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  1. I want to know why Conte doesn't want him. He's a world class player, amongst the top handful of strikers in world football, and suddenly Conte wants shot of him? It's bizarre, and it's costing us one of the best players in the league and a huge load of cash.
  2. Looks pretty much the same to me tbh, only 45 minutes of the season mind haha! Either way I believe it was a terrible deal, as much as I liked Matic here I'd much prefer he stink up the place at Old Trafford.
  3. He's doing exactly the same for them as he was for us, unsurprisingly. Difference is people don't need to scapegoat him now he's a United player!
  4. If only it was random...
  5. Now Ritchie with the ankle breaker tackle on Alli...no card. I've literally seen 30+ tackles worse than Cahill's since it happened that haven't resulted in a red.
  6. Compare that Kane tackle to Cahill's yesterday. Deary me.
  7. Worst thing is he escaped another booking for pulling one of ours back late on, despite being far worse than what Alonso got booked for first half. I personally don't want to see reds every game, there are far too many in my eyes. Tackles that wouldn't have batted an eyelid five years ago are now suddenly "reckless" and "dangerous". They're not though, really. Did the Premier League have a problem with players having their legs snapped in half that needed fixing? No. My biggest concern, though, is the lack of consistency. If everyone was getting red cards for these tackles then at least I could say it was fair, even if I didn't like it. Unfortunately this hasn't been the case, I can't remember too many times I've seen a United or Liverpool player suffer these injustices.
  8. The club captain is also supposed to show commitment and passion, and being a defender he's supposed to try and tackle people. I'm far from Cahill's biggest fan but he's done nothing wrong today. Fabregas on the other hand was possibly lucky to only get a second yellow, those are they types of tackles that are on the borderline. The FA should just ban all slide tackles and be done with it, at least players would know where they stand. One tackle is a red card, something similar or worse is let go, it's happening with alarming regularity. That is no excuse for crumbling though I agree, that's where you miss players like Lampard, JT and Cole. While ago now but remember West Ham at home? Crazy old Maniche gets sent off, goal down....utterly battered them.
  9. Warning signs were there against Arsenal last week, he simply cannot hold the ball up effectively.
  10. 4 minutes hahaha this is classic, QPR away levels of con today.
  11. hahahahaha referee you utter fool.
  12. Didn't want Morata but the guy looks class.
  13. What a goal!
  14. Terrible decision again, utterly incompetent. How can you give a red to Cahill but only a yellow for Fabregas' tackle? Was miles worse and a case could be made for it being a straight red under normal circumstances.
  15. That's another tackle worse than Cahill's, yellow given.