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  1. Look. We didn't strengthen very much on JM's last squad and Conte is doing really well. Conte make do with non first priorities like Luiz and Alonso. JM had his share but decided to pursue marquee players who were ungettable and plunked all his budget on unusable players like Baba and Cuadrado. Those were his first choices so you can't exactly say the club did not strengthen for him. Only that Conte made full use of what he already had or asked for like Moses and Luiz. Nobody would have thought these players could play for Chelsea before. Conte are better at identifying useable players as well. Kante over Pogba anyday.
  2. Cesc adds an attacking threat from central midfield. Kante only has to work doubly hard.
  3. And Mikel comes back to Chelsea. Why are we even talking about this in a match? The lack of discussions and commentary about the match is alarming. I have to tune in here for updates but nothing.
  4. Eden Hazard has really great technical abilities that is never in doubt. But I feel he lacks the ruthlessness and aggressiveness to want to be the best. The sort of traits you see in Messi and Ronaldo. Hazard seems a bit too nice, he doesn't shoot when he needs to and he passes the ball when he should just have a go. He needs to have more killer instinct and a more ruthless willingness and confidence in his ability to destroy an oppossition. At this moment he's happy to share the limelight with others or even let others do the job. He needs another step up to be truly great.
  5. Jose probably needs another 150M before he can challenge for the title again. Funny how every corner of the earth said Man City or Man Utd would win the title this season and then out of a sudden Chelsea is favourites, they say it ought to be so because Chelsea are made up of a group of winners and Utd/City are in transition.
  6. Jose of course likes a big squad but doesn't know want or bother to integrate everyone into a balanced team environment. Look whats happening at Utd. Some good players not getting proper and consistent minutes. It doesn't take a lot of skills to sign lots of good players and then pick the best. The difficult part is always working with ehat you have and even turning them into good players. Conte has done that. Anyway, anyone fancy Aguero? Will gladly take him if costa leaves.
  7. It would be wrong move for him to go to the circus at Real. Especially with Conte at Chelsea. I would stay as long as Conte is here. It seems like there's so much you can learn from Conte about football.
  8. Mane back for this?
  9. What does RLC possess that he's being played as a striker?
  10. It would annoy me if Courtois wants out in summer and we sell Begovic who is actually a decent keeper. I hope Courtois stays and repays the faith we placed on him.
  11. Our system now doesnt allow for 3 super midfielders to be played. Its a bit of a dilemma. And if Conte is looking for a backup then Loftus cheek is perfect but I blame RLC for not trying harder and imposing himself like we all know he can.
  12. How can we lay off Jose when he keeps taking a hind side shot at Chelsea, this time by referring to us as having a "wonderful life". Now who got us here in the first place Jose?
  13. Alonso on Abel. Abel bundled the ball out of play clearly before Alonso even came close and kicked him. Why is that a penalty? It does not affect the passage of the ball at all nor does Abel even have a chance at goal.
  14. On Fabregas, can't he play the front 3 role like he did at Barca playing behind the striker? I think his end product in the final third would be immense. Hazard was really off in this game. Doesnt take on his playersand lose the ball frequently. I kind of feel Fabregas can be an option for Hazard, Willian, and Pedro. Only question is his physicality in those areas. Creativity and final passing is a given and I happen to believe he will assist immensely a lot from those positions nearer to goal.
  15. Man I miss the 1-0s scrappy wins of yester years where we needed to defend for our lives. Not!