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  1. Then maybe we should lock this transfer thread. The purpose of aa transfer thread is for freedom of others to express their opinions good and bad.
  2. That's fast concluding Morata is not going to cut the mustard? Why is that? Is it because he's moody and doesn't seem to pick a fight with defenders or throw his hands up in the air shouting at the referee?
  3. I'm merely referring simply to having 3 at the back and then you have the advance wing backs/midfielders further up most of the time. I don't remember Spurs playing like that before Conte did last year, and certainly Jose doesn't play such formation ever before. Having a 5-3-2 which I suppose that's what Droy was referring to saying that's how Mikel/Matic played under JM, is different to a distinct 3-5-2 formation where the wing backs are generally more adventurous and advanced. And then, you have City who plays midfielders/wingers in the wing back positions who are not natural defenders. I do not see how this formation is the same as anything ever played before. Anyways, it's clear teams are playing like that having seen how effective it was for us.
  4. So many teams are playing with three at the back already recently. Conte literally changed the league already! Even Everton was playing three at the back against City.
  5. No it means we are going into the season with Morata as the only striker. :)
  6. Oh deary. You can just read too much into anything if you want to can't you? Conte wears what makes him comfortable that's it!
  7. What about Ibrahimovic ?
  8. he did misjudge a ball that allowed Alli to sky a shot. but overall composed and did well. Bakayoko did well. But it's clear what Matic offers. Composure and shielding of the ball and distributing the ball in midfield. Bakayoko is more a take the ball and do something with it kind of player. Nothing wrong with that, but we are missing the ability to keep the ball and intercept in midfield.
  9. we had a bench that had 4 unusable players in a match like this. I'm sure conte would have liked to do another substitution
  10. only thing is bakayoko doesn't seem like a physical presence at midfield like Matic is. More like a Willian in midfield.
  11. congrats alonso! very underrated player. rarely does any mistakes and consistent just like azpi and kante. harsh if he loses his place to a new signing.
  12. what is bats doing?
  13. Alonso shows how its done! Stop mucking around our forwards
  14. not sure how a striker is defending so close to goal though