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  1. Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

    Hate this lot and really aren't many, if any, teams I prefer to see us beat. Cheating media darlings. They're going to kick Hazard off the pitch, so that should be no surprise to us and because of this I'd play Pedro and Barkley as they're more of a goal threat than Willian and Kovacic and so if Hazard is marked (kicked) out the game, the space that's then left should be filled by these two. I'd also play Giroud because we need a bit of muscle up top and not Morata who's going to drop to the floor at every opportunity (and non-opportunity) I'd go with: Kepa Azpi Rudiger Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Barkley Pedro Giroud Hazard Subs: Caballero, Cahill, Zappa, Fabregas, Kovacic, Willian, Morata I don't care how we do it, but let's just beat them. Annoyingly we have to wait until after ANOTHER international break.
  2. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Not an easy game, Everton are a decent side and this fixture always seems to produce an exciting game one way or another. Questions for Sarri seem to be Kovacic, Barkley or RLC, Pedro or Willian. It seems with Kovacic getting the rest midweek he is going to be preferred for this one and same goes for Morata. Willian or Pedro a trickier one, I'd personally go for Pedro as I think he'll give us more of a goal threat, but Willian does seem to be a Sarri favourite. This it'll be: Kepa Azpi Rudiger Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Willian Morata Hazard Subs: Caballero, Cahill, Zappa, Barkley, RLC, Pedro, Giroud I've a feeling it'll be a score draw this one, 2-2 with Hazard and another on the scoresheet. I won't be able to watch this live, so will be recording it and watching later. COME ON CHELS!
  3. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    I don't disagree. But your statement and my statement are both valid views and just proves why it's so tricky to manage players like him in to the first team.
  4. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Win this and we've qualified, means we have 2 games with nothing riding on them where he can play as many back up/youth players as he wants. For me, this match is all about getting in, getting the job done and getting out again. Also, look at the Liverpool result last night - anything can happen in these matches. Do not underestimate an away game far away in Europe with a hostile atmosphere.
  5. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    And what if we give him that playing time, he performs badly because he isn't ready and his confidence is knocked etc. I have no doubt the club are looking after him and he's been made well aware of what his status in this squad is.
  6. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    I agree, but unfortunately it wasn't a massive surprise - I have heard on numerous occasions he just isn't a very nice person. Amazing in our first season, but then like you say in the 2nd season, for whatever reason, he sabotaged his team and club and I have absolutely no idea why someone would do that. What is also frustrating is it feels a bit like the club sunk to his level and refused to sack him to make some kind of point, which then left us in a mess with a manager who didn't care how we finished the season and players who didn't want to be around the manager.
  7. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    I'm not too concerned about CHO's lack of playing time yet. He's just turned 18 and he's never even been out on loan and so has no exposure to first team football at any level yet. I imagine at the moment Sarri and the club are integrating him into that set up so that he feels as comfortable and confident around the first team and the requirements that come with that. The club and Sarri are in no rush to start throwing him in to games and surely it makes more sense to take our time with him and start giving him game time when he is ready and the games and tactics best suit him etc.
  8. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Agree, this has to be when we start resting players in this competition. I'd be keeping Hazard, Jorginho, Rudiger and Alonso all back for this one - not even making the journey. I'd go with: Kepa Zappa Cahill Christensen Emerson RLC Ampadu Fabregas Moses Giroud CHO Subs: Caballero, Luiz, Kovacic, Kante, Pedro, Willian, Morata It needs to be a case of get in, get the job done and get out again.
  9. Ancelotti and Wilkins... we were never the same after Ray left.
  10. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    This is how I see the squad breaking down over the next 6 months or so... CURRENT (27): Kepa, Caballero, Green, Bulka Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Zappacosta, Emerson, Cahill, Alonso, Ampadu Fabregas, Drinkwater, Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, RLC CHO, Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Moses Morata, Giroud JANUARY MOVES: Out: Ampadu (loan), Drinkwater (sold), Moses (sold) In: New AM JANUARY SQUAD (25): Kepa, Caballero, Green, Bulka Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Zappacosta, Emerson, Cahill, Alonso Fabregas, Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, RLC CHO, Hazard, Pedro, Willian, New AM Morata, Giroud SUMMER MOVES: Out: Ampadu (loan), CHO (loan), Green (Free), Zouma (Sold), Batshuayi (Sold), Tammy (Loan), Bakayoko (Loan), Cahill (Sold), Emerson (Sold), Fabregas (Sold) In: Kovacic (Perm), New STK, New CB, New AM2, New LB, Loan CM stay (Van Ginkel, Baker or Pasalic) NEXT SEASON SQUAD: JANUARY SQUAD (25): Kepa, Caballero, Bulka Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Zappacosta, Alonso, New CB, New LB Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, RLC, Loan CM Hazard, Pedro, Willian, New AM, New AM2 Morata, Giroud, New Stk That's 5 signing over the next 2 windows, which seems reasonable to me. This obviously all form and fitness permitting, but I think the above is quite likely and will take us closer to the kind of squad Sarri would want. Or I could be completely wrong!
  11. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    I hate playing Palace, one of my lest favourite fixtures of the season - they always seem to up their game for this match, we often have an off day against them and because of where I grew up, a lot of my friends support Palace. That said, with Sarri in charge and the way he's got us playing, I'm feeling more confident than normal about this one. I don't expect to see Hazard again - I'm concerned he's going to be out for longer than we thought. I think we'll see: Kepa Azpilicueta Rudiger Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Barkley RLC Morata Willian Bench: Caballero, Cahill, Zappacosta, Kovacic, Fabregas, Pedro, Giroud
  12. Eden Hazard

    How bad is Hazard's injury? I have a horrible feeling it's one of those injuries where we're constantly told he's almost fit and he may be fit for XXXXdays game, but then ends up missing quite a few weeks. The latest quote on his fitness was from Zola last night: “He is looking quite good for the weekend [the home game with Crystal Palace on Sunday]. "Quite good"... hmmm.
  13. Eden Hazard

    I agree, I think they'll go for Mbappe and maybe Neymar, but wouldn't be surprised if they tried to go for Kane and/or Eriksen from Spurs. Hazard will still be on the radar for them though. I wouldn't be surprised if they looked at Kante from our squad as well.
  14. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Poor old Thibaut, Karma really can be a bitch sometimes.
  15. I wasn't sure about Sarri, but I didn't know that much about him other than a few article's I'd read. I'd seen glimpses of his Napoli side but not a huge amount and I was not sure if he's be able to deal with this league or a club our size and the pressure that brings. I am happy to be proven wrong so far. What he has done with this squad in such a short space of time is hugely impressive, he has played an absolute blinder. It's still early days, so we can't fully judge yet, but so far I am really impressed and he's done it all calmly, quietly and mostly under the radar... long may it continue. Remember when most on here were calling for him to change the Rudiger-Luiz partnership? He has patience, being sure his methods would work and that he had the right combination... we are now seeing the benefit of this as game by game they long a much stronger partnership. It's almost as if he knows what he's doing.