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  1. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    Some nice quick passes at the start. Think Mount and Barkley should have swapped. The front two played well but it felt like Bats had more shots than completed passes! Looked a bit too eager to impress at times.
  2. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    Interesting formation. I always thought this team should play multiple formations. We have quite a flexible team so I am glad we are trying it. Fullbacks are important in this formation.
  3. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    I don’t think it is a straightforward thing to say we will score a certain amount of goals. Who knows how Lampard will set up this season ,I see him being more flexible with different formations and combinations. Without Hazard we drop in quality in the final third but I think last season system was heavily based on play down our left hand side which made us even more reliant on Hazard. Also many games we played with 3 defensive midfielders who have low scoring averages. It is hard to judge exactly how good our attacking play can be under Lamps. He might find a system that plays more direct and gets more numbers in the box something similar to Liverpool. Truth is we don’t really have a proper quality playmaker anymore now that Hazard left so I think Lamps would make adjustments to our style.
  4. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    I am looking forward to Frank anyway. I guess some are still not over Sarri yet. I would have feared for Sarriball without Hazard. I think a different style under Lamps would suit what we have right now especially in a transfer ban. What interests me the most is giving a chance to players that other managers would not have even bothered. Its time to see who really wants to be here, whether they are good enough or not. I am not going to judge on 1 season but for some players this may be the only chance they ever get to shine in a Chelsea shirt. I have confidence in Lamps and especially Jody to help young talents grow and play for us. Something I can’t say for previous managers. Whats important about the youth and loan army is that if some of these players can even become squad level players then it can help us save money on silly transfers such as Zappacosta , Drinkwater and Giroud. Transfers that should never have really happened if we had any long term sense. I would rather see what Reece James can do for us instead of spending £50M on a 28 yr old Serie A full back without giving James a chance . Just like I would rather see what Mount can do rather than spend loads on someone without giving him a chance. Its that kind of short term stop gap mentality we have to get rid off. I think Lamps is a manager that would stop it in my opinion. If we can focus on proper quality transfers for 4 or 5 players over the next 4 transfer windows starting from summer 2020 and allow the youth and loan army to fill squad roles then I would be happy with that.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe a few million over what I would have paid but he is a good player. I don’t think this transfer is a “squad depth” type of transfer, Kovacic is likely to be picked over Jorginho under Lamps. His energy and ability to cover ground fast and good technical ability to beat the press would probably make him favourite to partner Kante in the pivot if we play that formation. He was not used correctly for most of last season. I would not judge him on what he does in the final third because his game is not about that.
  6. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Come on people, we seriously can not be considering Morata again. How many times do you want someone to disappoint you? His weak mentality along with his weak excuses are too much. Struggled mentally for most of his time here and that won’t change. Tired of seeing him miss sitters too. I don’t understand why so many people write off Bats. How often has he played regular football over the past few years? He was good at Dortmund and pretty good at Palace when he got a run in. I am not saying he is great but I would definitely pick him over Morata. I would be surprised if Lamps is even considering bringing Morata back here. After his recent comments I doubt anyone at the club wants him back.
  7. Interesting interview. Laughed at the bit where he said Higuain can play at a high level for another 3-4 years. He really would have brought him here permanently if he could.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I agree 20/21 should be the last season for them. They should not play beyond that. One of them should go next summer in my opinion. We are not going to lose him this season. Next season is up to the board but we should be looking to bring in new and fresh wingers next summer. I don’t want us to wait for Pedro or Willian to have an Ivanovic 15/16 type of season before we replace them.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willian contract is expiring in 2020. The club would offer him a 1 year extension to 2021. He is probably trying to sign until 2022. That would be a 3 year contract. He is even cheeky to be asking for that if reports are true. We are not in a bad position for negotiations because next summer we can buy again. Luiz, we had no choice because his was expiring this summer. I just hope the board keep a firm stance.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    So Willian contract expires in 2020. The board are offering a 1 year extension to 2021. I am guessing he wants a 2 year extension to 2022. He is now almost 31. By the time 2022 comes he would be almost 34. It would be crazy to give him a 2 year extension. He could rapidly decline and we could have another Malouda situation. If it was not for the transfer ban either Willian or Pedro should have been moved on this summer. 2021 should be the cut off point at the latest. I would rather lose him on a free next summer than give him a contract until 2022.
  11. Morata should not come back. He does not have the spine for this league and has the mental strength of a child. Our 3 should be Bats Giroud and Tammy. Would also like to see 2 upfront sometimes. With the team we have I think we can play many formations and be flexible.
  12. Glad we did not drag it on and got it sorted out quickly. Thanks for the EL. This is best for everyone involved. Good luck in Italy.
  13. I think deep down Sarri knows that he can’t play Sarriball with these players. Even if the Juve job had not come I think he would have walked. It would have been interesting to know his transfer targets. I am not sure I can see the board backing deals for Higauin, Barella and Insigne. I would not be surprised if we went for Rugani again. Thank god that transfer never happened. This is also where Sarri probably thought there is no point staying. The board would have looked at his targets and probably would have seen £250M+ on players they are not convinced to buy. Not sure I can trust Sarri with a big budget if I am honest. The Piatek-Higuain thing just looks very stupid now. We practically gave Milan a better deal by taking a liability of their hands when we could have probably got one off the best bargains of the decade. Sometimes we blame the board for not backing the manager but some of these transfers would be a disaster if they happened. Good thing we pulled out of the Rugani deal and never bought Higuain permanently. I could see us losing out on more quality players just so that we can get people that “ fit the system ”. That is what worries me about rigid systems. Pretty sure if Sarri had the choice right now he would still pick Higuain over Piatek.
  14. I actually think this is the perfect time for Lampard to come in. He is not going to have high expectations such as challenging for the league or reaching cup finals next season. He also comes in with a transfer ban which gives him more cushion to lean on if things don’t go smoothly straight away. Also with Cech supposed to be coming too I think he has someone he can work with and have a good relationship with which is crucial for all our managers. Working directly with Marina is not the easiest thing and having someone like Cech and his football knowledge would help Frank too. I think Frank can grow with this job. If he came in 5 years later with a much better developed team he would have much higher expectations and would be expected to hit the ground running. That is a harder job especially for someone who has not coached yet in a top club. That kind of rise in pressure and expectations might be too big of leap for some managers. With the team we have right now and fans demanding of youth this might actually be the first time we see a manager have the chance to grow into a managerial role under RA. Something all previous managers have not really had the chance to do. Mostly due to expectation from the board/fans and quality of the squad. Also because most of the managers were experienced winners. With Hazard now gone and a transfer ban no one really expects us to do much next season. I think that suits Frank and the team too. I am looking forward to it. It should also bring back a much better atmosphere than last season which became really toxic and would probably have carried on next season if Sarri stayed.
  15. Drinkwater should be sold. That is a transfer that never should have happened especially for that price. He is not a bad player but he has no business being here. Hopefully he gets sold this summer. I would rather give Ampudu a chance in the midfield than him. I think he only stayed for the money considering he was told all season he would not play. The board are also trying to ship him out. He is on pretty high wages. We don’t know whether Kova is staying and Bakayoko has talked about staying next season. Next season is more likely to be a season for the younger players. More likely to see Ampudu than Drinkwater.