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  1. Champions League 2019/2020

    Need Sarri to stay if we are to offload Jorginho. As for Sarri not really surprised. Don’t think he is flexible enough for a big team like that. 2 cup finals lost and going out over two legs to a Lyon team who hasn’t played for 4 months and looked poor themselves. Not great. Juve fans didn’t enjoy their league campaign either. Without Ronaldo it would be a lot worse to be honest.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fair points but I don’t think there is a CB1 type in the market that you are looking for. We could be spending multiple windows searching for an elite CB and in the end we might not even get them. Not sure about Burnley, Sheffield do but they play in a back 3. I think it’s easier for average CB’s to play in that system than a back 4.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    The last minute tackle Zouma made against Palace was really old school defending, imagine Christensen and Rudiger in the same situation. It’s most likely a goal. That was a huge moment in the top 4 race. Dunk has been my first choice CB this window and I’m not usually into buying PL talent. He gives us many things we lack. He won’t solve all the problems but he can play in a back 4 and can actually defend too. Something I can’t say for all our CB’s.
  4. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Pinball? Hardly, After the first 2 months it stopped, it became a slow build up and slow tempo. Only in the 2nd half of the Europa final was when I witnessed the good attacking football we played in the first two months. Between that it was usually a slower tempo. Pinball is what City play consistently.
  5. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    His words about passing the ball around and slowing down are aimed mainly at the midfielders, most obvious being Jorginho. It’s quite obvious Jorg likes a slow build up and slow tempo type of game. He likes spraying 5 yard passes back and forth especially with Kova but in the end we didn’t play anything in behind them. I don’t really think either midfielder can play quick intense tempo football which is pretty much what the manager wants. When we play direct the game gets stretched and Kova and Jorg tend to struggle in those moments. He is not the type to play lots of long passes and balls in behind like Cesc. I don’t really blame Jorg and Kova for playing at this sort of tempo because I don’t think they have the stamina to play the way the manager wants.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    True but some may become good squad players in the future. Selling them before the deadwood wouldn’t make too much sense. It’s the current squad players who I don’t think would be good enough to be called squad players in 2-3 years, that we should be selling now. The Barkley, Alonso, Christensen and Emerson types need to be shown the door this window before we move on to players like Zouma who I wouldn’t sell imo.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don’t see Kante leaving. Unless a crazy bid comes in then maybe but I don’t think it will happen. Would be surprised if Zouma leaves before either Christensen or Rudiger. Both those have two years left and there’s no talk of extensions yet which makes me think one could leave this year and possibly next year.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    So it looks like Willian is leaving. Asking for 3 years and an increase in wages. He’s lucky to have been offered 2 years. I’m not going to miss him and I don’t know how he would have taken being a squad player next year. He can throw the odd tantrum here and there. Good servant and I appreciate the effort but it’s time to say bye. I don’t think we need a direct replacement unless the extra money is there for one. Ziyech Pulisic Werner, CHO and Mount can all play wide. If anything I would bring back Gallagher to add extra midfield options. Saves cost and gives chance to a midfielder who is probably better than Barkley and less injury prone than RLC.
  9. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    The whole team is poor at knowing when to foul and not foul. We seem to have this problem of fouling in dangerous areas when we are sitting deep with numbers behind the ball and don’t need to commit any fouls. This gives away free kicks in good positions. We saw at least 2 yesterday. This shows naive moments from certain players. Then when we are caught open we tend to give less free kicks away which is rather dumb and teams run through the softest middle I have seen since Arsenal’s post invincible team. Midfield is all about balance and we have had one of the most unbalanced midfields I can remember this season. I watched the 2nd goal again and how easily that goal could have been avoided. James is caught way high up the pitch but we technically still have 4 defenders behind the ball. Our DM’s literally move at the slowest speed while all the danger unfolds in front of them. Not one of them smells danger or the need to help our defenders out until it’s too late. This is where Kante is completely different. He would have sensed that and would have been inside the box acting as a support defender the moment Christensen commits himself. In the defensive transitions phase Kova and Jorg are basically non existent. Lack of protection for the CB’s has been the biggest problem all season. Followed by individual mistakes. Lamps knows this league well and how important balance is. If we are still seeing unbalanced midfield combinations like this next season then he only has himself to blame. Amapadu’s season was the biggest loss. He would have brought far more balance to this midfield as well as giving us many things we lack such as physical presence, good engines and height.
  10. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    CHO has been coming on in previous games rather than Pedro. Today I just felt he went for experience. Let’s not forget what CHO did when he came on in the semi’s. Considering the circumstances I think it was the right call.
  11. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Ok so we have a serious problem with Anthony Taylor. He shouldn’t be in charge of our games. Clearly has something against us.
  12. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Perhaps the gap between the senior players and younger players is not as big as some thought. Many passengers we have been carrying for years in this team.
  13. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Other than the obvious high line what other tactical aspect could the manager have changed? If we go 433 they have an extra man out wide and can play down the sides and get in behind easily. I would like to know what others thought we could have done tactically to win the game? Anyway I think finals are won by small margins and usually by a bit of quality in a tight game. Two years ago we beat Man u and got completely dominated all game only to score a penalty after a great Cesc pass and win the game. Some could call it a masterclass but I thought we got lucky in that final as Man u didn’t take their chances. If we had Pulisic do something magically in this 2nd half and go on to win the game then no one would be talking about tactics. Fine margins. I don’t think we got completely outplayed and dominated tactically in this game.
  14. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Think he got it tactically wrong in the 1st half but 2nd half we dropped deeper and the goal just comes from ridiculous defending. We were also on top beginning to get back into the game. I’m not a huge fan of the formation but we saw what happened when we didn’t match Sheffield formation. Tactically I don’t see what we did wrong in the 2nd half. Build up play was non existent and we looked tired as the game went on. Thought Arsenal played poorly but our final ball was poor. Many promising positions we got into but lacking end product.
  15. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Looking forward to some players leaving this season. More interested in seeing who is sold rather than who comes. Much needed clear out that must happen this window. Be ruthless Frank.
  16. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Our poor fitness levels entering a final is what looked most worrying. Despite having a week off we still looked tired. Injuries again and Kante didn’t play. When you see players like Azpi get hamstrings you know something is wrong. Can’t remember the last time he had one.
  17. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Shows how well Lamps has done this season. Everyone on that list I would happily sell. What people see in Rudiger I really don’t know.
  18. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I don’t think VAR can get involved in those incidents.
  19. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Even if James was there we had two CB’s in no mans land and no protection from the DM’s. If Bellerin is stopped from walking through the heart of our soft core then the chance never arrives.
  20. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    2nd goal is letting a player run through the middle with ease. Not sure tactics have much of a say. It’s just the personnel. Rudiger should do better too. Can’t let him beat u. Has to take him out or get the ball.
  21. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Game over. They always have something over us in this competition.
  22. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Yellow for that. Really?
  23. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    He’s been poor all season. Big season for him next season. If I don’t see any improvements I would happily sell.
  24. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Game over anyway. Got nothing left and certainly can’t handle extra time.
  25. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Another counter attack. Midfield just let Bellerin run straight through. Pathetic.