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  1. Michael Essien

    Tme will tell, if he is overpriced or not. At the moment we pay almost double for any player. Drogba for e.g. is still in my humble opinion, over-priced. Against Arsenal he was brilliant but against Wigan he wasn't there. On the other hand I am really happy that SWP is here. At a higher price or not I am greatful that he is playing for us and not Arsenal. In Mourinho I trust. If he likes Essien, I will trust his judgement. If he fails to live up to expectation than I am more than happy to express that as well. Come on ya Chelsea! If you join Essien, welcome. Help us retain the title. Carefree
  2. Michael Essien well I don't think he is on strike
  3. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by EmberglanceIt's official now. He's extended his contract until 2009. id="quote"> id="quote">damn, whats your source?
  4. Michael Essien first Essien now one of our target strikers. and del horno hasn't confirmed... what's happening?
  5. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by Simon Poolequote:Originally posted by mini-moWhat the h*** is this? At last the Ashley Cole saga was done, I was looking forward to some peace and quiet. I live with a Spurs fan, mind you! Now this weekend is ruined :-(. What do we want with Arnesen anyway Isn't the Sporting Director a part of José's job? Is the next bombshell tonight that José has resigned? I can't live with this, my brain has gone numb. id="quote"> id="quote"> Please dont joke about him resigning it doesnt bare thinking about. I'm sure they must have sanctioned the move for Anersen with Jose. id="quote"> id="quote">I am sure too, in the same article, they talk about JM emphasising on producing home grown talent. They state that Arnesen has made a reputation for unearthing young talent around the world - qualties that will have attracted us. Arnesen definitely did this at PSV, when I was living there. p.s. On a side note and completely irrelevant :) he has pretty twin daughters that used to go to my school. Ronaldo (REAL MADRID) used to go out with one of them :) quote: Manager Jose Mourinho revealed recently that the club would be focussing on producing home-grown talent, despite the massive spending power of owner Roman Abramovich. He said: "We will invest a lot in the scouting department. "We want to have the best possible network of scouts around the world and to produce our own players because when we are at this level we can only buy the best players in the world. "Where are the best players? At the best clubs in the world - and they don't want to sell. So you want to improve your team and it is difficult. "Even with money you cannot buy them so you have to produce."
  6. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by Alex KirkeSky Sports News has just reported that Chelsea have claimed they made a LEGAL approach to Tottenham for Frank Arnesen.... id="quote"> id="quote">you can read 'the legal claim' on the BBC site
  7. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by mo_kI can't beleive it, Chelsea cannot be that stupid. I'm really Tired now of this, and I'm starting to beleive everyone when they say that Chelsea have no regard for the rules. id="quote"> id="quote">You cannot believe we are that stupid? mmm what like approaching a well know, high profile player in the middle of London in a hotel?
  8. Frank Arnesen

    I am very disappointed in all these problems that we are creating I hope the latest controversy proves us to be innocent. A Cole R Ferdinand Obi now Arnesen? May be the club thought that Arnesen, who has a lot of connections, should focus on the transfer market whilst Mourinho concentrates on Managing. Still I am very disappointed that we seem to be blatantly ignoring the rules. The Ashley Cole affaire just stunk of arrogance. If we keep doing this we will be the most hated club in the Premiership. I love my team but I cannot condone some of our behaviour
  9. Ashley Cole

    well we are all guilty apparently... now to find out the punishment £250K is very steep, they are taking the mickey because we have so much money
  10. Didier Drogba

    What he does not lack is effort... If he can get some of his form back then he would be a useful player to bring on. But as he rightly says himself, he is not the first choice striker... If we get a 20+ striker on board, I am sure Drogba can learn from him. I still believe that DD is a real threat in the air. If he should play off someone it would make a potent strikeforce. As for Eidur, I think he is very good in that attacking midfield position. I am confident in JM's ability to spot the best in people and to change around the system. Eidur I believe will grow in that position. Mark my words
  11. Michael Essien

    mmm I am not convinced I think we will have many many more players linked with us... Until I see them in Blue, I won't believe it
  12. Didier Drogba

    You must have been watching a different game Vic, the only people who I saw were diving were the Barca players. That swan dive by Deco, in FULL VIEW of the referee aka Ray Charles, was a yellow card. How he did not give that I don't know. May be his Perm got in the way. Please bring Pierluigi Colina out of retirement or get him to teach these idiots to referee. They cost us big games. Full credit to Chelsea who had to defend for a full 35mins with ten men!
  13. Didier Drogba

    Skysports news says that he is definitely out... not good...
  14. Didier Drogba

    According to DD is out till 20th Feb
  15. Didier Drogba

    yes, on skysports, likely to start