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  1. Chelsea vs Norwich City

    I don't think Mount was that poor in the week, his energy levels seem to be back close to where they were and his movements were good, but his final ball was lacking, but that isn't unique to him in this team. That said, we desperately do need him to get back to peak level asap, because when Mount is missing from this team, our transition from midfield to attack is missing and it prevents us from going from back to front quickly. Scary how much we rely on him already.
  2. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Pulisic missing again this weekend, with no return date given at all... what is going on and why aren't the club giving out more information on the extent of the injury?
  3. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Let's just hope we get through Norwich without any extra injuries, then we can look at who plays this one, but I would imagine it will be a fully rotated side wherever possible.
  4. Chelsea vs Norwich City

    I guess I should change my lineup after last night. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger James Kante Jorginho Chilwell Mount Havertz CHO
  5. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    Nice to have a match like that, where it’s just our boys getting the job done, so often I’ve watched CL matches like this, where we somehow make it so much harder than it needs to be. The injuries are a concern though, I’m hoping the Lukaku one was just a twist and his recovery time will be short, him walking off the pitch unaided was a good sign. Werner I’m less hopeful as it seems to be a muscle injury, so will depend on the extent of the damage. Fortunately we’re through the harder run of fixtures, but we do now need Havertz and Mount to properly step up and CHO may get himself a few of starts… Ziyech can stay on the bench.
  6. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    We need our attacking players to re-find some form, to be honest. Werner seems to be finding some form again, at least when in an international shirt, but we need Mount to get firing again as well as Havertz and Ziyech hopefully showing the ability many believed they had before arriving here, but without any of them truly firing at the moment, it becomes very difficult to settle on a team. Personally, i'd like to see Mount, Lukaku and Werner get a run of games together, to allow them to build up an understanding, that mix feels like the most effective to me.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who will stay in football after he retires. Think he'll go for the quiet life, with the odd appearance in some charity games.
  8. Chelsea vs Norwich City

    Yeah, it will need an early goal to open it up for us I would imagine.
  9. Chelsea vs Norwich City

    If Lukaku doesn't score in this one, I will start to worry. We really have no excuse not to absolutely go at them and hammer the goal. I'll be driving to Wales during this one, so will only get the highlights on MOTD... I hope we're first on, for all the right reasons. Mendy Azpi - Silva - Rudiger CHO - Kante - Jorginho - Chilwell Mount - Lukaku - Werner I hope we can just have a run of games playing this front 3, they are for me are the best we have at the moment, so let's give them a chance to build up a solid understanding.
  10. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I'm bored of repeating it, but our biggest issue isn't so much the finishing (although not always great) and it hasn't been the issue for the past 18-24 months now, it's the general play in the final 3rd. We have a squad that is seemingly built to be great at retaining possession and playing the ball out from the back even when under pressure, but we massively lack creativity in the final third. Pulisic can do it, but struggle to string a run of games together before he gets injured, Ziyech too could be the man, but he just isn't good enough for this level and CHO, the other option doesn't have the experience and therefore guile to do it at this level (yet). Far too many times I've seen us get in the final third and then play the wrong pass or take too long to play the right pass and see the chance pass us by, it's so frustrating. However, we are top of the league, we are a horrible team to play against and very very difficult to score against, so at the moment it isn't costing us too much, but we really need to start carving out a good amount of chances in each game... this is currently what will separate us from Liverpool and Man City this season, IMO.
  11. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    Two good points actually, you may well be right about Silva, in which case Christensen in the middle and maybe Sarr gets another game. Saul probably should be at least be getting a decent run out in this match, otherwise it’s going to quite quickly become a really pointless loan move for all involved.
  12. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    This, obviously, is quite simply a must win and anything else is unacceptable. We should have some players rested and ready for this, so I expect quite a strong team with a view of getting the match one as early as possible so that we can use the full 5 subs to get some rest for some others. I think we’ll see: Mendy Azpi Silva Christensen James Jorginho Kante Alonso Mount Lukaku Havertz
  13. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Brilliant. ”The Beekeeper”
  14. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    You’re surprisingly close with that image, Bob. Oh really? It only started happening for me today and got worse as we approached kick off, when presumably more people were trying to get on the forum. Will have a look and see what I can find out.