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  1. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Neither has Sarri...minus the youth.
  2. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Well I think anyone playing regularly will always play better than someone who plays once in a blue moon. Anyway that problem is way in the past. Quite clearly we are the ones left with eggs on our faces considering all 3 players left us and became star players for our TITLE rivals rather than forming what would have been quite an amazing attack for us. But yeah Kdb and Salah are still way behind Oscar and Schurrle. No where near!
  3. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    I seem to remember Oscar, Schurrle and Cuadrado being part of that title winning team. Hmm, funny how they had such a big gap in quality compared to Mata, KDB and Salah.
  4. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    How is he using the squad very well? By picking an A team and B team? Is that what is classed as good rotation now a days. Well I hope not. Quite clearly Sarri weakness is not knowing how to use players and rotate in the PL. Giving players game time against poor opposition in Europa then leaving them out of every PL match day squad is not really good rotation. Especially when there are people in the first 11 who have had poor recent form but are constantly selected. Its very demoralising to see and it makes players realise no matter what they do their current situation will not change. This is what makes “squad players” leave and never show their talent at this club. Remember KDB and Salah? Who were asked to bring a 8/10 performance everytime they had a rare appearance in a league cup game or asked to come into the team with no rhythm of playing league matches .They never really got a chance to show their talents and now we are doing the same thing with players like RLC CHO Christensen and even Emerson. Throw them in for 1 PL game in 14 and people except them to suddenly have good games with no rhythm. Playing in the Europa group stage game is one thing, playing in a competitive PL game is another. As for PL starts ,Emerson and Zappa should have at LEAST 3 starts by now especially with the form of our full backs over the season. Same with Cesc RLC and Christensen. CHO could have had one or two starts with more sub appearances. I am not talking about starting all of them in the same game as that would likely disrupt the flow of the team but one or two changes in positions other than ST RW or NO.8 can do some good. Bringing in such players would not bring the quality of the team down by a massive margin. Sarri ,much like other previous managers here is going to lose serious young talent and spend £100M on players we could have developed for way less or even free. It is annoying to see the board trying to go one way and the manager going another. We are still choosing managers that have a problem with either squad management or youth. Its why I would have gone all out for Poch in the summer.
  5. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    The defensive line was deeper than normal. Regardless of the pressing our back line did defend deeper. There was more space between midfield and defence than usual. It was definitely the game plan. We may have pressed the same but from kick off the back line was the deepest I have seen it so far this season. Azpi and Alonso also rarely pressed high they sat back more.
  6. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    The interesting thing is will Sarri make a slight adjustment to our defence line? By far we looked more comfortable defending deeper. I wonder why we never took this approach against Spurs? When playing top teams it is always best to frustrate them as long as possible. We are not at the level yet to go full on attack against these teams as we will get exposed. With the right personal and better quality we might be able to play 100% Sarriball against such teams but for now with how tight top 4 is I think it is better for Sarri to play a more balanced game which may require us to sometimes park the bus and scrape 1-0’s. We will make top 4 with a better balanced game.
  7. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Yeah of course Sarri even said Kante played closer to Jorginho today than normal. I noticed it against Fulham too. He has helped in deeper positions protecting Jorginho. I still feel underwhelmed by Jorginho at times. Just feel like this league is too quick for him. It would be amazing to get a back up regista that can defend too.
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Jorginho could have covered more. Jorginho never sprints so he is consistently moving. Kante sprints more often causing him to maybe take a breather once in a while and slow down. Its also how Cesc sometimes covers more ground than Kante in games.
  9. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    No one predicted a win today. Even those who never made a prediction deep down probably believed we would lose. If Sarri doesnt play Sarri ball in big games we can do well. We should have played a more defensive game against Spurs. Show more respect in big games I would say. Sarri will learn I hope. Look how better Azpi looked when he plays in a deeper line.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Big big win. Should give us massive confidence. Big statement made. Sarri got it 100% right. He really outdone Pep. Best tactical game I have seen from a Chelsea coach in a while. Those 40 mins in the 1st half was when we won the game. It was crucial not to concede in that period. They missed Aguero today he would have scored that Sterling chance which could have changed the game. Azpi Luiz and Kante were immense. Kovacic too before he came off. Good win it shows when we dont play attacking football all the time we can get results. I think Sarri needs to find a balance. Very good defensive display today. Thats the way to play City. You can not go gung-ho against them.
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Crappy defending cost us more than the attack I feel. Those kind of games we should see out 1-0. Gifted them goals.
  12. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Luiz is a big game player. Always has been. No surprise his best games have come against Liverpool and City. What he needs to do is do this week in week out. Its actually frustrating how good he can be in big games compared to week in week out consistency.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Big goal. Really needed that.
  14. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Would rather RLC than Barkley. Keeping the ball in these last mins has been hard.
  15. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Yes but mobility is very important in games like this. They would run rings around Matic and Mikel.