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  1. Massive win! Get in Chelsea you beauties! Never look the gift horse of a terrible Fabianski goalkeeping error in the mouth. 11 points clear for now!
  2. 1. Didn't think it was a foul. 2. It was after the 1 minute. 3. We were so dominant that half it's criminal to be level. 4. Awful defending!!!!!
  3. Man Utd next it is, good to be at home.
  4. Absolutely, no team on the planet can press fully for 90 minutes, it's physically not possible. Good tough win. Pedro's a boss, love him. Great to see Terry playing and winning. On to the 6th round! I'll take Sutton.
  5. ‪Very frustrating, didn't deserve to win today. Matic has a lot to answer for. 10 points clear as it stands though.
  6. Matic SO lazy with that awful behind-the-back swing of the leg to give away the free kick. I imagine Conte will be sending him through the grinder at half time and rightly so. This game is crying out for a second half Fabregas masterclass. Big half coming up.
  7. Very well said, that Sunderland game and that decision still p&sses me off hugely. We may well have won the league that season had that not happened the way it did.
  8. Difficult game with their home record but I fully expect us to show 0% complacency. Conte won't allow it. A draw isn't an awful result, considering. However I would hope we go all out for the win and give them absolutely nothing. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  9. Unsung hero.
  10. Saw this in the Evening Standard today, thoughts?
  11. Alonso's goal is never a foul, gobsmacked it's even being discussed. If it had been the other way around I'd be just the same and actually angry with Alonso for not defending it better. The analogy of someone going into a 50-50 without a run-up was spot-on.
  12. Luckily Antonio Conte has nothing in common with the wild reactions to anything in this place. If we lose one - which at some stage we probably will - he'll respond as he has to our other negative results. I don't want to jinx anything but let's just say we are 'very well set'.
  13. *3 bad results No one's counting any chickens but 3 lost games (re. Tottenham) when there are 14 games left would require a massive swing. Liverpool are home to Tottenham next week and Man City's fixtures before they play us are very tough for them. Liverpool & Arsenal are out of it. 100%.
  14. GET IN!!!! What a win!!! Absolutely handled Arsenal today, very, very dominant! Temporarily 12 points clear! EDEN. HAZARD'S. GOAL. F&ck me what a f&cking goal!! Extraordinary!! And agent Cech setting up TWO goals but especially Fabregas' beauty! What a day!! Antonio Conte is the TRUTH!!!
  15. COME ON YOU CHELS!!! Massive game if we can win it. We can DO this! believe.