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  1. New Kits

    Come on guys, the Megastore is bound to be more expensive. The shirt is going to ship from Umbro, not a little factory underneath the Matthew Harding Lower. Also, high street sport shops will have a far larger (and therefore relatively cheaper) distribution network than Chelsea FC and its one shop. Same for the onliners - lower overheads = cheaper prices. Oh, and the shop is in London. Tourist capital, by the way. Imagine how many rich tourists that don't know a great deal about market pricing in this country will walk in there after seeing or reading about CFC in some far off country and think that £50's the going rate. Add that to the grossly inflated wages in the city and you can kind of see where the extra margin is going. I agree that if you're a season ticket holder then you should get a sizeable discount. Likewise, if you're abroad and CFC wants to become a global brand, the only way it is going to achieve this is with the merchandise being competatively priced. Unless, of course, it would rather that some sweat shop in a deep jungle in Asia is knocking off fakes at 5p a time. Hell, I'm moving to the US with my newly found global distribution company and cleaning up, cause I bet there's a shed load of would-be Chelsea shirt wearers over there! Franchises are available upon request :)
  2. Didier Drogba

    I have been one of those in these forums who has doubted the abilities of Drogba (or should that be his price tag?), but - as Harvz rightly points out - WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I am not sold, but if he can give us a similar attacking option to those which he offers in these clips then £24m is pittance. P.S. - Can whoever puts these things together do a cheeky one for Kezman... I'm sure it would be as gratefully received!!