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  1. Media / Press

    It's fine, even if they win the title that way, they'll always have just won it by default, won it the season that never got completed, quite a hollow victory... image the chants at all Liverpool games by the opposition fans, winding the scousers up... it would be so much fun!
  2. Media / Press

    If the season does get delayed, what happens with players contracts? Do they move on to rolling contracts until the new end of season date? Could get expensive! What happens with loan players, do they have to go back to their clubs at the due date or will they get extended? What happens with any kit sponsors etc? Will we suddenly be playing in a new kit with 3 on for the final few weeks of the season? Logistical nightmare if this gets suspended for more than a couple of weeks, so I think cancelling it becomes a very real reality... poor Liverpool.
  3. Aston Villa vs Chelsea

    What strange times these are. My office closed (although myself and my team have to go in on Monday to push live a project!), no sport, no travel... I have a holiday to Disneyland Paris due on April 7th for my youngest 6th birthday, seems like that won't be happening! What are we going to talk about on here for the next few weeks/months? I might stay clear of the Transfer thread!
  4. Billy Gilmour

    Absolute baller. He's different from any of the youngsters we've produced, who are all obviously very good, but this kid honestly just looks to have the potential to be a different level altogether.
  5. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Wow. A Chelsea game without stress, nerves and frustration! We played like the team of earlier in the season, with the shackle off somewhat and the players seemed to be playing under less pressure for some reason - was a really really good performance. Barkley was very good today. Pedro was quality today, worked so hard. Giroud was Giroud, the ultimate team player and so glad he got his goal. Mount very good again. Alonso another good performance at LB. Gilmour, well, what a player we have on our hands. I hate saying things like this, especially this early, but Gilmour could potentially keep Jorginho out of this side on his return from suspension, he can do what Jorginho does and all the stuff he also can't do. He is constantly shouting at everyone, pointing where the ball should go, he is always open for a pass, never stops moving and creating space for himself, his head is on a constant pivot, reading the pitch and space around him, he is just sheer class. I spent a lot of that game just watching him and he is SO good!
  6. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    A very tricky game this and I'm very nervous, I never like playing Everton, it's never a straightforward game for us and under Carlo they're definitely improving. A win here and a win for City in the following game would make for a very good weekend for us, however, a defeat for us could just give United the extra incentive they need to get a result... then it becomes a terrible weekend for us. If we perform as we did vs Liverpool then I'm confident, but sadly the players seem unable to string two of those performances together at the moment. Must be solid at the back, do not concede early on and must be patient. Giroud will be crucial again for us, he'll need to hold up the ball to send Mount and Barkley in behind... come on Chelsea, please!
  7. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    CHO definitely out is a blow, he was the one I thought had a chance of being fit. We obviously haven't heard from Frank yet, but it's safe to assume Pulisic and Kante are both still out for this one. I would think Christensen is fit to play, RLC should be fit to make an appearance, for how long I've no idea, Tammy may be asked to be on the bench and Kovacic and Willian no idea - sounds like Willian has a chance, but Kovacic I think will miss a couple of weeks. Proper injury crisis time now and at least 1 or 2 players are going to be asked to do jobs they don't normally do. Hmm. I think we might see something like this: Kepa James Rudiger Zouma Azpilicueta Barkley Gilmour Mount Pedro Giroud Alonso Subs: Caballero, Christensen, Emerson, RLC, Willian, Basuahyi, Tammy So frustrated with Jorginho to be missing this one through suspension.
  8. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Fitness pending, I would currently expect to see: Kepa Azpi Christensen Zouma Alonso Gilmour Mount Pedro Barkley Willian Giroud Subs: Caballero, James, Rudiger, Emerson, CHO, Anjorin, Batshuayi We have been so unlucky with injuries this season, it's unbelievable. If Willian isn't fit then I wouldn't be surprised to see 2 upfront with Batshuayi playing alongside Giroud, mainly because we'd have little options otherwise. Maybe push James into midfield?
  9. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

    Absolutely love it, what a performance! Every man and boy performed brilliantly last night. Kepa - Back to last season levels, let's hope it stays like that. Azpi - Solid Rudiger - Too many dodgy moments, but worked hard Zouma - A rock last night, just good, non fussy defending Alonso - So he CAN play LB! A very disciplined performance from him, I hope he keeps that form up Gilmour - Ridiculous. I knew he was good, but that was something else. He starts the next few games and possibly beyond IMO Kovacic - Gutted for the injury, hopefully, nothing serious Willian - Lucky goal, but deserved to score before then Barkley - Showing what he is good at and how we should use him, intricate passing is not for this lad Mount - Worked hard, some good phases of play Jorginho - Kept things simple, did his job Giroud - Worked so bloody hard, did such a good job for the team.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Funny how the public falls for things like this... every single time.
  12. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Indeed, we have come at it from different directions, which I guess highlights how subjective the subject is. I can see where you're coming from though, and I can't really argue with you being right or wrong, although I would say Wolves and Leicester arguably have better balanced squads than ours, it just feels like we have a lot of random shapes, trying to fit in other random holes. But, yes I think it does highlight how far our squad has fallen in terms of star quality, gone are the days where we must have been the envy of so many fans... Cech, Terry, A.Cole, Carvalho, Makelele, Ballack, Lampard, Essien, Robben, Drogba, Costa, Fabregas, Hazard and so on.
  13. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Interesting, it's obviously a very subjective subject, but I'm not convinced we have the 3rd best squad, I actually think we're quite even with others in and around us. Realistically the only player from our squad getting into the top 2, would be Kante, so that's not really a debate as we all know. In terms of our players getting into the other first 11's, I'm not sure that many do... Reece James Christensen (maybe into United's) Kovacic Kante Not to say other players aren't as good as their counterparts, but wouldn't say they're significantly better. The players from the Spurs, Wolves, Leicester and United that I think would get into our team would be: Leicester - Schmeichel - Soyuncu - Maddison (probably) - Ndidi - Vardy Man United - de Gea - Bruno Fernandes - Rashford - I'd maybe even consider Martial Wolves - Patricio - Neves (possibly) - Jiminez - Jota Spurs - Lloris - Alderweireld - Son - Kane - Lo Celso So it's actually quite even in my mind.
  14. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    I just feel like Frank is doing his best to try and get through this season with what he has, it is clear to everyone that this squad is an absolute mess, not just in ability, but a huge lack of leadership, fight and physicality, all things you have to have to be successful in the league. I don't think we can really judge Frank until 12 months time and that isn't to say he hasn't got things wrong at times, but it must be driving him mad that so many of his players can't seem to string 3 good performances together. So many things have gone against Frank this season (some we knew about and some we didn't) that has made his job so difficult. I've listed it before, but just to reiterate my point again, just have a think about it and then ask, could we really have expected anything more than what we currently have? - Losing Hazard and unable to replace him - Transfer ban, so Frank can't bring in any of his own players - CHO bad injury going into the season, so takes a while for him to get back to his best and gets niggling injuries after return - Reece James missing the start of the season - RLC missing pretty much the whole season - Willian not stepping in to help fill the Hazard gap - Pedro's drop off being SO severe - Kepa forgetting how to do his job - Rudiger missing for start of the season - Rudiger returning from injury but not being as good as we remembered/expected - Having to play so many youth players with no PL experience for such long parts of the season - Kante injuries - Barkley's inability to perform for more than 2 games at a time - Pulisic missing for such a long period - Having no top-quality striker to lead the team - Alonso and Emerson competing with each other for most of the season to see who could put in the worst performance - Azpilicueta drop off continuing - Inheriting a squad with minimal leadership - Not signing ANYONE in January, when it was so clear to everyone else, including Frank, that we needed too - Leading scoring getting multiple injuries in the second half of the season - ...probably more, but this is enough. If we didn't have the transfer ban, you have to think our squad would have looked quite a bit different for this season. I don't think Zouma would be there, I think a quality CB would have been signed, I believe we'd have signed another CM, someone who can boss the game and give us a bit of bite, Pedro and Batshuayi probably wouldn't be there and instead, we'd have had a proper leading striker and quality winger. It's an incredibly frustrating season, but it's also not a surprise. I said I'd be happy with top 6 and staying in some form of European competition for next season, and that would still work for me. The reason not getting top 4 will hurt so much, is because we've been in it almost all season, but if you look at squads, ours isn't the 4th best, so the fact Frank has kept us there for so long is quite impressive - yes a lot of it is to do with others around is slipping up so often, but we're all playing the same teams...
  15. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Woeful. As soon as this team comes under any kind of pressure, they just collapse. 1-0 and in relative control, concede and rather than gather themselves and go again, we just fall apart. Awful. Barkley, so poor when coming on, as was Willian... as soon as the ball goes to him it all just slows to a standstill, they get 2/3 defenders on him, he feints his silly stepover and then passes backwards. This one has angered me more than some of the defeats, to be honest. We needed a win here, we should have won here, but we threw it away.