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  1. Hottest Babes

    Daisy Lowe;
  2. has set their status, but it's not that interesting....

  3. John Terry

    Blimey Bert, you've got a good memory!
  4. Gael Kakuta

    FFS James, get a clue will you? I note you dodged replying to me here on exactly the same points; Still waiting....
  6. Hottest Babes

    Or even 'pug ugly'. Craig, if you mention Foliniotramp once more, I'll pay the fattest working girl in Scotland to pay you a visit and sit on your face until you suffocate, then when dead she'll dress you in a Spurs shirt and lacy stockings, and leave you there.
  7. Chelsea Finances Thread

    So, apart from the training ground, the players, the trophies, the global standing, the European recognition and the backing of the supporter initiatives, what has the Roman ever done for us? ;-)
  8. Chelsea Finances Thread

    They wouldn't, in the same way we wouldn't if Roman left. Someone else would have to buy the club, debt and all.
  9. Quick Jokes

    Some of these will have you crying with laughter, some worse.
  10. Your Favourite Tv Shows/sitcoms? Already seen episode one, tis great! Also glad Heroes (s4) has now started, watched episode 1 and 2 via tvduck too.
  11. Didier Drogba

    He'll be back as soon as we lose a game...
  12. Gael Kakuta

    It's not, it's a forum. There is a difference.
  13. Gael Kakuta

    Bigger than the Premership wins? Get a grip.
  14. Hottest Babes

    Take Your Pick!!
  15. Hottest Babes

    She was the quirky girlfriend in 'The Yes Man' too, I think she's cute.