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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Rudiger, Kante and RLC all missing. All 3 are important in this system. A midfield of Barkley Jorginho and Kovacic in a final leaves a lot to be desired. At this rate Drinkwater will even be on the bench. This team already lacks physical strength but without that trio we become really soft in the middle.
  2. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I heard it was a bad pitch. The one thing you don’t want to do is play injury prone players on such a pitch. Why did we even start with such a strong team. At best 4 regulars should have been starting. Some players could also do with a rest. Poor protection of an injury prone player. Gives Arsenal a boost going into the final. RLC is the only one that plays the no.8 role well in this system.
  3. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Best post I have read on here for months.
  4. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    I like the fact City conceded first. It got those twats excited thinking it might be their title. With the luck Liverpool have had this year it seemed like they will win it. Many dodgy decisions that went for them. This is the most painful way to lose a title. 97 points. 1 defeat. Just glad it’s happened to Liverpool.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    And these are only the mistakes that lead to goals. He has made many more that did not lead to goals. For his age and experience I really find it hard to understand how he can make such amateur errors.
  6. Agree I did not expect to see us in this position but when you look at the teams we had to play in Europa should we really have lost to any of them? We had an easier path than Arsenal to be honest. Frankfurt were the only really decent team we played and luckily for us they got a bit tired when we played them. Benfica could have been a harder game I think. In the PL I expected us to be better than Arsenal because we are better than them. United catching up was too much for them in the end. It was crazy that they even came close to us. Top 4 was between us and Arsenal for most of the season and 8/10 times we should finish above them based on the squads.
  7. Somehow Zappa was probably MOTM and could be starting the final in a few weeks. Good to reach the final. Missing out with the other 3 getting to finals would have made it a very ****** end to the season. Can’t say I am confident about the final. But surely we won’t lose two finals in one season. We are better than Arsenal but what frustrates me is I feel Emery will figure us out very easily. Also they are more physical than us. It will become a battle and when it becomes a battle with this team they can’t stand tall.
  8. Didn’t this PK shootout go exactly the same way the Tottenham Carabao Semi final went?
  9. Kepa is very good at reading the pens.
  10. No one demanded a great season but the football has been very boring. We played counter attacking football and it was more fun to watch if I am honest. We get bullied by every physical team. We don’t mix up our play enough. Not enough direct football when we need to be.
  11. Yeah don’t let Jorginho do that pen run up again please.
  12. I really think the atmosphere is aligned with the football that is being played. Not sure this type of football can ever bring an amazing atmosphere.
  13. A decent player but I agree he has not been used enough. Especially in games when we need more attacking play from RB.
  14. Somehow Zappacosta has been the best out of all the subs and his sub was not meant to happen.