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  1. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Well KDB and Salah are lessons to learn from. Short term planning and buying 28 yr olds + has its benefits but also its disadvantages which show more in the long term. KDB one was bizarre because I remember his debut against Hull and thought he was Motm and class. Then all of a sudden completely vanished and thrown out. Somebody had a great vision for this club long term with KDB Lukaku Salah Mata Hazard. It’s painful watching KDB because we really had potentially the best midfielder in the world. Crazy to think that but now people at the club are thinking Barkley and Bakayoko can become such talents. What a decline in terms of young recruitment.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seems a good time for the mail to write that silly story without any substance. Doubt he wants to leave and especially go to Madrid. Spanish football is very technical and wouldnt suit Kante strengths. Don’t think his form has been poor he has just been outshined by Kova this season. As for his price Hazard was £130M on a 1 year contract. Kante is on a 4 year deal. Starting price would be at £150M. Kante isn’t the type to force a move so I don’t see this going anywhere unless they throw £200M.
  3. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Based on his interviews I would say he certainly didn’t want us to play safe. That was on the players. The players themselves should know playing safe against a parked bus makes no sense. We simply lacked creativity and ideas of how to penetrate the defence. Different players and tactics/formation are needed at home games. Frank will figure it out soon. I would be surprised if he goes with similar set up for the Soton game. Pulisic has been needing a rest for a while now. He looked fatigued in the 2nd half. When looking at the bench no one there really brings creativity. Perhaps bringing on Pulisic for the last 30 mins would have been better but many said we can’t afford to drop Pulisic which I can understand.
  4. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Long field passes has been a theme all season. Problem was today when the wide players got the ball they played it safe or backwards, especially Emerson he never once took on his man or looked for a forward pass. Earlier in the season we play far more risky but today everything was so safe. No one wanted to take responsibility and do something with the ball. The only person that actually looked like they wanted the ball was CHO. He actually took on his man and tried to do something rather than passing it to Kante or back to Azpi. His decision making and delivery were a bit off but at least he tried to do something. I can’t fault him for that. I fault the players that simply tried nothing with the ball and took no risks today. Mount and Willian in particular didn’t do enough on the ball as attacking players. Don’t think Willian suits parked bus games at all. That’s something I have been saying for years anyway. He is best at ball carrying in open games but today there was no space. I didn’t expect Bournemouth to park the bus as they usually are a adventurous team but based on recent form I guess it made sense for them. Similar to what West Ham did.
  5. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    It’s a tricky one I think there are some players that are better suited to open games than park the bus teams. In these type of games playing safe passes and not trying anything with the ball only makes it easy for the opponents. When we play against parked buses I think James CHO and Pulisic are probably our biggest threats. They try things with the ball rather than play it safe. Even if it doesn’t come off it is still better than playing it safe and giving Bournemouth or West Ham time to organise themselves. These are the type of games that Hazard helped us in which is why I didn’t jump too much on the “we dont miss him” bandwagon. In games like this he usually bailed us out.
  6. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    The moment we lose everyone starts calling us a midtable team. You should be used to the sensitive reactions on this thread by now. Nobody will remember the good games we had before the Int break. Give it a few more dropped points and people will start saying Lamps should be sacked.
  7. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Don’t particularly fear the Spurs and Arsenal games its the Southampton game that worries me. Teams that sit deep and park the bus frustrate us and we don’t have that mentality to get over the line. That’s not going to come anytime soon anyway. We don’t struggle as much in open games. To score no goals against West Ham and Bournemouth at home shows something is lacking in the creative department. I think a advanced playmaker is needed in Jan. We can’t rely on Pulisic for creativity. He isn’t going to bail us out like Hazard and is new to the league. I would be looking for a no.10.
  8. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    You really going to blame Kepa for that? Ridiculous.
  9. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    If I had to pick best 3 players today both CB would be there. Did you not see Mount, Willian and Jorginho show no movement and no use of possession. I don’t think this one is on the defence. Attacking play today was static. These guys don’t move around when temperatures get cold. Emerson aswell has a simple header and misses. But yeah lets focus on the CB’s.
  10. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Yeah this going flat by Christmas is becoming a recurring theme. I get vibes some foreign players form dip whenever the temperatures start to dip too. Jorginho Emerson in particular have dipped form drastically. They haven’t had a good game since the int break.
  11. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    What exactly did Zouma did wrong today? Him and Rudiger were solid.
  12. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Is it me or does this team simply not fancy the winter period? Anyway the quicker we buy goal scorers the better. My word if Tammy and Pulisic dont score then that is pretty much it. Can’t blame the defending today which I thought was actually good. Got to question what Mount offered today. He seems to have gone off the boil. Not the worst performance of the season as West Ham was far worse. We actually created chances today. Just didn’t take them as usual. Emerson and Mount should have scored.
  13. Chelsea 0 AFC Bournemouth 1

    Missing an advanced playmaker. Games like this is where we miss Hazard. I would put Pulisic as no.10. Mount is struggling. Maybe push him out wide.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    3.5M is what we sold him for I am pretty sure the buy back wouldn’t be the same price. Guessing its somewhere around £15M. Would give Boga few years and see how he turns out. I hope these buy backs dont expire soon.
  15. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    We aren’t going to be killing games off until we have better goal scorers and decision makers in the first 11 and on the bench. We can control a game from 1st min as much as we want but if we are not clinical then the opposition will always have a chance. Clean sheets are not really going to be a thing anymore soon for top teams. With the high risk football teams are playing now a days I doubt many would focus on clean sheets but rather how many they can score. We are stuck in between being a high risk team without many goal scorers and a team that can’t shut out opponents. Our last two games we should have scored 3 goals by the 60th min based on chances we created. If we only score 1 or 2 then the opposition will always be in it especially with how fragile the defence is and you can feel the tension at the back. I can understand Lamps frustration when he mentions the final third but the interview he made yesterday I think he realises it is a problem that is not going to change. Cesc and Hazard had a world class level of decision making and final pass. Right now no one in our team has the same level of those two things so it makes sense why we aren’t effective as we should be in the final third.
  16. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Yeah me neither. Can’t take qualifying in the CL and being in the top 4 any longer!
  17. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Jorginho dropped too deep into the CB line. If he held his position slightly he would have cut it out. That late on I think fatigue was kicking in so not really going to look too much into that goal. We don’t often struggle with cut backs.
  18. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Great timing.
  19. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Happy we aren’t in Europa this year. Salzburg Inter Benfica and Ajax all dropping in wow. That is going to be a interesting Europa.
  20. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    To be fair we also got lucky in the Ajax game in which we should have lost. So we gained our deserved point back after the Barkley mess.
  21. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Need to tone down the intensity in our game. We can’t kill games off so we can’t press as intense as we do. Need 90 mins in our legs otherwise we will lose games in the 60-90 min period.
  22. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Remy saved us there at the end. If he passed that across...
  23. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Why so many high this late in the game?
  24. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Can’t blame the subs we looked tired and needed fresh legs.
  25. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Dropped our intensity. Not enough goal scorers in this team to kill games. We should have been out of sight.