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  1. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    I didn’t really celebrate either goal today, especially the first one which looked close. They've actually managed to diminish one of life’s great joys, celebrating a ****ing goal. Pisses me right off.
  2. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Yep fairplay to Willian, I’m not exactly a big fan but he was decent today.
  3. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Incredible where we are currently, I’m not sure anyone realistically predicted we’d be doing so well at this stage. Still loads we can improve on, which in itself is remarkable. Exciting times to say the least.
  4. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Why is Willian now on set pieces ffs, get Mount back on them pronto.
  5. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Missing Jorginho massively.
  6. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    We’ll beat Valencia away don’t worry.
  7. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    That referee should be stood down.
  8. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    That’s farcical.
  9. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Azpi back to leftback and he scores two goals!!!
  10. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Genuinely scary that is considered a handball these days, hideous decision. They’ve deserved a red card though, such a cynical team. Hopefully we keep calm and don’t go all Monaco 2004.
  11. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Dam that ref is really against us haha what the hell is happening!
  12. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    We’ve been wasteful all season, getting punished for it tonight.
  13. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Are people seriously suggesting Kepa should’ve saved the fluked cross goal?!
  14. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    He’s a massive liability and has consistently demonstrated a lack of intelligence. Being one of the most immobile players to ever put on a blue shirt doesn’t help either. Azpi is very fortunate that Alonso is taking most of the flak, he’s been abysmal also.
  15. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Azpi to leftback and James on at rightback.