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  1. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    If there's any indication of Tuchel being special it's not just the results. Multiple managers have gotten results. It's his mentality and pragmatism. He thinks exactly like what we all think the team is lacking and not try to sugarcoat or sweep it under the rug. He acknowledges the team need to be more clinical in the final third. That sounds simple but how many past managers just brush this simple fact under the rug every time?
  2. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Just because he didn't score today doesn't mean he can't shoot. :)
  3. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Feeling lucky we have tried virtually all types of managers in world football and never came within a pole off someone lifeless like him.
  4. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Why does Hodgson still have a job till today? Poor manager with his team always lacking drive or having any proper setup. And then you have his lifeless / clueless appearance on the side line.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think we should go for Lukaku. We know his defficiencies from his time at Chelsea and especially at Utd where he was their number 1 striker. We need to move for Kane if not Haaland. Kane especially should be thinking to himself when he will get his big break. Another cheeky but non related signing could be Son.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Guess you are happy with Aguero then.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I read there's a option to buy for Tomori's loan. If that's the case we have not learnt anything from the past. And as it stands Tomori is playing like a beast at Milan. One of the many outcasted by the previous manager.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    My bad if you are talking about backup keepers then yes I agree with you. But this position will not improve the team significantly as opposed to a centre back and a striker as you suggested.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mendy has been solid, stable and low profile. What you need from a keeper. Why would you want to change him? Sure he's not high profile like Donarumma or Oblak, and he's no Arizaballaga either. Unassuming and just goes about the basics of what he's meant to do. All that is required from a keeper.
  10. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I really like Digne. I think he would fit perfectly.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    The point is why is City not an intermediate step but we are? I think they are 'more intermediate' than us if anything especially with respect to CL.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rumours that Haaland won't entertain a move to us because we seemed like an intermediate step. Why do people think City is in contention then? They are not a bigger club than is, they became who they are also because of an infuse of cash, and they have not proven themselves at CL level. The only thing going for them is an identity and well drilled attacking unit. And of course the Pep factor. I've said that these are so important these days. The club needs a style that's not individualistic but an identity that screams Chelsea. When players think of Chelsea what comes to mind? Usually disjointed attack with strikers having a hard time. Don't score enough goals. Contrast that to City. Glad it seems club has taken the right step with Tuchel so far. An identity is slowly starting to emerge and hopefully with it come the right players to fit the system not just names.
  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    How are you certain he hasn't tried to talk CHO to do more? I'm certain you missed the constant shouting at CHO and James on the sideline.
  14. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    Love Tuchel for telling it straight and direct and actually not sugar coating any deficiencies for example the useless attack. And people are still complaining that Tuchel is too harsh? We had soft managers for a while now and this sort of managers does not lead the team anywhere. The team needs a kick up the backside when needed. CHO got what he deserved. He's been promising for a while and now given the chances but it's obvious since ages ago he does not have the work ethics or aggressiveness to realise his potential. If one needs any evidence just compare Mount and CHO and you see why CHO has to buck up if he were to succeed.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    We already have one. Bakayoko. Return the king.