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  1. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Would’ve started Willian over Barkley myself but need a shift from absolutely EVERYONE tonight. HUGE game. We can DO this! believe. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  2. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

  3. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

  4. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

  5. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    COME ON YOU CHELS!!! (Happy new year everyone)
  6. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

  7. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Am out so won’t be able to watch any of our game today, first time in a long time I’m saying that. Tough game & would be a big, big result if we can win it! Interesting formation... COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  8. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Positives in the first hour but dreadfully naive as soon as it went 2-0. Yes we were very unlucky in lots of ways but I hate to see us defend like that. Priority one, sort that out. Priority two, more composure in the final third.
  9. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Right, this is it... suspect the start to this season is crucial - a bad start with youngsters in and a heavy workload could lead to real problems. On the other hand, a great start could see our confidence soar and we could end up surprising a lot of people. COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  10. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    GET INNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD I LOVE THIS CLUB! Never give in, never give up, we are STILL Chelsea!! And we always, always will be!
  11. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    I don’t want to hear anything negative - not a peep. NOTHING. I don’t care about this being a lesser European competition. I’m not interested in any of the Sarri or Jorginho chat. Forget the UEFA handling debacle. THIS is a cup final, a legitimate European trophy and a massive opportunity for us to create further history tonight. Wherever you’re watching this, ruin your throats roaring our boys on to victory. We can DO this!! believe COME ON YOU CHELS!!!
  12. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Many Liverpool fans will never forgive him over coming to us, I think he'd have said something similar if Liverpool were in our position too though. Let's hope we never ever find that out.
  13. New Stadium Plans

    Yeah I was liking that a lot too, blending into a medley of Blue Is The Colour. Very nice.
  14. New Stadium Plans Another beautiful new CGI video of the new Bridge from Neil Vano.
  15. New Stadium Plans

    Massive milestone! Very proud and excited for our future. The 3 years away will be very painful but the return will be quite magical.