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  1. That list needs to add on a CB, a Verratti and a Sanchez/James, then we can really say its a squad to compete for all 4 trophies. As it is, it doesnt look any different that last season. Not forgetting the inexperience of Bakayoko and not knowing what to expect of Lukaku. Pretty concerning we have two key positions relying on two new players.
  2. That to be honest does not look strong at all by the numbers and options.
  3. I'm concerned that Matic is very underrated and bakayoko isn't all that he's made out to be. Just a few observation from matches is that we will lose the calmness and ability to get out of trouble with Matic. Bakayoko doesnt seem to be known to be capable of picking a good pass and distribution. He plays passes a little bit like Mikel, short unimaginative and easy. Weve got Kante for that!
  4. I'm a bit confused why Bakayoko and Sandro are going to be our first big signings. Conte played Matic at every meaningful opportunity over the excellent Fabregas. Now he wants to replace him. Unless you are telling me Bakayoko is a combination of Matic and Fabregas. I believe Conte saw the value of Fabregas late season so perhaps he wanted a pinch of more of that creativity in a Matic? But I've only read that Bakayoko is a worse passer and passes the ball sideways and backwards a lot? So I really don't understand why selling Matic to Man Utd is seemingly going to be our first business. Beating Man U to Bakayoko is brilliant though not the ease of us selling of another player to another rival.
  5. Arsenal targetting Martial. We should be doing that as an addition of just Lukaku isn't sufficient if Bats is still going to be playing a peripheral role. Martial can play as a wing forward when needed as well.
  6. Exactly that we should be buying different types of players than what we already have. That is, adding to the squad. But at this time we are only replacing players, especially on costa and Matic. If anything we should be keeping Matic. We need depth next season. Otherwise, we need more than just lukaku and Bakayoko in those positions. Should be adding players, but we sre currently still net zero even with addition of these players.
  7. For me Moses needs a replacement option. His performance and output visibly tailed off towards the end of the season. Alonso on the other hand was ever consistent up to the final minute. We also could look to address other parts of the field pressingly another creative mid is needed to give more option in our attack.
  8. Can you tell us whats wrong with Alonso? To put him in the same group as you did is shocking. He was what made the formation worked last season and he barely missed a game! Those players you listed can't even play consecutive games.
  9. What about showing some faith and gratitude to a key player. If anything a replacement should be found for Moses not Alonso.
  10. Why do I not like this Lukaku deal? Not only is his personality and appetite to be openly critical and disloyal to a club embarassing (he's openly talked about moves away from Chelsea and now Everton while he's still at the club), but his mobilty, work rate and overall technical ability is also a question. We could also do well to move away from playing another big target man system for the next decade.
  11. I wouldn't prefer Lukaku here. Let him go to Utd for 80m and we sign Martial for 30m. You know deep down Jose wants to do it.
  12. I'd prefer Martial over Lukaku. If inke Martial will be sold.
  13. Nobody oonside on my call for Martial? He'd be eager to leave Jose I believe and Jose can't wait to get rid of a LVG signing.
  14. I wish we would go for Martial. He seems like the occasional good players that Jose likes to sideline for not very good reasons. Very clinical finisher with good ability on the ball. His first season wasn't a coincidence.
  15. This means an exciting and similar player may be a potential signing.