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  1. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Still have not got any result against a top 10 team this season. Boy we are like a bottom half team. Despite all the talents in the team. It's unacceptable they can't string a few passes (that is not sideways) or create chances easily. Also only knowing to play with crosses, how one dimensional can you be?
  2. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Lol at Frank. I think any manager would do a better job with this team. I mean look at Brendan with this half decent players.
  3. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Can't help pointing out again how badly this team is setup. Do we really have inferior players to Leicester? Give me a break Lamps. Maybe employ an assistant who can do some tactical and structure coaching if you do not want to do it.
  4. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Ans when CHO gets a start he plays sideways.
  5. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Time for some much needed coaching Lamps. Weak.
  6. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    Frank may be given the benefit of the doubt for his lack of ability to improve performance. But his continuous sidelining of CHO is unacceptable. There has been plenty of opportunities to show CHO that he has a future here and he is appreciated. If CHO leaves, which I think he will and should, then it will be all down to Frank.
  7. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    Lamps needing the red to win. Let's see if he managed to. Is strange seeing Parker more passionate on the sidelines than our own manager.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh please finally. Next Baba Rahman, Van Ginkel, Piazon.
  9. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    The players are one thing but the bigger part of the issue is much greater than that. It's not really the personnel but more the system or tactic. Does anyone really think the likes of Zinchenko and Cancelo are world class reknowned entities? At least when they joined the club who knew about them? They were molded to fit the system. Does anyone think that they are superior to who we have? Pep fit these half decent players and asked them to play to a system. We merely let players carry on with what they thought most effective for them. Hence no imparting of coaching to fit into a distinctive style of play or system.
  10. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    For some reason Lamps will drop CHO in this game and play Werner on the wing.
  11. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Here's hoping Werner and Havertz can transfer their goalscoring to the league.
  12. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Just need a blooper from Kepa now to complete the match.
  13. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    CHO showing more threat on the right already than when Ziyech was there.
  14. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Better for him to bring on another full back considering that's the only route we know to play.
  15. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Then you've got to question the method. Under Sarri we saw plenty of vertical and through balls even into the box from players just outside the box and the D.