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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Don't normally watch MOTD but did this morning and I can see what people moan about now. Their editing of the game showed much more of Liverpool's chances, and then afterwards they went through their penalty shouts and then showed clips of "our weak link" Cesc Fabregas!!! The icing on the cake was when reviewing the second penalty appeal when Neville described Gerrard's shot as brilliant!! How about showing clips of Matic dominating the midfield, Hazard dancing around their defence, or Oscar's work rate. We went to Anfield and played them off the park ffs
  2. Shrewsbury Town 1 Chelsea 2

    Definitely didn't have a shocker. I was impressed by Ake (again) - gets around the pitch quickly, good in possession and has bite in the tackle. He, like Christensen, did himself no harm whatsoever today
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I think he's done more than okay, I think he's done a great job. He's a known fan of Jose, our commercial deals have been good, the stadium plan seems to be heading the right direction, we're complying with FFP and we've been much 'better behaved' off the field. It's a loss for me.
  4. Chelsea 6 NK Maribor 0

    Thought Drogba's link-up & General play was much better tonight than in previous appearances too. Could be the opposition or just the fact that he's had a few months to get sharp, training with better players etc
  5. Sporting Lisbon 0 Chelsea 1

    My god weren't we wasteful! Three points is all that matters though and fortunately, the other result went in our favour. Positives: We top the group with consecutive clean sheets Matic was excellent & Oscar looks back to his busy self We appeared to finish the game injury free Negatives: Wasteful in front of goal Cesc and Hazard looked off the pace Schurle needs a goal to get his confidence back, at least he's still getting into the positions and not hiding. I'd love it if we were able to increase the size of the SB pitch with this rumoured redevelopment - really feel the team would benefit but not shore the site is big enough?
  6. Chelsea 1 FC Schalke 04 1

    Mourinho may want the back five to get some more game time together, and personally I wouldn't blame him. However, this is the team I'd play: Cech, Azpillcueta, Cahill, Terry, Luis, Mikel, Fabregas, Ramires, Hazard, Remy, Willian. Still very strong but rotating just enough to have some real freshness for City.
  7. Everton 3 Chelsea 6

    Costa is an absolute monster. He's gonna be a big hit for us. So self-assured, and like Drogba creates his own chances aswell as being able to convert the tap-ins. Not worried about Courtois' distribution, it's a new league & he'll be more consciously aware from now on. I am still a bit concerned about our legs in midfield though - Matic & Cesc aren't the quickest (to put it mildly) & I thought we looked overrun in MF for large parts today. However can't complain, six at Goodison is a phenomenal return, we look so clinical this season
  8. Everton 3 Chelsea 6

    Absolutely love the guy but my god Fabregas is slow! Just casually bambling back when Mirallas scored - doesn't look completely fit to me. Nothing wrong with his vision & passing mind you.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spot on.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really like Remy. Signing makes a lot of sense for me. However, can't help but feel that should Costa get injured, Jose will opt for Drogba over Remy for the bigger games, and also as his first sub should we need a goal or to close a game out; Which would kind of make him third choice rather than second - dunno, we'll wait and see. Collectively much stronger than last year though which is good
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    With Bamford's move to Boro just been made official, can only assume we're going to buy. Reports about Remy are gaining momentum...
  12. Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Leicester 23/08/2014)

    Courtois Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpillcueta Fabregas Matic Schurle Oscar Hazard Costa
  13. Andre Schurrle

    Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed this Dave. At one point Costa was clearly giving Andre verbals, but to be fair to Schurle, he just pursed his lips together and raised his eyebrows! I'm just glad that we've got a striker now that demands the ball. With the exception of maybe Hazard, I think Schurle will be our next top scorer this season behind Costa.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I would guess the sort of clubs that are looking to buy them, probably can't pay them what we currently are - and the players aren't agreeing to decreases in their salary.
  15. Chelsea 2 Real Sociedad 0

    @chelseafc: Chelsea team tonight: Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry ©, Ake; Fabregas, Matic; Ramires, Hazard, Schurrle; Costa. #CFC Pretty happy with that and excited to see Ake at left back (haven't watched a lot of him) and also Hazard in what appears to be a central position? Suspect 8/9 of these will start on Monday.