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  1. I have always thought Cahill and Azpi should switch positions. Azpi is better suited to cover Alonso's lack of Pace and can also bring the ball out better on the left side than Cahill. It also means that Moses and Azpi wont be targeted for aerial balls as Cahill would be next to Moses. Our left hand side is taller and slower while the right hand side is shorter and faster, that includes Kante and Matic too. I am surprised Conte has never considered changing it.
  2. Are Cahill and Hazard our top scorers of 2017?. It feels like it. There is a clear problem with the side of Matic and Alonso. Matic keeps getting too close to Alonso and leaves the midfielder inside to swing in an Eriksen like cross. It seems teams are discovering this weakness. Matic needs to hold his position.
  3. Not keeping the ball well at all. The left hand side has been poor.
  4. Yeah I also felt Bats had a decent game, I thought I was alone on that opinion and was wondering if I watched a different game. Considering the mins he has played this season and was up against the best defence he was decent for me. He got tired towards the end which I can understand. I was not expecting him to outplay Alderwerld and Vertonghen. That was never going to happen. His hold up play is better than I expected.
  5. Thought the big difference in the two teams is game management and experience. When playing in big cup games you have to know how to manage the game. We have the "know-how" due to our experience of playing in such games. Spurs lack knowing how to handle tricky moments in the game due to their inexperience of playing in such games. They gave away a sloppy free kick and penalty in both situations they did not need to foul the player. Also not changing their approach when Hazard and Costa came on was the big surprise but then again you could also say it shows their bravery. I think what is very clear is that Eriksen is the one who makes them tick. Alli and Kane are the finishers but if you cut out Eriksen they just feed off scraps. We have made Eriksen look like Iniesta this season. We pressed Dembele more than we pressed Eriksen. Bizarre, considering what he did to us earlier in the season.
  6. Ake was class. Answered all the people that said Terry should start. Terry has not played a game with this kind of intensity for a long time. What surprised me about Ake was he was not nervous or worried. He was very calm. He believes in his ability. Something a few players need to do in this team.
  7. MATIC WTF!!!!! What a goal.
  8. Someone should be man marking Eriksen. He made the two assists at White hart Lane and has made two assists again today. We are giving him a free ride. Kante should be on him.
  9. That goal was pretty much a repeat of the ones we conceded at white hart Lane.
  10. Both Azpi and Luiz poor there. Top pass no doubt but but one of them has to cover him.
  11. Not a great half but we are in front. We need to keep the ball, its why I said we need Cesc. Kante and Matic are forcing passes onto the wingbacks or front 3. Need a calm head to keep the ball. Best player I think has been Michy. Held the ball up well and run the channels. Alonso is looking unsettled.
  12. We can not keep the ball for even 1 minute. Embarrassing at the moment.
  13. We just keep giving possession back. Need to keep the ball for a bit. can't take on all this pressure.
  14. Thats the one thing we miss without Cahill. I think they will dominate us on set pieces and headers.
  15. How about that. The tackle by Ake leading to that and the flick by Bats. Who would have thought they would have that much of an impact straight away. Top free kick though.
  16. So where is the creativity suppose to come from? A match without Cesc and Hazard is worrying especially against a team this good. didn't see that Michy decision coming. I'm guessing false 9 was the first plan but Hazard picked up a knock. Still think we are going to miss Cesc badly. Need a calm head on the ball in the midfield.
  17. Cesc has to start. Should have against United. We wont control the midfield without him. They will press Kante and Matic into making poor/wrong passes as they did in the previous games. Simple stuff really. Cesc starting is more important than Costa not starting. Its quite clear to see Costa will be leaving in the summer. He may be trying to play himself out of the club. Not sure what Conte is going to do but the amount of minutes Bats has gotten tells you he wont start. I do think Bats has been made an example by Conte of choosing not to play players he does not buy. Same could be said for Ake, I think Conte wanted to buy a defender instead of recalling Ake that's why he never makes it in the squad. The treatment of both players is bizarre considering situations we have been in this season. Even when 2-0 down Bats still does not come on but RLC and Willian do?. I think its more Conte sending messages to the board than it is their performances/quality. Both players are better players than the minutes they have had so far. Anyway beating Spurs would be a huge lift we need. It is going to be the hardest game of the season. If I'm honest I can't see where the victory will come from. They are better than us in every department at the moment.
  18. Looking at the game yesterday again and listening to Conte comments it feels like the team did not give 100% as they knew it would be a hard game compared to the rest of the fixtures list. As a team effort it was the worst game of the season so far. We even tried harder against Arsenal in the Emirates. The team lacked motivation because they lacked belief that they could get get 3 points at OT. The team is looking for 5 more wins, 4 of them should be at home and one either at WB or Everton. Watch the desire right from the start it was not there , almost as if the team just wanted to write this match off or use it as a wake up call for the Spurs game. Either way there was nothing Conte could have done. The team know getting 3 points at Everton or WB is easier than 3 points at OT. The main thing is we must win everyone of our remaining home games and hope for favours from other teams. That is where the title would be won. If we dont win all of the home games then we don't deserve the title to be honest because that would be straight forward games we bottled more than once in the run in. If we had beaten Palace then we would have only needed to win our home games. That is why the Palace game was so crucial.
  19. 2-0 down and not bringing on a second striker. Dont care how bad Bats is that is a bizarre decision. When you bring on Willian instead of Bats when looking for goals then you have made a mistake. Conte has had a very poor game. He lost this game. The FA game was a big clue to switch things up. We struggled withour Cesc in that game and then today again. Dont want to see Matic start another game this season. If we dont start Cesc against Spurs we will lose badly. We can't create without him in big games. People are saying we might have lost the title in this match. No chance. If we lost the title it was in the Palace game. If we had won that we would only need 4 more wins and they all could have been our home games. I said it weeks ago Spurs can win this league. Many doubted and said it was way over. Not a chance.
  20. Game over people. Well win your 4 home games boys and one against Everton or West brow away and the title is ours. This game was poorly planned imo. Conte got it wrong.
  21. Well if Conte does not make a change at HT the game would be over. Over to you Antonio.
  22. Why are Moses and Azpi so deep. They are not pressing the full backs.
  23. No control without Cesc. Big mistake not playing him.
  24. That United team is more or less the team we struggled to beat comfortably in the FA. Rashford presses more than Ibra also Ibra could be a impact sub if he comes on and they throw the ball in the box. Quite a defensive United team. Think it is a big mistake by Conte to leave Cesc on the bench. We struggled to create in the FA game against them without him. Expect more of the same. Courtois is going to be missed.
  25. Not seen Matic play this well in a while. Very good performance from him. We played better in 2nd half. Big win.