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  1. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by gangessquote:Originally posted by Kalhow is he supposed to utilise that when he's playing with a bunch of Ghanians? id="quote"> id="quote"> No offense?? what do you mean no offense? Man this is not good enough, try again. This is offensive, I understand if you don't rate the rest of the Ghaneans team ( I don't ) but please say it in a decent way. id="quote"> id="quote">LOL
  2. Gianfranco Zola

    Hmmmm whats new about it ?
  3. New Kits

    Thats a new one .... cornflakes with stella ?
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    geez thats one load of rubbish ...
  5. New Kits

    Our tapping up is so bad we need a decent plumber
  6. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by helen elsePlease calm down. Chelsea have been stupid and foolish in the past but we have to wait for the facts. Spurs announced this yesterday a full 2 weeks after the event. You have a crime against you and you report it 2 weeks later that stinks. Great timing for the Sunday trash papers. We and Tottenham agree that we did approach them about Arnesen. They then say we overstepped the mark about sending a copy letter. This was sent at the same time, was it to his home address or to Tottenham. As a employer you would have to tell him of a job offer. That is in employment law, which makes the Premiership rules a joke. If a complaint comes in Chelsea will win the case hands down. You are not allowed to restrict a person from talking to another party. We will have to pay compensation. For those who do not understand Arnesens role. He will be in charge of our academy and scouting network. Something he is one of the worlds best at. He has many connections all around the world. We are aiming to bring in the best young players to our academy set up and train them to a higher standard. Michael I agree with you we could have done things a bit better than this. Spurs quite rightly are very angry at losing Arnesen to us. We would be no different the other way round. Jose gave his full blessing to this. He has looked at different options, with Arnesen his first choice. Do yourselves a favour don't buy the Sunday papers today, many of you may commit suicide at what crap they will dig up today. id="quote"> id="quote">spot on :)
  7. Frank Arnesen

    more gardening duties :D
  8. Frank Arnesen

    http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.a...nel=Premiership Sky Sports and all my mates are ringing me :((
  9. Ashley Cole

    its a load of crap.... do what they do elsewhere !!! let them chat with who they want BUT if they want to go the buying club buys them out at the "release price" agreed when contract signed ... and thats my lot :P
  10. Ashley Cole

    Chelsea will win the appeal :D
  11. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Bazzablue
  12. Didier Drogba

    IS Drogba'S REALLY AS BAD AS SOME THINK? I think he could end up being a total joke next season.
  13. Didier Drogba

    LOL quality topic ....
  14. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by HarvzI know this is a gammy source quoting yet another gammy source... but Drogba for Essien seems like a fantastic deal to me! He'd probably score as many as Drogba from the midfield too! http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/socc...el.php?ID=82126 id="quote"> id="quote">lol
  15. Didier Drogba

    Its ok saying stuff like "Drogs will come good" but your jobs and rep aren't on the line... leave it to Jose :)
  16. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by Rigmanquote:Originally posted by celery1905Every agent is trying to get their players a move to Chelsea I just hope we can learn to tap up better :) id="quote"> id="quote"> What would be better is that we report every approach by agents to the FA, and let the agents/players get the grief that we have received. id="quote"> id="quote">good idea :) can you imagine how many agents are tapping up Chelsea to get their clients the best move possible in world football :D
  17. Ashley Cole

    Got to remember Cole is thick as two short planks.
  18. Didier Drogba

    Didier who ?
  19. Ashley Cole

    Every agent is trying to get their players a move to Chelsea I just hope we can learn to tap up better :)
  20. Didier Drogba

    Good luck Drogs and take Kez with you :)
  21. Ashley Cole

    Sooner this is put to bed the better :) just hope we learn from it .
  22. Didier Drogba

    I was WRONG bout Didier Donkey .... he is worse than I thought he was.
  23. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by hughjars99More bloody stats! Quite correct, by these figures he doesn't look a bad prospect on paper does he? A top three Premiership striker by all accounts.... Its only when you actually see his OVERALL performance when he's on the pitch that you see how bad he really is. Tricks and skills he has none of, ball holding ability zilch, pace.....well in the Munich games when clean through he looked decidedly sluggish and his general eye for goal is shocking. And 170 minutes per goal? Thats one nigh on every three games. Not good enough. Not by a long shot. id="quote"> id="quote">LOL played Hugh :) best part is when people say he is good in the air !!! he is **** and any defender worth his salt would own him.
  24. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Blue JockHe turns like a fire engine. No amount of hard work will fix that. This really is the place for hope triumphing over experience. id="quote"> id="quote">LMAO I agree.
  25. Michael Essien

    I French league blows , better than Scotland but thats about it but that does not mean you might not get lucky :)