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  1. Mario Gomez possibly? Should be less than £10 million.
  2. I don't think we would of sold our second choice striker when Drogba is third choice if we weren't confident about getting another striker in thats better than Drogba.
  3. At least if Costa's not fit enough to start then it will be interesting to see how Drogba does starting a match against a good opposition. Could indicate how well he will be able to do for this season as our 3d choice striker.
  4. At least we should be signing a striker better than Lukaku/Eto'o/Torres/Ba/Drogba so a good back up option to have for Costa.
  5. At least there's no injury so hopefully closer to leaving then. Although if he was to stay I would probably want him as second choice but ideally Costa, new singing and Drogba.
  6. Was there a reason why Torres wasn't on the bench today?
  7. Why not have both? As we're going to need to buy another striker now, although if we were to use this money to buy someone like Pogba instead (don't think it will happen, just an example) and we keep Costa, Torres and Drogba as our 3 strikers then that would also okay. But we shouldn't be relying on Drogba as third choice if our second choice is Torres. He needs to be fourth choice or we replace Torres.
  8. Can I have a name change to ScottCFC until I think of another name to change it to? As I hate seeing my name whenever I post something or when it's in the top corner whilst I'm logged in.
  9. I don't mind what you change it to, I just don't know what to have so will have anything.
  10. Can you change mine to anything, I don't mind what you change it to just not this **** name I already have.
  12. Ramires on the home shirt for me. And Torres/Luiz on the away one.