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  1. Blackburn under Hughes were probably the dirtiest team I've seen Chelsea play.
  2. I read that they haven't lost at home since November, we were also misssing the best player in the league. Great result!
  3. Get in!!! Deserved winner for Gary and good to see that scumbag get sent off. Huge, title winning, performance. Well done to Loftus too, won that corner that we scored from.
  4. It was never a penalty in a million years. Just because they had a goal disallowed for a push doesn't make the slight contact Cahill made a penalty.
  5. Oh for ****s sake.
  6. Catastrophic refereeing performance so far.
  7. When your entire tactic is to foul Hazard you can have few complaints when it comes back to bite you.
  8. Good. He's had a decent season so far, will be needed with Europe to contend with next campaign.
  9. Full strength team, it's not like we've played a lot of games now is it?! Great chance at doing the double.
  10. PSG were appalling. Barca's first three goals were all from calamitous defending. Di Maria's miss was ridiculous too. Incredible result, decent game.
  11. We have 6 home games left, winning all of those would be enough imo.
  12. Not surprisingly, he's comfortably the worst player we have on the ball. Including keepers! Thankfully he's a brilliant defender.
  13. Phew. Slightly better second half performance, just doing enough. Luiz MOTM for me, completely shut down West Hams main tactic by nullifying Carroll. Another big step towards the title.
  14. Just shows what a largely meaningless stat distance covered is.