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  1. Costa is a bit of a strange one. And I'm not sure to concur with people saying that weak header was a sign of his commitment or not. There and then he has the ball in the air and is he going to think "I want out of this club" and therefore "I make a weak header"? There are other signsfor his non commitment like for example going down the tunnel without celebrating with the rest. But play wise he just ain't an Aguero or even Kane so that kind of lax touch or finishing is quite common from him. On the other side why didn't anyone point out how he was first to go to Hazard to celebrate his goal and then cheering and pumping up the fans as well? Is this a player who is not committed at least to the cause of winning the match and trophies at end of season?
  2. I've seen Matic celebrate a goal. Have you?
  3. Someone called him rubbish earlier? I'm not sure the change in tone. Is it because we won?
  4. One thing absolutely did not work was Moses at LB. He was useless and not as great as he is on the right.
  5. If our players are deemed mentally weak by some here, I think it's fair to say we have some mentally weak fans here as well. I doubt anyone would need any of you mentally weak fans to go to war or to finish a job. Most of you would panic and crumble under pressure just like how you are accusing the team at this moment. It's funny to see mentally weak fans calling the team mentally weak. Not to say that the team cannot improve though but just saying, if the team are as weak as some of you, they would have given up already.
  6. How crucial has Alonso been to this team! We have been living on edge for a long time now. Our system only works with Moses and Alonso fully fit. And a half arsed Costa. Now this 3 components are wobbly we are suffering. Whats wrong with Costa by the way. What must Batshuayi be thinking?
  7. Anyone thinks Jose will roll over for Spurs when they meet?
  8. U mean LWB. I dont know why Moses played RWB today. He was bad.
  9. Wait for some peace and silence from him. He may even start to praise and support us now!
  10. This game shows huge problem. We are so weak and thin in our squad. No viable alternative to Alonso, Moses and Costa. Its easy to predict the Spurs game with these 3 out of form or unavailable. And it is not good! Our system has worked so well so far and hinges on Alonso and Moses particularly. Without these 2 it seems like the wheel may well come off!
  11. Why lose both Moses and Alonso in this match. They negates our play totally. I thought this was poor by Conte.
  12. Seriously we have no other options. Who? Batshuayi?
  13. This is a Utd that couldn't score for their life and here we let them score 2 in less than 50 mins.
  14. These players are trying to recreate how we played under Jose last season.
  15. Alonso and Courtois not playing and immediately we look disjointed. Costa couldnt hold any ball or pass as well.