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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I'm not mad at Hernandez for scoring those goals- it's his job. What is getting on my nerves however is his ostentative celebrating in front of the rival fans. No class.
  2. Ferguson in unwarranted comments on other clubs shocker.
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Kolarov with another brilliant FK.
  4. Thibaut Courtois Departs
  5. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Noticed his reaction to the Morrison goal on MOTD, kicks the ball back into the goal and jumps around in front of the Spurs fans, gloating. I like that.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Yeah I know, I'm not being overzealous or anything. Just very glad the season started off well for us.
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Fantastic results for us this weekend :)
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Been saying to a United mate for years now that Fellaini is a class midfielder. He always disagrees, maybe now he sees the error in his ways!
  9. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    He's said he wants a PL loan. Fulham looking the most likely destination.
  10. New Kits

    Oh dear.
  11. Very good article on him from the Guardian. Brilliant 'Arry analogy in it as well!
  12. I hope we destroy Spurs over when we meet them. And steal Modric.
  13. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Come on, he deserves it. No use creating bad blood between him and the club over this. If he plays well we can be proud of our lad and if he's bad it raises our chances to win it. Knowing Courtois he'll just look forward to it, the pressure rarely gets to him.
  14. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    He's confirmed that he's playing on the Supercup Belgian tv. Glad for him, he'll be grateful to the club for letting him play so good decision for all parties involved.
  15. Gael Kakuta Seems like it's either us giving him playing time, or him leaving. Second outcome the more likely of the two I fear.