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    If we sell Hazard in the summer, I wouldn't want him replaced by a player 18 months his senior! We already have two ageing* AMs in Pedro and Willian. I'd want someone in the early 20s with a couple of decent/good seasons already under their belt (like Hazard himself) who could in theory be here for the next 6 to 8 years. * Based on the club rarely giving contract extensions of more than a year to out-field players over 30
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    In a French TV interview last summer Hazard confirmed he didn't have an agent. He has an accountant and a lawyer who look after the money & legal side of things, and he discusses things with his family (didn't specify exactly who, but I would imagine his wife and his father), but ultimately any decisions made are his. At the time, his father had recently said in an interview that Eden wanted to move to Real. When asked about this, he shrugged and laughed saying (words to the effect of) my dad wants what he thinks is best for me... he knows Madrid will pay me well, and everyone knows Zidane is one of my heroes... but I have 3 years (remember this was summer 2017) left and I am very happy in London. I am happy, my family is happy.