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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whats the point in loaning Barkley? Just sell him if he’s not in the plans. I could understand loaning RLC because he needs game time and fitness to get back to where he was at 18/19 but Barkley? Makes no sense. I would have kept him as a squad player since we look low in numbers if RLC is leaving too.
  2. The negativity on Twitter is even worse. Quite a few on here are already Lampard out they just haven’t said it yet but Twitter seems too toxic especially towards Mount.
  3. I don’t know why Frank doesn’t do anything about it. He doesn’t even try to use another player to play DM or different combinations. This Kova and Jorg pivot has been giving us no protection right from last September but yet he still uses it. Even bothered to play it in an FA cup final. He then moans about how they pass slow etc but why we they even playing? I can’t see what that combination gives us. I am a bit surprised to see Jorg still playing considering many reports have linked him being placed on the transfer list. He probably won’t be here after the window.
  4. Defensively Silva and Zouma are likely to be the best combination but I could be wrong. I don’t think we have the luxury to be talking about lack of ability on the ball with our CB’s. Just having two CB’s that can put in a good defensive display is all I can ask for. I know we will concede chances in every game but a solid performance from them consistently is the best we can hope for. Considering the lack of protection from the midfield and the quality of the opposition I would say Tomori and Zouma defended quite well today.
  5. Agreed, I was talking about what our main core should be like. Two clear CB’s as first choice and a clear 3rd choice. Right back is a bit tricky with James and Azpi. Certain games we might need one or the other. LB is a clear choice. Azpi back up LB. Emerson/Alonso should only get games when every other choice is unavailable. I would say tonights line up at the back is pretty close to our 1st choice I reckon. Only Silva to come in. I see less rotation at the back this year. Less Emerson and Alonso’s playing. Probably less game time for Tomori too if he’s 4th choice.
  6. Goals conceded is the worrying part. Shouldn’t be that high. In regards to the wins Sarri had the Europa league to be fair which only became a challenge by the semi’s. We also reached the Carabao cup final that year and played easy teams except for Spurs and City. Last year we reached the FA cup having to play Liverpool, Leicester, Manu and Arsenal. But like I said goals conceded shouldn’t be that high.
  7. Very insane, this season we should get less combinations. I only see 6 defenders that should be the main core of this team. 3 CB’s and 3 full backs. For the 3 full backs it’s pretty obvious who they should be. The two CB’s its pretty obvious but the 3rd CB Frank would most likely put Christensen over Tomori. If we still have more than 6 core defenders then I would be very surprised.
  8. That goal is more Emerson than Zouma. If Emerson is in line and closes the space he clears the ball and there’s no goal. Zouma is marking Kane and stopping him from getting the ball. If Zouma leaves Kane and the cross ends up with Kane free in the box we would all be blaming Zouma and saying he should have stuck to Kane. He can’t mark two players at once. I thought our CB’s had a decent game defensively.
  9. Well based on ability he should but I can’t see Lamps dropping him. I think Mount gets a bit too much favouritism at times. I like him but he still has things to learn in the final 3rd. Last season he gave away 5 or so potential assists. Seems to be doing it again this year. I feel like he is a late runner in the box type of player. A bit like Aaron Ramsey. He shouldn’t be the one playing passes into attackers but rather be running onto the passes from a deep position . Players like Havertz n Ziyech should be the passers they have the execution and understanding. Put both of those at no.8 and our attacking play drastically improves.
  10. Agreed, we rode the 2nd half wave well and Kante came on and changed the game from a very passive midfield. 3 really good chances to kill the game and got punished. At this level that happens. This game is more on the attack rather than defence. We only gave them 1 clear cut chance all game. If we take one of those chances its a perfect 2-0 victory.
  11. Sums up Mount game. Wouldn’t have put him on that list after that game. Only got ourselves to blame. Got to kill games especially with our defence.
  12. This game reminded me of games last season when we didn’t have Pulisic. Put Ziyech or Havertz in Mount’s opportunities and we kill the game.
  13. Zouma was too tight and worried about Kane. But Emerson should tuck in beside his CB’s. That gap was too big he has to get narrow. Lack of concentration.
  14. Mount two misplaced passes were worst than the CHO shooting from that position imo.
  15. Oh well, had chances to kill the game. Can’t complain.
  16. Again Mount. Awful pass there. Honestly Werner could have had 4 goals today if we just found him more often. I can feel his frustration.
  17. Ahh Mount that was an easy pass. Could have killed the game there.
  18. They are getting through us easily. I would bring on James at DM.
  19. Too many side ways five-a-side passes. Bring on Havertz or Barkley for one of Kova or Jorginho. Need to be more direct. Tempo is too slow. Defending better today so far but this is pretty much 4 of our 5 best defensive players including the GK so should be expected that we are better than it was on Saturday.
  20. Surely we should try Christensen DM one of these days? I think his characteristics suit DM more than CB. If we don’t get a DM then I question why we loaned out Ampadu.
  21. Can’t see Silva starting this one. Not sure how many times we will see him playing 3 games in a row. 3 games in 6 days at his age isn’t the best move and we don’t want to risk injury. We will probably see Tomori and Christensen or Zouma if he’s fit. Mendy Azpi Tomori Christensen Emerson Barkley Kova Mount CHO Giroud Werner
  22. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    1st goal is a tactical problem imo. We have conceded goals like that before from gaps between full back and CB. It’s too easy to get in the space between the pivot and make a pass as well. I know it came from a mistake but we could still have recovered from the mistake with better defending in that 1st goal. Like I said before, the attacker Christensen was marking had too much space and could easily have made a run in behind on his blind side to receive the pass and be 1-on-1 with our GK. In that scenario he should drop off so that he can see the attacker clearly and wait for James to recover. A better team than WBA plays that ball in behind and we concede a clear cut chance.
  23. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    In a way I agree, the combination of both changing formation and players positions is probably adding more confusion than needed. It’s difficult for the players to play any kind of style when this happens. We have been doing freestyle in our play so far. We just kinda make it up as we go along. The weird thing was last season I saw more of an identity in our play compared to this season. I’m not surprised Mount had his best 45 mins so far when he played in CM with Havertz. Havertz also looks much better alongside Mount. In terms of Werner I had a feeling we might take sometime to play to his strengths. The amount of runs I have seen him make only for the pass to be missed or executed poorly is frustrating. He doesn’t play as a winger though, majority of the game he played close to Tammy which is where he makes his runs from. Regardless of where we play him, until we have a stable system and personnel choice our style of play will be random and players like Werner will become frustrated. Yesterday he was trying to force things.
  24. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Watching the highlights again, for the 1st goal Christensen rather runs in the opposite direction of the player he should be marking. James is way high up the field as he was almost all game but I can’t really understand what Christensen was doing there. He only has 1 player to mark and was aware of the player as he looks back quickly to check him before running into a position where he can’t have an effect. The WBA player plays the ball to feet rather than playing in behind which would have given the player a 1-on-1 chance. Other than that Christensen had a decent game. 3rd goal, Why do we put players like Kante that deep in the box. Surely we should have players on the edge. WBA clearly worked that one on the training ground and saw a flaw in our set piece defending. Both full backs go asleep at the far post but not surprising as defensively both had really poor games. This is where someone like Azpi would help as he rarely switches off in these scenarios. Defensively he’s still our best fullback.
  25. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Midfield improved because Mount went in there. We also had a clear holding player who was the deepest. Something that isn’t clear when we play the pivot. Kova was better than Kante today. Unlucky to get subbed but he wasn’t needed today. That’s on the manager not the player.