him Tammy and Pulisic as a three up front with the likes of Ruben, Mount and Barkley alternating behind them, attacking teams at pace.
  2. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    I've noticed in this pre-season that we seem to have gone back to man-to-man marking when defending corners and free-kicks
  3. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    Still getting to know each other and read each other's minds, but Pulisic, Mount and Abraham involved in most of our best moments. Jorginho has been excellent.
  4. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    Indeed! A fit Kante would have started this one. Fairly strong Barca line up: Ter Stegen, Pique, Sergio, Riqui Puig, Dembele, Busquets, Griezmann, Jordi Alba, Roberto, Umiti, Collado
  5. Musical Tastes

    Billy Bragg yesterday
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I bet about an inch and a half of that is his dreadlocks!
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Seems Ampadu may be off to RB Leipzig for a season.
  8. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    I agree. We lack an obvious goal threat now, but the defence needs a lot of work. For all his great passing, Luiz still looks shaky as a defender... at his age and with his experience it's a worry.
  9. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Indeed. All in vain, though, thanks to Luiz and Giroud getting in each other's way. That goal was coming last few minutes.
  10. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Pulisic popping up all over the place. Reminds me of someone...
  11. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Looking that way. Had chances, especially Kenedy, but you do wonder...
  12. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Drinkwater for Jorginho Bakayoko for Kovacic
  13. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Kenedy now on the right cutting in and Mount on the left doing likewise.