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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me, the next two windows should take us to a squad that looks like this: Kepa Caballero Cumming Azpilicueta James World Class CB Rudiger Tomori Christensen Ampadu Emerson Quality young LB (Chillwell maybe) Kante Top class powerful CM RLC Goal scoring CM Kovacic Jorginho Pulisic CHO Mount Top class AM (Sancho?) Experienced AM/backup striker Tammy Top class striker That's my opinion anyway and that's 7 new signings, most of which I think we're unlikely to get in January. Possibly I could see Zaha coming in as the experienced AM/backup striker in Jan, other than that the roles we need to fill are too crucial to get in January as the best players don't tend to move then.
  2. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Willian needs to be better than last night IMO, being one of our experienced players he needs to start taking control of games and leading by example, too often you see him make a mistake and sulk about it or start blaming others. He also missed our best chances last night and his refusal to set up others in a better position is incredibly frustrating and cost us last night. Azpilicueta played alright and was getting in good positions, but his delivery was very poor last night - it would always get close to the right area, but never quite right - had his deliveries been better, we could have possibly got a goal or two. My biggest issue with both the players mentioned though is the seeming lack of leadership from 2 of our most experienced players. We have a very young and inexperienced squad and they need leaders out there, we currently don't have any.
  3. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I thought that but I can see why Frank would have gone for the experience of Pedro and would also have expected a lot more from him on the night, he was very poor after coming on (rusty after a month of not playing maybe, but I still expected better). I wanted and expected Pulisic to come on in the second half though, I feel like he could have helped open up some of the tight defending from Valencia. Interesting to see who plays vs Liverpool now, if Mount is out (seems likely) then surely Pulisic takes his place and the on the opposite side it's a coin toss between Pedro and Willian and after last night I'd probably want neither, just so disappointed in them both, our most experienced players and they took no control of the match, Pedro barely involved and when he was just kept running in to problems or giving the ball away and Willian was trying is hardest to prove he is the teams new Hazard... except he isn't and was way too selfish last night.
  4. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    - Are we really that reliant on Mount already? - Azpi very poor - Willian incredibly frustrating, so selfish, not as good as he thinks he is - wasteful last night - Penalty shambles. Willian did not help Barkley at all in that situation - Desperately need Kante back - Formation wrong for the game last night. Interesting to see how we now approach Liverpool - Annoying, but everyone will lose in our group. Win the next 2 and it will all seem fine again.
  5. Chelsea vs Liverpool

    I can't see Frank not starting Tammy and Mount for this one, why would he? Been 2 of our best players so far this season. The biggest question will be whether we play 3 at the back and who will partner Kante. Personally I'd stick with 3 at the back - our back 4 would be terrorised by Liverpool's front 3. I would then go Kovacic over Jorginho as he's better at breaking play up and bringing the ball forward. Kepa Rudiger Christensen Tomori Azpi Kovacic Kante Emerson Pedro Mount Tammy
  6. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    1. I agree RE Tammy, I think he would have gone out on loan. However, I believe Mount would have stayed regardless because it was clear to see the talent he had when playing at Derby and midfield numbers were low this season. 2. I believe that it was Wolves on Loan in January, we weren't considering selling him.
  7. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I'd stick with Tammy, let him keep his run going and give him a big Champions League night at The Bridge, he deserves it. All being well, take him off after 60mins or so for Bats. Also, he's our most reliable source of goals at the moment. Give him rest post the Liverpool game if he needs it.
  8. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Or do you give Tammy another go and a chance to maintain form? This is where it gets tricky. I'd play him tomorrow and vs Liverpool and then give him the night off for the LC.
  9. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    With the Liverpool game at the weekend, some tricky decisions to be made. I would expect Rudiger to be rested and possibly one of Kovacic and Jorginho. But it's also not an easy match, so don't want to risk too much. I would expect the following: Kepa Azpi Tomori Christensen Alonso Jorginho Barkley Pedro Mount Pulisic Tammy Subs: Caballero, Rudiger, Emerson, Kovacic, Willian, Giroud, Batshuayi I think we should have enough to win this one, but won't be easy. Going 2-1.
  10. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Kepa should have stopped the first goal, but can see why he may have been hesitant with Tammy so close, but all these people getting on his back is a bit much - he's young (for a GK), he's got a new defence in front of him this season that hasn't been performing at his best, so lets cut the guy some slack shall we? He made some amazing saves last season and is clearly a very very good keeper.
  11. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    All goals from the new signings! Mount, Tammy and Tomori! Get in! Was a really good performance today apart from a couple of silly and frustrating errors to give them their goals, but we looked a lot more in control today, which was good to see. - Rudiger makes a massive difference - Our Academy is the nuts - That away kit is a thing of beauty - Great to see flexibility from Frank in terms of formation and tactics - Mason Mount looks like he's been playing at this level for years - Is Tomori our 2nd best CB after Rudiger? - Kovacic solid yet again - Azpi improved - Can finally enjoy MOTD!
  12. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Willian really growing in to this game. His chance at 0-0 where he blasted over after creating the space (and should have played it across to Mount in the middle) summed up why he frustrates so many, but he's worked hard and seems to be taking control a bit more. Good signs.
  13. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Wow, what a half! The academy boys absolutely rocking it! When I saw the formation I was concerned, but Frank has nullified Wolves and we have, to be honest, dominated this game. Still a half to go so not going to get ahead of myself, but so far so good. Super Tammy doing it again!
  14. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    I read it as: Kepa Azpi Rudiger Tomori Alonso Kovacic Jorginho Christensen Willian Tammy Mount Frank has said before Christensen is a midfield option and I think Frank realises we need more bodies in the middle of the park. I could be wrong but would be surprised to see 343. It could also be: Kepa Tomori Rudiger Christensen Azpi Kovacic Jorginho Willian Mount Alonso Tammy But this would surprise me.
  15. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Yeah, think you're right. I imagine he's actually really difficult to manage back from an injury because of that. Good to see Frank doing the sensible thing though and looking long term rather than short term.