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  1. One game at a time. That's how it's been all season and that's how it will stay. It's very tempting to look at the whole of this week but all that matters right now is the Crystal Palace game. Our manager won't let our players dream of the game beyond this one. It's superb. They're all massive games and we just need to keep winning.
  2. This is a fantastic post, agree with absolutely all of it.
  3. We'll have to agree to disagree there, even yesterday we switched tactics in the second half to (somewhat riskily for a team 10pts clear) chase a winner when we could've easily sat on the 1-1. We play to our strengths and that incorporates a tactical flexibility within our own plan A itself - generally sit deep for 15-20 unless obvious counters arise, then start feeling our way into the game (a period where we seem to score from time to time), before in the second half we start to properly take the initiative (especially at home) and begin attacking teams as they badly tire after their earlier exertions.
  4. Scoring counter-attacking goals frequently doesn't, by definition, necessarily make a team a counter-attacking side. Just means they're very good at it. Some games we do play primarily to counter-attack, many games against middle/lower teams we don't. But we do hit them when we counter after they over-commit. The main point is that our tactics this season have been pretty versatile and fluid. We have changed what we're doing mid-match to suit the game situation. That's a big reason we've been so much better than everyone else. (Side point - if possession stats don't matter/aren't a good indicator then why bring them up at all?)
  5. Actually the result does indeed justify that. Fabregas is a fantastic player and to get the best out of him in this kind of (horrible) game he needs to come on fresh to do maximum damage in widening gaps. Conte is managing this situation superbly and Fabregas has matched that in being remarkably professional throughout.
  6. Depends whether she's standing in the right places.
  7. Love that photo. Band of heroes.
  8. In no way at all is today's performance concerning. Have to be joking considering what Stoke were trying (and allowed) to do today.
  9. GET IN!!! MASSIVE WIN!!! Went mental when Cahill scored that! Wish I had been up there today...! Referee was atrocious. Let them get away with viciousness all game, gifted them a penalty, slightly soft disallowed goal for them, just a terrible refereeing performance. Full marks to Conte, read everything perfectly again today - what about that Loftus-Cheek substitution?! This manager is an absolute beast, we are SO lucky to have him! 13 points clear!! COME ON!!!
  10. Last man apart from Conte himself? I'm quite happy to take that role thanks. Conte proved right yet again today - got it absolutely spot-on: start with Matic, fight them all the way, bring Fabregas on, Fabregas does the business against a tired opposition. Do you not watch our games or just choose to ignore what happens in them?
  11. Well just as well the only person who matters in this equation - Conte - clearly does rate him then.
  12. Hazard hasn't travelled and is missing the game. I'm sure Man Utd's targeted fouling on Monday night has nothing to do with this..............
  13. Hazard hasn't travelled and is missing the game. I'm sure Man Utd's targeted fouling on Monday night has nothing to do with this..............
  14. I think that's a key difference you've pointed out. There's a big difference between being defensive and being very good at defending and willing to soak up pressure (which we often do at the start of games). That's not to say there aren't games this season where we haven't been defensive this season (there have) but I'd say we're pretty versatile. I don't blame Mourinho for doing his best to defend his new club and attempt (unsuccessfully) to take subtle jabs at our style of play. It's just a shame to see him go through the process of what Sleeping Dave accurately summarised Cech's move to Arsenal did: He went from having a future statue of him made to instead dropping down to having a box named after him. Very sad.
  15. A draw isn't a disastrous result but a win could be huge here. Expect a big performance, effort-wise at the least. As always, if we play our best we will win, regardless of whatever Stoke do. Give them nothing. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!