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  1. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    On a separate note, why on earth did Willian take that corner when Mount was still on the pitch? Willian, like Hazard, takes dreadful corners yet I thought Mounts delivery was decent.
  2. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Very similar to what Klopp did at Liverpool when he first took over.
  3. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Indeed. I think most of us know we’re severely short on quality: up front, right back etc and have a lot of players that are listed under “potential”. It’s the way it is this season.
  4. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Ings missed from 6 yards to equalise with minutes to go. They were poor yesterday.
  5. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Emerson was MOTM for me, easily our best player.
  6. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    We were so bad that second half I have to hope it was down to tiredness. Indeed the sheer number of ridiculous, unforced errors especially towards the end would indicate that. Kante and Pedro especially could barely move. Zappacosta to play next week too would help.
  7. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Let’s not forget we played 120 minutes on Wednesday.
  8. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Great start, really tailed off. Don’t think Giroud is helping particularly, struggling against their CB and very immobile. They’re pressing much higher so maybe Tammy for some balls over the top is the way to go.
  9. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Compare this to the insipid **** served up the last two years.
  10. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    ****ing yesssss Mount what a player!!!
  11. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Some great football already, loving it.
  12. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Happy with that selection!
  13. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    That’s why there would have to be a specific offence, you wouldn’t just challenge a goal. Spurs yesterday would have had to challenge with the accusation of a handball, for example. As I said, not perfect.
  14. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Just make it a challenge system where you have to have a specific complaint. Not a perfect solution but at least refs won’t be able to pick and choose what they look at. It’s certainly going to crap all over the regular match going fans.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hasn’t he said that this is his last season in England and that he wants to go back to his hometown club to end his career?