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  1. This whole "honour service" should only be giving to legends that served us in an amazing way such as Terry and Lampard. I am not sure how RA can give Matic such a transfer. What has Matic done to earn such a good deed? What if Hazard wants to go City? Why not just give him an honour service too and pratically sell the league. Hope this is the last time the board do this nonsense. I do not care who it is no more selling to direct rivals.
  2. He did play CDM he was always behind Pogba in nearly every situation. He was sweeping up everything too. He would find it hard sweeping things up when we have Kante who does that in both parts of the pitch. Matic is more of a protecter of the back 4. In order to see the best of him he needs to play that sweeping role without having other defensive players around him. It makes him look like a pointless extra body when he has another Defensive player with him. Kante and Bakayoko suit us better than Matic did. That is why I wanted Matic to go because he is not the CM that Conte wants but selling him to a manager who knows him very well and a title rival? Just bizarre. I did not like selling Cech to Arsenal but this is 10X worse as its a better team and a manager who knows him very well.
  3. Matic did not play that well under Conte because Conte uses his midfielders as CM's he does not do holding midfielders. Matic plays best when he's a CDM. Its why Conte wants Drinkwater and bought Bakayoko. All of them are CM's.
  4. The Matic deal was never going to make sense. Never mind selling to a rival but selling to a manager who knows him very well is the double blow. I wanted Matic gone but not to them it makes no sense. RA did the same thing with Cech and let him go anywhere he wants because he promised to stay in a season where he wanted to go. If Hazard did the same would we sell him to City or so? No chance. Hope they use this as a lesson no matter the player and their desires never sell to rivals.
  5. I also am concerned about Luiz I feel he is getting back to his old complacent self. I really feel that old Luiz is slowly coming back under the radar. I think he needs competition or to be pushed for midfield for the time being. Maybe a new cb to challenge him would make him sit up again.
  6. Sorry but Kante was the best player in the 1st half. He was the only one who did not panic after the Cahill red. He kept his cool as he always does. Kante has had worse games by far.
  7. Very worried about low shots and Courtois. It would be interesting to see a stat in the percentage of low shots he concedes. I get the feeling it will be very high. De Gea Lloris and Cech are all better at saving lower shots than him. He has a major weakness there I feel. It just seems too easy to score a low shot against him.
  8. So we managed to come back even with 10 and 9 men. Just goes to show how we lost our heads when that red card went in. Even with 9 men we can beat Burnley. That first half is what cost us the game we completely collapsed. We should have gone in at HT 1-0 down and regrouped. Instead we lost compousure and lost our heads. Real lessons to be learned. I heard Morata was class. Bats was absolutely shocking in the 1st half.
  9. Forget about the board and forget about transfers. We are losing 3-0 to Burnley at home. The defending for the first and 3 goal is appalling. We started off very well. The minute Cahill got sent off we showed the lack of real leadership and lost our heads. That is the main reason we are losing a lack of compousure and players not playing our game. I have never seen a team be so immature when going down to 10 men. Started running into tackles and trying things we would not do if we had 11 men. Conte also made a blunder with the subs but this is really down to the team performance not the board or transfers.
  10. Like I said earlier the lads lost their heads and lacked compousure after the red. They started playing on adrenaline instead of with their brains. 3-0 even with 9 men would be pathetic.
  11. Yeah game over. We won't come back with with Willian and Bats. Conte made a mistake by bringing on Christensen we offered nothing going forward. Onto the next game.
  12. Need Morata to partner Bats. No point bringing of Bats when we need a goal. Need to go 4 at the back.
  13. can't see where the goals will come from. Willian and Bats are probably the least threatining of our attacking players. Would not have brought off Boga.
  14. Courtois has to save that. Poor.
  15. can't really argue with that. Shocking tackle from Cahill. The lads are losing their composure.