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  1. I agree with playing to the whistle but in this instance there was on offside and it was given(!). Anthony Taylor is a c&nt of the highest order and this is far from his first shocker with us. He's the next Chris Foy for us, believe it.
  2. One last point on yesterday (prefaced by how much I'm emphasising again above all in no way did we deserve anything from that game) watching it back - that Sanchez 'goal' was a steaming pile of total bullsh&t. Amazed that it was given.
  3. To be fair I thought we were dreadful in that EL final and got bossed by Benfica but we're able to hang in there because that's what we're all about even when we don't play well. Even today we've managed to find a way to get that equaliser with 10 men. Galling how we instantly p&ssed it away.
  4. He was hideous today. Whilst I don't think you ever acknowledge his influence when he's at his best, he's utterly abysmal when he's at his worst.
  5. Gutted. Totally gutted to lose to them and miss out on the Double but even more so by how flat and flat-out poor we were today. Arsenal wanted it far more than us throughout and - despite an actually horrific refereeing performance by Anthony Taylor (no surprises there, then) - were thoroughly deserving winners. I do think the early goal and the manner of it with the offside/not offside confusion plus the handball element really threw us. However there's simply no excuse for how flat our players looked for an FA Cup Final! Goodness gracious that's unforgivable. Obviously can't hold Conte to account over that as he's just masterminded the most wins in a league season ever and we've dominantly won a Premier League title we weren't even expected to compete for, but my... it's hugely disappointing to see that showing. Looked like we'd been celebrating winning the league non-stop all week. Arsenal were good but we never tested their makeshift defence - WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY were we firing long aerial balls to Costa up against Mertesacker?! Surely the players themselves could see that wasn't working?? Matic had one of his very worst performances ever in a Chelsea shirt in that first half. I'd be fully with Droy if he was always like that. Today showed we should be looking again to strengthen in the middle of the pitch as we lost the battle there. All the basics we were doing wrong, heavy touches, poor short passes, poor passing decisions, Hazard not shooting in the first half(!!) which is a major flaw in his game preventing him from becoming even better than he is. Even players slipping over all over the pitch. Just so disappointing. Then the most criminal parts of all: Moses diving when on a booking (honestly what the f&cking hell was he thinking? Thanks) and then actually equalising with 10 men only to F&CKING P&SS IT AWAY SECONDS LATER!!!! How on EARTH is Ramsey free for that header? Our wing-back was sent off not a centre-back. Dreadful and p&ssed away a genuine chance to still actually win it with 10 men. It reminded me of that CL QF away at Man Utd in 2011 when Drogba equalised on the night and they went straight up and scored seconds later. The blood boils, it really does. The only consolation today is that it was a major wake-up call to Conte, Abramovich and whoever else is involved in our transfers that major investment and strengthening this summer is needed if this squad is to compete on four fronts. This may not have been heeded had we won. It's not really a consolation but it's something to take from today. A phenomenal season, one of our very best ever, in which our players dared to be great but not go one step beyond. Champions of England with the most wins ever and we'll have to make do with that, thank you very much. (As much as the Community Shield means nothing I would quite like us to beat Arsenal in that) KTBFFH!
  6. This is only about the Cup Final today. This is not about the League. This is all that matters today. Massive game, a chance for our players to go beyond being great and wrote themselves into the history books indelibly. It's going to be very hot out there today, imperative for our efforts out there today's the to be timed perfectly. Time to be clinical, let them expend their energy early, stay strong and then hit them hard. Their defence is in pieces and after the first 5-10 minutes it might be best to gradually turn the screw the later the game goes and their lack of fitness at the back leads to them becoming ragged. Tough call regarding Matic or Fabregas today, it really is. Both arguments are valid. I trust in Conte and I believe in these players. Together as one and let's win the Double!! COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  7. Back on-topic for the final, Arsenal's defensive crisis is somewhat spectacular - we simply MUST take advantage of it.
  8. Unfortunately can't go into it as I don't want to lose my job but I for once in my life happen to have a bit of insider info (I'm not someone to be all 'in the know/billy big b&llocks' about anything, I can assure) which suggests massively he's off this summer. Whether it's to China or not I have no idea, I won't go into it any further (it's not a legal issue or anything like that) if anyone asks. All I will say is that I wish he was staying as, despite my love-hate relationship with him as a Chelsea player, he's been a fantastic striker for us in the league and a massive factor in us winning 2 PL titles during his time here.
  9. He's off to China in June but I agree he's been better off late than he was for a period this year and there is next to no chance Conte will start Batshuayi on Saturday. I would start Costa 100% too.
  10. Excellent post jones. Couldn't have put it any better. The venomous bile pouring forth towards him from the media and other clubs' fans is utterly predictable. Love how much they hate him and us. Eat it 👍
  11. Massive, massive game! Simply cannot wait. Really tough game too, don't buy into the 'Arsenal have had a terrible season and are awful' line - it's a one-off game and we'll need to be at our very best to win it. I am 100% confident Conte will prepare us psychologically pinpoint perfectly for this game as he has all season. He won't let us be complacent despite winning the League and will drill this into the players every single day until Saturday. By the looks of things it could be a really hot day just like v Everton in 2009. If we play our best we will win, but we have to play our best!! We can DO this. believe. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  12. Many Liverpool fans will never forgive him over coming to us, I think he'd have said something similar if Liverpool were in our position too though. Let's hope we never ever find that out.
  13. Definitely, I love his commentary from that night but it's bizarre as it's the only time he's over been remotely enthusiastic about us. His commentary from last night was a f&cking embarrassment haha.
  14. CHAAAAMPIOOOOOONES, CHAMPIONES, OLE OLE OLE!!!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!!!! WE F&CKING DID IT!!! SO proud of this team of ours, phenomenal effort all season and richly deserved. ANTONIO CONTE IS THE TRUTH!!!! If you doubt that even 1% you're clueless. Beast of a manager. Proper hero. Chelsea legend in his first season. Don. Absolutely delighted for Batshuayi too! Whatever happens he will never ever be forgotten at Chelsea now. EVER! Really want us to win the last 2 games and get that wins record but motivation will be tough with the Cup Final approaching. The target now is to win the FA Cup. Big time. CHAMPIONS!!!!
  15. Ok. This is rather good. /applause