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  1. You just ducked an argument you knew you would lose by your tried and tested method of deflection... a true disciple of JM.
  2. Interesting to note that Droy studiously ignored this post and instead responded to another, bringing up the name of Allardyce for some reason (known only to himself)
  3. All too true, I'm afraid.
  4. Obviously not old enough to remember the Leeds team of the late 60s through much of the 70s then ;-)
  5. Massive 3 points at this stage of the season. Even when we're not at our best we still keep winning. That can do nothing but demoralise the chasing pack who have fewer and fewer fixtures in which to catch us up.
  6. ^ I was thinking the same... do you have a hands-free steering wheel, Mark? ;-)
  7. On Matic... You may not rate him, some "know all" fans may not rate him, yet managers still pick him! I wonder why? Furthermore, being in the majority does NOT mean you are right... it just means that there are more stupid people than sensible people!
  8. After a short lay-off due to injury, I see Tammy Abraham is back and scoring again tonight!
  9. Man Utd charged with failing to control players. No news yet on the stamp on Hazard though.
  10. N'Golo Kanté v Paul Pogba... ⅓ of the cost, half his size, but twice the player!!!
  11. Well, there's a surprise... NOT!
  12. I thought that, too. You expect the Daily Fail to make such mistakes, given they sacked many of their subs (who proof read articles prior to publication) a while back... but the BBC??? Oh dear!
  13. This made me laugh...
  14. That'll please Droy!
  15. I imagine it's less a "quick... someone else wants him" type of reaction and more a pay rise for doing a better than anticipated job this season. He was given a 3 year contract (until summer 2019) and from what the papers are saying it's a 2 year extension until summer 2021. There was an interview recently (certainly the Guardian carried it, though it seemed more like a sit-down with several written-press journalists than an exclusive one-to-one) where he said he's enjoying living and working in a new country and that he should have left Italy years ago... on that basis I doubt he's thinking of returning there after just one season.
  16. When we play United, we'll have had a week since our last fixture, with our next one five days hence. If we can't put out a full strength side in order to go all out for a Double (which is achievable), then we don't deserve to win any trophies!
  17. How embarrassing!!! Arsenal lose 1-5 at home to Bayern after having lost by the same score away. Can't stop laughing.
  18. Wasn't that long pass to Pedro in the first few seconds from Luiz, not Fabregas?
  19. Good news indeed.
  20. I think what Conte says here should reassure even those who love to wallow in fake news and get hysterical about everything, that he isn't leaving us for Inter in the summer.
  21. I believe his wife is currently in the final year of a degree course. If that is the case, then it's no great surprise that she's still in Italy until she completes her studies this summer.
  22. It doesn't even sound that good! I was going to suggest the post be moved to the "lack of musical taste" thread! 😉
  23. I can't see anything other than the strongest XI available... Conte didn't field less than full strength sides in earlier games because "it's only the FA Cup" but because he felt those "weakened" teams were still strong enough to despatch the opposition, whilst giving fringe players time in real match situations to get used to the playing style he, Conte, wants to play. Unless we lose our league games between now and the United game, we'll be ever closer to the title, so fielding a "weakened" team in the quarter finals against a top Premiership side makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  24. How can Pep continue saying Bravo is a better keeper than Hart? Huddersfield one up after 6 minutes with a shot anyone but Bravo would have stopped. Laughable... and long may his delusions continue!
  25. For some reason (is an announcement of some sort expected today?) the Daily Mail have done a retrospective on Stamford Bridge with lots of old photos