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  1. I certainly did!
  2. And Lloris could've been done for handling outside the box, as for Demebele...another losing game where he lost his head. I was happy to see us stand up to them, too many games recently they've bullied us.
  3. Brilliant win, feel exhausted now. Well done Matic, what a goal!!
  4. To be honest I think we're going to get completely dicked today. Not looking forward to this at all now.
  5. Blatant handball by their player, they countered and scored. Not the first decision Mariner has got "wrong".
  6. Another huge decision thats gone against us, never gets old.
  7. Bloody hell Gary.
  8. My word Mariner is hopeless.
  9. We are so much better with Moses its crazy, never thought I would say that!
  10. I see the media are trying to get Costa banned. Every time it's something ffs.
  11. We're not playing well at all but this game says more about City than us. They've been the better team but are still losing, even their goal was gifted to them. An improvement on our part and it's in the bag.
  12. Falling apart here.
  13. Happy to be proven completely wrong! Great play.
  14. Can't say I'm too impressed with the team but hopefully enough to get the win. I definitely would've played Matic but my biggest concern is Azpi at wing-back, we are giving up a huge amount of attacking threat by playing him there.
  15. Good post, I agree. My issue is with the tendency people have to equate work rate to performance.