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  1. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Chalobah himself has said that, while he was indeed offered a new contract, he was also told by Conte that he would then be sent out on loan again. He was never going to have the chance to break through against Kanté or Bakayoko because he wasn't going to be here, whatever happened. Good player though Aké is, he was always going to be 5th or 6th choice centre-back, 5th or 6th choice central midfielder and 3rd choice left wing-back with us. There would need to be a hell of a lot of medium to long-term injuries for him to get a run of games. The simple fact is that the academy are turning out a lot of very good players who will have decent futures in football; however, it was always going to be a near-impossible task to bring through a young player who could get in ahead of the world class and near world class talent we have. Christensen currently has the best chance. Tammy Abraham may join him. As for Musonda Jr., he's in that category of player who has been out on loan, and is now in the squad, not so much as to 'make up the numbers' as some claim, but in order to see if he has the capacity to push on and become a truly meaningful squad player. If he takes his chances, he'll be here again next season. If not... well, we know how that story ends.