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  1. Yeah I called it few weeks back Spurs could win all their remaining fixtures and many doubted. If we do win the league they would have been one of the best runners up I have seen in years. They are a class team.
  2. Yeah there goes another 3 points to Spurs. Thought Arsenal would do better considering its the last derby in the Lane, but then again its Arsenal.
  3. So the team recognise how important that win was at the end with their celebrations with the fans?. It was hard to tell with the way they played today. Very poor performance. I think Conte was also a bit poor in not making a decision earlier. Pedro got us out of jail there. I could not see a goal coming. Not sure even sure who deserves motm. The result is very flattering. Everton were just as bad as they were at the bridge they have nothing left to play for. As for Costa I hope we dont offer him a new deal. Its not about quality, Costa mood this 2nd half of the season has made him become a unreliable player. Even when Oscar or previous players have wanted to leave they still put in a determind effort and tried. I don't believe Costa is giving 100%. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt but he is being unprofessional IMO. He is an unpredictable person. Let him go to wherever he wants. We can't take a gamble on his character anymore. If I was Conte I would drop him for the rest of the games. Michy is not worse than what I saw today.
  4. Another Cesc assist. This guy is different class.
  5. Cahill showing better instincts than Costa says it all.
  6. We still need Cesc and some fresh legs.
  7. Where did that come from. Fantastic finish. Reminds me of the Spurs goal.
  8. How long is Conte going to take to realise we need Cesc. Hazard is out of the game. We have nothing else.
  9. Hope Conte blasts these lot. Shocking first half. What makes it worst is how poor Everton have been.
  10. They have nothing to play for.
  11. Everton wont be this poor for 90 mins.
  12. Shocking miss. If we go 1-0 down we would only have ourselves to blame. Wasted so many good situations so far.
  13. Should be scoring that Hazard.
  14. Same team as Southampton game for this one. We would need Matic for this as well as Cesc. Everton play quite deep, I can't see us having many counter opportunities against them so we would need Cesc from the start. They are a strong team at home. Pedro or Willian wont help as much as Cesc would in this game.
  15. I have always thought Cahill and Azpi should switch positions. Azpi is better suited to cover Alonso's lack of Pace and can also bring the ball out better on the left side than Cahill. It also means that Moses and Azpi wont be targeted for aerial balls as Cahill would be next to Moses. Our left hand side is taller and slower while the right hand side is shorter and faster, that includes Kante and Matic too. I am surprised Conte has never considered changing it.