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  1. Kante and Luiz were very good. Kante must be one of the most consistent players in the world. He puts in 8/9 out of 10 performances week in week out. Amazing player. Our best player IMO. Despite it being a physical game I still think Cesc was needed from the start. Still waiting for Costa to have a world class performance. Its been a while.
  2. Big result. I had a feeling Cahill would make it up.
  3. There is definitely a red card in this game for sure
  4. Defending set pieces are a problem with our team. We never seem very organised. One player is always free somewhere.
  5. Costa not helping the team much. Playing poorly, walking around much and likely to be sent off today.
  6. Cahill decision is correct. Just as the Azpi one was too.
  7. JM wants a big rivalry with Chelsea mainly because he fears what Conte can do with this team. When we were getting hammered by Liverpool and Arsenal he made no silly comments to criticize the team. That would have been the perfect time to blast his mouth off about us. Instead he starts seeing us rise and play well then starts making little digs about us. He then brands us as a defensive team, which is very rich coming from him. This rivarly picked up when JM realised Chelsea are a threat probably around the time we smashed them 4-0. Before then he barely said anything about us. Its a tactic he uses when he fears an opponent. Did it time and again with Liverpool and Benitez. Also did it with Wenger but the wenger rivalry grew when he returned to Chelsea for the 2nd time as they were a stronger team than when he left. He never rivalled fergie as he knew that would be a silly thing to do considering Fergie influence in the PL. JM thrives on making rivalries and enemies. It gets him going he is too bored when everything is peaceful.
  8. Really did not want Tottenham. Worst team to draw against. Was hoping City would take them out.
  9. Kante again Motm. Hazard close. He was everywhere and also got a goal!. He was very good on the ball today too. United showed our weaknesses. I was expecting a tight game. With 11 I think it would have gone to extra time. Very worried about Costa. He is still not playing to his strengths. Barely made any run in behind. The Conte-Jose rivalry is going to be interesting. JM came with a tactic to get physical with us. It backfired. Conte is not one to back down. JM knows Conte is a problem.
  10. Nope. He has been poor again today. Very poor.
  11. Another simple chance for Costa.
  12. Costa has to put that away. No excuses.
  13. Down to 10 does not mean much until Cesc comes on. Missing both him and Pedro. Would have started either one. We suffer without both. United have played us well. Allowed Alonso and Cahill to have the ball. They know they aren't very good at bringing the ball out. I would have started Ake.
  14. Left hand side has lost the ball numerous times. Alonso, Cahill and Matic showing their weaknesses.
  15. I think the game will be much harder than most think. They will park the bus , drop deep and give us no space to run in behind. I do not believe all those attacking players are unavailable. Its just an excuse he has to play such a defensive game. With the likes of Rashford and Martial there, he would have been forced to go for a more attacking approach and he knows that would have played into our hands. If this was a PL game at OT both Rashford and Martial would start even if they had "knocks" . Expect a very defensive game from them. Another early goal would be perfect. Jose is looking to pull off one of those famous defensive 0-1 away wins. He badly wants to beat us, I actually do not think he is over the sacking even though he says he is. I think it still hurts him especially when he sees us doing well without him. The comments he makes about us show that imo. Always sounding like the jealous ex that is not yet over the relationship.
  16. Tottenham are our main rivals. They will finish on at least 80 points. They have no Europe too. Their fixture list is a perfect list for a title chasing team.
  17. No way Azpi is worst on the ball than Cahill or Zouma
  18. Azpi surprisingly.
  19. In a game we could have won 4-0 we end up scrapping 2-1 Lol. 3 points are all that matter in the end.
  20. Hazard Motm? Jesus. Kante and Luiz have been beasts today.
  21. Hardly touched the ball? He must be top 5 most touches on the ball in our team. He has not had a typical world class passing performance but he is still a very useful player on that pitch at the moment.
  22. If he goes our passing becomes worse. Need a calm head in midfield at times like these.
  23. These lot are shocking. We can beat them 5 today.
  24. Should be at least 2. Good performance, picked it up in the last 10 mins of the half. Disappointed in Diego again. he's dropping very deep rather than staying up there battling defenders. He has to lead the line. He's playing like a false 9.
  25. Moses and Costa have to put that away. Golden chance.