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  1. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    The fans that were chanting “**** of Mourinho” should heed their own advice and do one. You don’t have to like the guy, but he should be respected for his quite frankly huge achievements for this club. Embarrassing.
  2. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Salah basically plays as a striker for Liverpool.
  3. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Boom, suck on that you scouse ****s. What a goal from Hazard, genius player. Only real negative for me is the form of Azpi, looks dreadful and his passing seems to have got worse. Good to see Cahill have a good game, not my favourite player but he never shirks responsibility and did well tonight.
  4. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Phew. A lot closer than I thought it would be but the second half was excellent. We will concede a lot of goals this year, I’d already made my peace with that. But we will blow teams away at times, some stunning football on display. I expect our record against the bottom 14 teams to be very good.
  5. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    They started with a very very weak team? It was almost their starting 11: Arsenal XI: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Ozil. Smith Rowe came in for Ramsey who was injured in the warm up. They were also a week ahead of us in preseason, playing one extra game at that point.
  6. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Well if you want to factor that match in: we utterly dominated them until we made a load of substitutions, that’s without Hazard and Kante (our best two players). I’m not a confident fan most of the time, but this is one we should win.
  7. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I will be very disappointed if we don’t win this game. They look awful, the only player I’d take for our starting 11 is Aubameyang, Wenger bought some absolute shite and it’s going to take a while for them to turn it around. Start Hazard and hope they play the crazy high line they employed in preseason, over by halftime.
  8. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Very happy with that, was an enjoyable watch. Loads of positives, only real negative for me is the continued poor form of Morata. Hazard looked ridiculous when he came on, unstoppable.
  9. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Yeah I need to look into that, used to use Sports Mania but I started to have problems with them.
  10. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Anyone have a decent river they could send me?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Every time I watched Bakayoko at Monaco he was one of the worst players on the pitch, clear technical deficiencies. Was also brought in as a direct replacement for a key player At least with the others you could make a case for them.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hope the Bakayoko news is true, although I’d prefer a permanent deal. In my opinion he’s the worst signing of the Abramovich era, just dreadful. Hopefully he can go and rejuvenate his career somewhere else.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Not so worried by the overall performance, we were missing our best two players after all. More concerned with a few specific players: Morata and Alonso especially.
  15. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1 (Arsenal win 6-5 on penalties)

    Pre season friendly without Hazard, Willian, Batshuayi, Giroud, Courtois...ffs.
  16. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1 (Arsenal win 6-5 on penalties)

    Very good until we made our subs, against a strongish Arsenal team too. Very concerned by Morata though, Hudson Odoi could’ve easily had a hat trick of assists if it weren’t for some dreadful play by him. I’m also very happy with the style of play, I’ll actually be able to look forward to games this season.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    By “they” I meant the 20 Premier League clubs. If they can agree not to buy anyone after the 9th then surely they can agree not to sell anyone too. I understand the mechanics are slightly different but I can’t see why that should matter.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Zero chance we sell anyone we actually want to keep after the window closes. Why on Earth they didn’t all agree to cease all activity, buying and selling, on the 9th I’ll never know. I expect we’ll see a lot of action in the last couple of days as the rest of Europe panics when they have hours to cash in on the PL’s riches. We've bought one player, so have United, Spurs have done nothing, City will most likely do something too. I highly doubt everyone has decided to “penny pinch”, it’s all about the timing now.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    He could be off, he could also be using Madrid to get the contract he wants.
  20. Sarri’s appointment, along with the signing of Jorginho, has me more excited for the coming season than I would have ever expected. I’ll admit that I’ve never been more bored, disconnected even, from the club than I had towards the end of last season. For the first time I can remember I felt that there were people at the club who genuinely didn’t care about what was happening. A couple more signings and we can go into the new season with hope, which is all football fans can ask for.
  21. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Good spot. I guess the club hasn’t got around to changing it, still have 5 weeks until our first home game haha.
  22. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    We are absolutely miles away from where we started, this is mental.
  23. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    He really turned me off him with some of his actions last season, and the standard of football was dire, but the title season was fantastic so I’ll always have a soft spot for him due to that. Definitely right to separate though. Why on Earth JT and Fabregas are wishing him well before we’ve officially announced his departure I’ll never know. Not an ideal situation.
  24. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    There’s attacking football and there’s what we served up last season. It’s not going to take much to be a huge improvement now is it?!