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  1. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Out of interest, what do you think has improved in the last 6 months?
  2. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Yesterday was so predictable and I think that's why it all hurts so much. Even when we were dominating, I could see how the game was going to pan out. Teams must love playing us at the moment. I don't even react to us conceding anymore, I'm just a bit numb to it all now - this season combined with last season has had a huge effect on the club and we've gone really far backwards. I don't like it.
  3. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Bad feeling about this. I think it'll be just focussing on the Europa League after this weekend, unfortunately.
  4. Dynamo Kiev 0 Chelsea 5

    Why isn't Ampadu involved? Don't understand that at all.
  5. Dynamo Kiev 0 Chelsea 5

    I was hoping with the 3-0 lead, Sarri would leave some of our important players at home for a rest and to avoid the long round trip. He hasn't. The only one not travelling is Higuain because of a fever. He's taken 21 players, which means 3 of the players travelling won't even make the bench. Seems silly to me. I would like to see: Kepa Zappacosta Christensen Ampadu Alonso Kovacic RLC Pedro Hazard CHO Giroud Bench: Caballero, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Kante, Jorginho, Barkley, Willian What I think we'll see: Kepa Azpilicueta Rudiger Christensen Alonso Kante Jorginho RLC Willian Giroud CHO Bench: Caballero, Luiz, Zappazosta, Kovacic, Barkley, Hazard, Pedro Either way, we have more than enough to go through. We just need to get in and out without any injuries and I'll be happy.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're potentially going to have quite a mess on our hands. Players who don't want to be here, players that don't feel like they're wanted and top young talent warming the bench waiting for 5 mins every 4 games or so. We better get used to those Thursday nights...
  7. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    That's one of the most depressing things I've read on here for a while. Remember when we had midfielders that scored for fun and pretty much all of our first 11 (apart from Cech) would chip in with goals throughout the season. What a sad state of affairs. We don't even have strikers that regularly score anymore. The bolded line is the bit that massively concerns me, I think every manager knows how to stop us, apart from our own manager! Does anyone else get the feeling Sarri is a bit like Wenger in that he doesn't scout the opposition and instead likes to focus on his style and playing his way etc?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's thirsty!
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, that's my understanding too. If the transfer ban does indeed kick in this summer, it leaves us with this as our likely squad for next season (I'm obviously making some assumptions on players sold/released/new contracts offered): GK1: Kepa GK2: Caballero GK3: Green RB1: Azpilicueta RB2: James CB1: Rudiger CB2: Christensen CB3: Luiz CB4: Ampadu LB: Emerson LB: Alonso CMR1: Kante CMR2: Mount CMC1: Jorginho CMC2: Drinkwater/Bakayoko/Drinkwater CML1: RLC CML2: Barkley RW1: Pulisic RW2: Pedro RW3: Willian LW1: Hazard LW2: CHO STK1: Higuain STK2: Tammy STK3: Giroud/Batshuayi GK and Defenders don't worry me too much - a lot will depend on Luiz managing to stay at a high enough level for another season or Christensen stepping up and taking a place for himself in the team. CM is a massive concern, the starting 3 is fine, but beyond that, it's massively questionable. Wingers are ok, but Pedro and Willian on the wrong side of 30 and form has been more than questionable at times this season. Strikers look pretty weak too. It's not a squad that could fight for PL and CL IMO. If the ban comes in we have to do everything we can to get Hazard and CHO to sign new contracts, but we'll be in a very weak position. Ban comes in and it doesn't look good.
  10. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    Tricky fixture, but with Man Utd playing Arsenal straight after, meaning at least one of our rivals dropping points, it is an absolute must win - we could, if all things go well for us, be 4th by the end of the weekend, still with a game in hand over Arsenal and Man Utd, that's huge at this stage of the season. Sarri has rotated his squad well over the last few weeks and he seems to have made some small adjustments that have made a big difference and make us a lot more solid - I hope this continues. I really hope RLC is given a chance to start in this game, he really deserves it IMO. I'd like to see: Kepa Azpilicueta Rudiger Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho RLC Pedro Higuain Hazard Subs: Caballero, Christensen, Barkley, Kovacic, CHO, Willian, Giroud It will be hard, but I think we'll have enough - 2-0. Come on Chels!
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't see how FIFA can't suspend the ban until the hearings have taken place, how can that possibly be fair? Let's say we're banned from signing players in this summers window and then we're found to be innocent, what happens then? Do they open a special window just for us? Give us some money for loss of earnings due to us having a weaker squad because we couldn't sign players? Surely CAS will suspend any punishment until the hearing? I actually wouldn't be too shocked if they threw the whole thing out based on this decision by FIFA.
  12. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    This is a great point well made, sir.
  13. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    You just know we're getting Arsenal or Napoli in the next round (if we and they get through of course).
  14. Captain Rudiger

    Future Chelsea captain - Ethan Ampadu. Genuinely believe he will be our captain one day, he's not shy on the pitch, happy to bark orders at those older and more experienced than him, not scared to get involved and off the pitch, he's often seen watching the youth teams etc. As for now, I do agree with those that say we don't have an outstanding candidate for captain - we have leaders, yes, but nobody that stands out as the one true leader for me. Azpilicueta probably holds the most respect in the changing room at the moment, so I think makes sense that he keeps the armband. Rudiger I can see why people would want him, but I kind of feel like he may be better off without the responsibility and just carrying on with his game. Luiz is on his way out I expect, so don't see him getting it and outside of that, I think the only real options would be Hazard or maybe Jorginho.
  15. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    I think we'll see a pretty strong team for this one, no messing around with Europa at this point. I still think a few changes/rotation will be made, but it'll still be a strong team: Caballero Azpilicueta Christensen Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho RLC Pedro Higuain Hazard Bench: Kepa, Rudiger, Barkley, Kovacic, CHO, Willian, Giroud I really hope we get a good solid win without conceding, so we can rest a few in the second leg, but ultimately just want a win. COME ON CHELS!