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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I just want to see us going for other targets upfront. There is nothing more to negotiate with Everton, we wont pay the fee so focus on other targets. The interest should have ended once Everton named their price.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't United send a message last season with Pogba? £90M message that said they are ready to sit in 6th position for the majority of the season. Messages do not mean much when clubs already know that we are a force. You either build a team the right way or chuck funds around hoping it gets you somewhere. United's recruitment these last few years have been the worst out of the top 6 and it's ironic because they have the most money. Apart from Pogba the 3 other signings they made last window were worth the money they paid. The first decent window they had in a while. If they had actually used the Pogba money to strengthen other areas they may well have had a better season but they had to "send a message".
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well if £40M can get you Andre Silva and £50M can get you Lacazette then I don't understand how £100M gets you Lukaku. Something is clearly wrong there. Anyway another striker we should look at is Icardi. Apparently he also has an insane release clause but I think Inter would accept lower than the release clause.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah Lukaku agent wants united so that he can get another £40M in his pocket. If Lukaku does arrive it will be late in the market , maybe when Everton lower their price. Until then nothing will happen with him. Lots of papers will write crap but no one is going to bid £100M. It would be funny if he ends up stuck in Everton because they have spent £90M so far.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wow imagine seeing Matic as an alternative to Veratti. What a mistake that would be.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am still a bit surpised we did not chase Aubameyang or Lacazette. Considering the prices being quoted they are pretty good deals.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its not about how much sales we make or income we get. The board will give Conte a fixed budget that he has for this market. I am guessing it is around £220M mark. Regardless of sales or income that is how much the board are likely to spend this window . They wont go much further than that. If we blow half that budget on 1 player it is simply illogical. That is why we can not pay £100M for a player in this window when we have so many other positions to fill. While I agree Lukaku stats are impressive but we must remember he is playing in a team where he is the only player capable of getting more than 5 goals a season. Literally the next top scorer for Everton had 5 goals. When he comes here he may find it hard to adjust to playing in a style where its not all about him.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I seriously doubt 2004 Drogba would have cost £80M in this market. What your forgetting is that dealing with PL players and players outside the PL are completely different. PL clubs over price their players. Its been happening for quite some time now. Good examples are the transfer fees of Sterling and Stones. Both cost around £50M and in each of those markets you could have bought Dybala for £30M and Bailly for £30M. Quite obviously the £30M players are far better than those two who are "PL proven" players but yet teams still feel the need to pay such high prices for PL talent. The same thing with VVD whos value seems twice as much as Manolas or Ruideger . Simply because he is "PL proven". The PL market is absolute garbage and has been for quite some time. How we managed to get Kante that cheap is a mystery. There is other talent out there for better value than £100M for Lukaku. Everton probably rate Barkley at £60-70M. Bakayoko might be costing half of that. Just as how Lacazette might be costing half of Lukaku's asking price. Think about how crazy that sounds.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    People saying the fee is not important, we do not have unlimited funds. We are still after two strikers in this market as well as another AM and possibly CM. Our LWB and CB might be costing £70M-£100M depending on who we buy. I do not see us spending more than £220M or so in this market. That means 2 ST's , AM and CM (possibly) costing around £150-£120M. But yet Lukaku alone who is 1 ST is going to cost £100M without including agent fees. Every position has to have a certain budget limit. If we are willing to spend £100M on Lukaku then I do not know how we are going to pay for other positions that we need to strengthen. I just remembered I forgot to include Bakayoko fee in that budget too.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    We should just switch targets if Everton will not lower the price. Anyone willing to pay nearly half of our budget for Lukaku is insane. Max we should be willing is 60-65. Dont forget agent fees, this is the same agent who pocketed £30M+ or so for the Pogba deal. There are other targets out there. Lukaku is not the best striker in the world. He wont even make top 5. I just hope the board give up and focus on other targets for now. We should never do business with Everton again.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hmm I am not sure about Alex Telles. Not sure he is an upgrade to Alonso. More of a squad player. With the Sandro deal I do not know if we ever agreed a fee. I just can't see us paying £60M+ for a wingback. Wouldn't mind going for Ghoulam or Mendy depending on the price.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair Bournemouth loan period he only really played for 3 months or so. He was not a regular at the start. What I was trying to say is there is no NEED to sell Ake right now. We do not need the money plus Ake has actually played for us last season and never looked out of place when he did. Bournemouth would have been happy taking him on loan for a season or two.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I just don't understand the need to sell Ake. I understand he needs first team football but why sell him? Are we desperate for funds? A simple 1-2 year loan would show us the level he is at then we can make a better judgement. Like what we did to Christensen why not do that to more youths? It gives you a better reflection of their talent. Something just tells me Conte would not want Ake sold. He may not have been in his plans this year but I dont see why Conte would want to sell him. It's bizarre. Conte spoke highly of him a few times. We should judge our youth talent based on the PL level experience they get whether it is in Serie A , La Liga or PL etc. Give them 45-60 games in a 2 year period in a team at the PL level after they have played in lower divisions then judge them from there. We are not desperate for funds so what is the rush to offload them?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    He surely can not be harder to handle than Costa. I think he acts like that because it is Arsenal and they can not give him what he wants. I doubt he was a diva in Barca. I also doubt he would act like that if he came here.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was surpised that we were not going for Manolas before. Half the price of VVD, Bouncci and Koiuilbaly. What is odd is the lack of interest in him. One of the bargains of the summer.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Moses usually ran out of steam towards 75 min mark. Which is why he was subbed off quite often. Azpi has better stamina than the majority of the team. Maybe only Kante is better in that department.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Morata can do a decent job of leading the line on his own. It may not be as good as Costa but he can put in a shift. Michy is not a player Conte trusts. I am a fan of Michy but clearly Conte has other ideas. If we enter this season with Lukaku and Michy as our strikers then we have slightly downgraded as I think Costa is better than Lukaku. Even if Costa had stayed and we brought in Lukaku it would have been a problem. Every striker is supposed to offer something different in the team. Having two strikers who are very similar would not benefit us. Conte this season will play different systems. It makes us less predictable. Morata can play both 1st and 2nd striker. Not many can do that. He probably is best as a 2nd striker but what other 2nd strikers are out there at his level and available?
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    We do need a striker like Morata. A striker that can partner Lukaku very well and lead the line in a decent way. Morata can play with the ball at his feet and link up play. What people are forgetting about both Costa and Lukaku is that their strengths and weaknesses are similar. Both enjoy running in behind onto through passes but when the ball is played to their feet in deep positions they are pretty poor with the distribution aspect. When teams park the bus and leave us with no space behind we will need a striker that is comfortable with the ball at his feet. This is where a Morata type of striker can help link up play better for the likes of Hazard and Pedro. Morata may not have the best goal record but he can offer this team something that it lacks badly. Morata strenghts are Lukaku's weaknesses.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really surprised we are selling Ake. I think he has bags of potential. Him and Christensen are the ones I am very sure would make it at this level. Very versatile player too. Just needs 2 years playing week in week out and he would grow into a well made player. That £20M even feels underpriced in this market. Feels like another KDB situation to be honest. Not at the same level as KDB but similar with the lack of awareness of the players potential. Rushed decision.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    There seems to be odd reports regarding Manolas being available for £30M which would be crazy if true and also Aubameyang available for £63M. We should go all out on both if true. They would be Bargains compared to some of the over priced PL targets we are chasing. Both these guys have CL experience too.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think the Lewandoski thing is just his agent trying to get the player what he wants from the club. Bayern wont sell for anything under £100M. That is a gurantee. I dont even think Bayern would listen to any offers. We wont spend £100M on him even if he did want to leave. We can hold talks but realistically we are not going to sign him. Quite surprised some fans believe it might happen.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    They will be. They have spent around £60M or so now and still have not bought a new striker. They will need to offload Lukaku at one point. If they keep him another window his value will go down. Other clubs do want him its just they are not ready to meet the asking price plus Lukaku only wants to return here. Other clubs know that by now. I was not keen on him returning too but Costa has left us in this position to be honest. I dont believe Lukaku can be leading striker all season for us. I still think we need two joint leading strikers on a similar level. Lukaku has never played a full season with CL football.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be honest we probably wont get most of our targets until late pre season or even after. We are not the type to pay the asking fee straight away and we will always negoiate it down to the last penny. I am only expecting 1 transfer to be made before July and that is probably Cabalero maybe Bakyako too but I think that would be slightly after the start of July. The Lukaku saga will drag onto August I think. Thats why I think its best to make another striker our priority and get a better value striker for now. Everton will not lower the asking fee until August so we are wasting our time negotiating with them for now. Lukaku does not want to go anywhere else but here and wont play for them again so really we have the upper hand we just have to approach them later in the market when they get desperate to sell. No club will pay £80M for Lukaku and Everton know that. They are just testing there luck. I hope we do not fall for it.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can not see that many clubs bidding 80M or so for him. Most will bid 60M and if that gets rejected they would walk away. Everton will lower their price if they have not sold him by early August or even mid-July which is when we should come in. The only club willing to bid very high is united but I can not see him going there. He really wants to come here.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    If James Rodriguez arrives I think he would be part of the CM as well as the 2 behind the striker. He will play more in the CM role I think. Good squad player too, he would give us something from deep positions with his long range passing which would make us less dependent on Cesc from those areas. I am hoping he is an addition and not a replacement for Cesc because that would be another downgrade. I'm hoping the CM positions would be James ,Bakayoko Kante and Cesc. That would a very well balanced midfield.