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  1. John Terry

    Blimey Bert, you've got a good memory!
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    So, apart from the training ground, the players, the trophies, the global standing, the European recognition and the backing of the supporter initiatives, what has the Roman ever done for us? ;-)
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    They wouldn't, in the same way we wouldn't if Roman left. Someone else would have to buy the club, debt and all.
  5. Quick Jokes

    Some of these will have you crying with laughter, some worse.
  6. Your Favourite Tv Shows/sitcoms? Already seen episode one, tis great! Also glad Heroes (s4) has now started, watched episode 1 and 2 via tvduck too.
  7. John Terry

    My old man's bigger than your old man...
  8. John Terry

    Another nice piece from Collins;
  9. Mikel John Obi

    Door. Arse. Way out.
  10. John Terry

    Maybe it's a ploy. We sell him to City next week for £30 million, then buy him back the week after for £50million! Hey, we make the marquee signing everyone is on about and he's only the England captain too!!! We also massively weaken one of our 'rivals' by nicking their defensive linchpin and boost our defence at the same time! It's a flawless plan.
  11. John Terry

    I know Simon Johnson, he's generally quite well connected at the club via both official and unofficial means, and has given me a few heads up in the past. He's also a 100% Chelsea man too, and likes to put a positive slant on where possible, which is unusual for a journo!
  12. John Terry

    JT to make statement;
  13. John Terry

  14. John Terry

    From F365 (I know, but it's all quotes, for once).,17033,8...5429397,00.html
  15. John Terry

    Is correct IIRC. Lampards goes up to £150,000 this season, £135k the next, then £110k then £100k in the last year (or a similar sliding scale) whereas Terry earns a consistent £135k a week over the full term.