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  1. Understand everything now. didn't know it's the 26th min.
  2. Sometimes I wonder who's side he's on. He might just as well follow Jose United now since his favourite player is gone to China.
  3. I have no doubt Mounrinho mismanaged Martial and have no clue how to play him. Martial is a very clinical and composed striker. Would have him here ahead of Batshuayi next season. At Man U the manager just had no clue to play him in the right position. All he knows is about playing big tall static strikers like Zlatan.
  4. I didn't understand why Terry had to come off so early? Injury?
  5. He's not even protecting players anymore. Throws them under the bus when they dont play well. Everything is about himself these days.
  6. Just curious and perhaps a suggestion is don't we have a thread for champions? So we do not have to discuss being champions in this match day thread?
  7. Conte is the epitome of how to behave and be classy as a manager and Jose is the complete opposite.
  8. How did Cesc stay out of the team for such a long time?
  9. Love how we are still trying to score instead of stepping down a gear.
  10. Alonso has rage mode turned on this match.
  11. He looked very Putin-like in that speech and rage. So sharp and non nonsense. I wonder if when his English develops we will see a more aggressive version of Conte. He is capable of it. But at this time he is totally calm and peaceful in front of the press.
  12. Can anyone explain what he's talking about in the video link below? Never saw this side of Conte. Surprisingly very un-Conte like.
  13. Maybe the king of draws can inflict at least a draw against Spurs. Somehow however I wished Spurs humiliate them and their manager though.
  14. Hope we can take Sanchez off Arsenal after him watching the weak mentality of his team week in week out when it matters. That said I'm happy to be playing Arsenal in the FA Cup final.
  15. What a useless Arsenal. Why am I not surprised. can't beat any top team when it matters.