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  1. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Yes, but it isn't exactly a bad replacement is it.
  2. 5 Chelsea Questions

    First Chelsea Hero - Di Matteo - first name I had on the back of any shirt (it was an Italy shirt not Chelsea though) Club Signing That Excited You The Most - Probably Torres, didn't quite work out though Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed - Aguero, so often linked, but it never happened and then I remember watching him on his debut for City... we missed out there! Favourite Chelsea Goal - Robbie Di Matteo Cup final Vs Boro for me too, an amazing feeling see that fly in. Your Lifetime Chelsea Eleven - Cech Clarke Carvalho Terry A.Cole Makelele Lampard Ballack Zola Drogba J.Cole Edit. My team is based on favoured personnel as much as quality.
  3. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I would absolutely take a draw in this game, but unfortunately, this will be Man City trying to bounce back and make a point, which makes them VERY dangerous. I agree with what you've all been saying, it will be a decision between Pulisic and Mount and that's not an easy call to make. Personally I would go for Mount to start, for his pressing game and Pulisic off the bench if we need a goal. The fact I'm so nervous about this game shows how well we've done this season.
  4. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Great result against a tough Palace team and especially after midweek - all with our youngest ever PL team, how absolutely glorious! - Willian MOTM today, he worked so hard and really lead by example. - Pulisic gets better every time he plays at the moment, what a signing that is starting to look like - Reece James is going to be a serious player for us, some big decisions to be made by Frank in our next game regarding RB - Great to see Kante back, but we did miss Jorginho - Another goal for Tammy to take him to double figures, amazing! Let's not sit back and watch at least 2 of our top 4 rivals drop points :)
  5. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Just have a look who the ref is and that tells you all you need to know.
  6. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Well this is frustrating, isn't it? Pulisic been good when he's been involved and James has looked good out on the right, other than that and couple of moments from Mount we seem to be out of ideas of how to break them down. Hopefully Frank and Jody can come up with a plan during HT. I think this could be a good game to get CHO on personally, I think he could give them something different to think about and will stick out wide and stretch them a bit. Hmm... come on boys.
  7. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    But yet he is in the England squad... I wonder if Barkley won't be fit for Chelsea until January.
  8. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Big call from SFL to put James in, but after his last performance, it was going to be difficult to leave him out. If James puts in a good performance today, then what do we do vs Man City in the next game? That will be an even bigger decision.
  9. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Mount in the England squad, so maybe he'll be fit for some minutes this weekend, if he isn't fit for this weekend I would hope he doesn't get played by England.
  10. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    From what we know, Mount, RLC, Rudiger, Jorginho all unavailable for this one, which means the team pretty much picks itself other than maybe the full-backs - does James start, if so does Azpi move to LB or does Emerson start? Kepa James Zouma Tomori Azpi Kante Kovacic Willian Pulisic CHO Tammy Subs: Willy, Christensen, Emerson, Barkley, Pedro, Bats, Giroud I say it every season, but with so many Palace supporting mates, I hate this fixture and Palace always seem to have the game of their lives against us. Please win boys!
  11. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Bloody hell! I've just about caught my breath after that, what a mad game! Highs, Lows, Good, Bad, Ugly, Sublime, Frustrating, Exhilarating and just about everything in between. Not even sure where to begin trying to give an opinion on it as it was all over the place. One thing is for sure though, Alonso is done at Chelsea, he was very poor vs United and worse last night, I don't expect to see him again in a Chelsea shirt. James was superb and for me, he might have to start RB vs Palace with either Azpi or Emerson LB. Hope Mounts injury isn't too bad, anyone seen anything on that yet?
  12. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    A win and that's one foot in the last 16, a draw and it remains in our hands and a defeat makes it a nervy final 2 games - whatever happens, tonight, I'm still confident we'll progress. It won't be easy and we'll obviously need our strongest team, so the decisions really depend on fitness levels - Emerson or Alonso and do you bring Kante straight back in. Clearly we have no idea how fit/match fit everyone is, but based on time out etc I would go for this, to be safe: Kepa Azpi - Zouma - Tomori - Alonso Jorginho - Kovacic Willian - Mount - Pulisic Tammy Subs: Caballero, James, Emerson, Kante, CHO, Bats, Giroud The ideal would be to get Kante on for Jorginho with at least half an hour to go, to see how we'll look without Jorginho. I think this will be 1-1, goal from Willian for us.
  13. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Watched the first 20 minutes live, then went off to the fireworks and kept up to date via Twitter and Sky Sports App and have just watched MOTD, so I have quite limited views on yesterday's game, unfortunately, but from the things I've seen... - Jorginho's pass for the Tammy goal was absolutely sublime and the finish was pretty decent too. - Pulisic looking really good in last few appearances and that continued yesterday - Nice to have Emerson back! - VAR, well what a joke. Yes, there is contact, but contact does not mean a foul - if that's a foul, then games are going to get very stop-start from now on. Add to that, the penalty we got overturned and then CHO booked for diving... makes absolutely NO sense. The PL should have a look at how rugby do it and take note - Very impressed with us this season and we're still quite nicely under the radar because 'we're just kids'. 4th with a cushion now, which is fantastic!
  14. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Back to the real games now and this really is one we should win. I don’t believe Watford are as bad as the table suggests, but they really are pretty poor this season. Nobody from last night will have forced a way in to the team, apart from Emerson, so for me I’d go... Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori Emerson Kovacic Jorginho Willian Mount Pulisic Tammy Subs: Willy, James, Guehi, Alonso, CHO, Bats, Giroud A win and CS would be lovely here and get back to winning ways.
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    not too upset to be out the league cup, but never like losing to United - especially this United. I knew they were poor, but this was close to strongest team for them against a mix bag from us and they just sat deep and offered very little. Alonso at fault for the pen, no need to try and make the pass that he did and then as soon as you saw him chasing back like that, you just knew the outcome. - Bats goal was amazing but other than wasn’t really in the game. - Jorghino and Kovacic not as goo, seemed to struggle I’m a 3 - James looked good in parts - Zouma brain farts returned - Guehi very assured, he impressed me - CHO and Pulisic didn’t really get going frustrating but not the end of the world, win at the weekend and it’s forgotten.