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  1. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Has anyone actually seen a formation incorporating a real no. 10 really work in the PL? I do not remember a very successful no.10 who specialises and plays a no.10 role throughout his career in the PL. This ain't the Italian league where such player thrives. We need to play 4-3-3 and Havertz will have to adapt. Can't be forcing the issue if it's clearly not going to work consistently over the long term. I remember we keep accommodating players who are no 10s in the central role but in the long run it reverted back to the usual 4-3-3. Mata is a prime example. Oscar played in a no.10 formation but that formation never lasted long before we ditched it. Havertz is going to be very difficult to get his best out of in this league honestly. His ability to play anywhere across attack is his strength but will also work against him as coaches will play him everywhere without a settled position he can show his potential.
  2. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    I think most have not mentioned the save with his foot that Mendy had on Rashfords shot. That was immense.
  3. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Observe when we have the ball. How long we pass it on our half before we pick a vertical pass into their half. And then when we do that we hurry and lose the ball. What's the point of sideways and backwards passing in our half for that long and can't even string a few passes together in the opponents half. And by the way, playing havertz on the wing is like playing Pogba on the wing. Not sure why I see this relevance but maybe it's because Havertz is closer to a Pogba than a Fernandes or a Hazard. He's gotta be played in the right position soon. And that's not everywhere.
  4. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Both teams too cautious and afraid to lose vs positive aggressive plays by Leeds and Villa. Mendy shows so much composure and confidence in his area. Fresh air.
  5. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Maybe next match Tomori bench, Silva and Rudiger nowhere to be seen. You gotta experiment and take turns you know.
  6. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    What about be a bit more bold and have a go at them like previous teams did and got a result?
  7. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Its all because its Utd? Frank seems a bit cautious and scared and this mentality no doubt flows onto the pitch. Wish we can take the game to anyone like Spurs to Utd and Leeds to literally anyone. Quite a shame really.
  8. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    It's like experimenting with a new recipe while not perfecting any. I predict this ends up badly today. Players should be confused at this point. Just when you thought Havertz best position is confirmed he puts him on the flank.
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Champagne football from Leeds so far. How are they more organized, fearless and technically better than us? Meslier better than Kepa. Ayling better than our central defenders. Dallas overlaps better. Better service for Bamford. Overall passes better and find open spaces better dissecting defences quickly before they have a chance to regroup. It just shows how much better levels our team can afford to reach. A working system is lacking. And when you have one you enable average players to play like Barcelona.
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Anyone saw how Leeds played? How were they able to play so cohesively with a visible style and identity with the players they have while we struggle to string a few passes together?
  11. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    He's trying everyone at no. 10. First its Mount, then Werner, rhen Havertz now its Pulisic. Later it will be Ziyech. I'm not sure Lamps know what he's doing.
  12. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    With supposedly inferior players. With proper coaching you turn mediocre players into good ones. Having a system also helps nullify individual technical disadvantages.
  13. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Said it long ago. Kante has no business moving up the pitch. Just sit back and do what he's good at for once will be best.
  14. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Sevilla's stringing play much better than us. We always seem to have problems keeping possession either losing it or passing to a teammate under pressure. Somehow that ability to keep possession and just pass it around hasn't been a feature of this team yet.