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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Higuain won't fall at the slightest touch and stay on the ground crying. I think he'll be better than Morata in that sense.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looks like a better deal than spending the same amount on Higuain.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    We are probably a club without any back bone as we keep getting on the poor side of the deals. Juve forced us into a outright purchase of a 30 year old at absurd price. Atletico refused to outright purchase and would pay only way below value (Morata is crap but he is only 26). And we probably said yes to all that.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seriously why can't we just sign Piatek instead of this Higuain bull? Milan must be livid. Piatek can't be worse than our current strikers. And opposed to some here he can't be more risky than Higuain as well.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Having 300 goals sounds good until you remember that all pro football player has a shelf life and then the 300 goals does not mean much except with negative returns.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    With that mentality, pretty much explains why the clubs go for 30 year old strikers. Torres, Sheva all pretty much had hundreds of goals before coming to us.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    There are some rumours of Milan losing Higuain to us and signing Piatek instead. I hope for God's sakes we know what we are doing.
  8. Okay guys. Hear this argument. I am very sure there's already many others who have the same thoughts and concern, and I think it deserves discussion that there's no easy way to solve this. It is early in the season, but already we are faced with this great problem to have, or positive conundrum. Because, being able to solve this problem and being able to bring out the best in both players will enable this new team and system to hit even greater heights that otherwise. Here's the problem. It sounds great and awesome having both Kante and Jorginho in the squad. It is like a dream pair to have on paper. It seems the midfield is indestructible, with flair, creativity, vision to add on to the strength, defensive prowess and nastiness we saw last season. Herein lies the headache. How do we get the best attribute out of both players at the same time, on the pitch? Note that the question is not about whether both can play together. There certainly is a complement of both players on the pitch. This is unlike the argument we used to have with regards to Lampard and Gerrard before. Kante is the best destroyer in the game today, bar none. That we are pretty sure of at this stage and has been confirmed for the last few seasons. He needs to be in a position to cover the central midfield position, and not only that, he has to be given the license to close down opponents in our own half and that includes closing down threats on both wide areas. Kante has the ability and the lungs to do that. He can defend and press opponents in the central and both left and wide areas very effectively. He can help out the whole line of defense. He can double up with the right back or left back to defend a threat. And yet, after that, he can get back in position quickly because his unusual stamina just allows him to do that. His attributes is one in a thousand, and when you've got someone like that, you have to make use of it as it gives the team a major edge. Unfortunately, for him to be able to do that, to cover vast area of the pitch, he has to be played centrally. He cannot be played on the right or left of a midfield three. In those positions, he will be limited to either the right side or left side of the pitch, as we see against Arsenal. We kinda missed seeing Kante closing down opponents everywhere on the pitch, because now, he does most of his work on the right side and further up. Jorginho on the other hand, is a genius in central midfield - the engine in the machine. He makes play flow so easily. Most importantly, he controls the tempo of the game and he calmly evades pressure often occuring in midfield, takes the ball away with a touch or flick from an opponent, and then effortlessly distribute it to a free player. He doesn't panic and doesn't hoof the ball. What he does enables us to retain possession in Sarri's system and it's beautiful to watch and is so critical in playing the way we want to. In his central position, he has the ability to have a sense of the full pitch and have a vision of all that is happening on the pitch. He then dictate plays the way he wants. You can't take that attribute away from a team if you have such a player. So, how do we get the best out of both? An option will be to have both players play as pivots on the same level. One or the other isn't permanently playing in a more forward position that the other. They take turns to switch around their positioning. If Kante wins the ball in the wide areas in our own half, Jorginho moves further up the pitch to receive a pass and Kante becomes the player staying back in the centre. Here Jorginho's ability to dictate the attack is passed on to Kante. For me Kante, is just not a upfield player. At some point during the Arsenal match, he was like one of the two strikers next to Morata. He is not being fully utilised there. If Jorginho has the ball in the centre of field, Kante moves forward but he shouldn't be further forward than the third midfielder. I'm not sure if others feel that this is much of a conundrum. I hope Sarri finds a system to utilise both and get the best attributes out of both. Because, we will be amazing then. This also goes to show, a collection of great players doesn't necessarily mean their individual abilities will stack when combined in a team, unless you are a great manager who knows to get the best out of both.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Should be £10M. Fabregas went for that at the same age.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Juventus have made it clear to Chelsea that they cannot sign Gonzalo Higuain on a simple loan deal in the transfer window this month. The Bianconeri will only look to bring Higuain back from AC Milan if Chelsea are prepared to accept an obligatory purchase option with the loan deal. Now, if only we can have some back bone and demand the same from clubs for our loan army.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not useful if he's not gonna start any league games.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We need a striker and yet we shift him on as soon as an opportunity comes out. Just sell him and let him loose.
  13. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Sarri acknowledged Jorginho is a problem. But can't he be more flexible in his tactics and rotate Kante into Jorginho position? We have enough midfield to take up Kante's current position so it should not be a problem. The issue is whether Sarri wants to move Kante back into the defensive mid position. I think though he only has one characteristic for the player for the position.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Zenit boy is decent. But you probably won't see him play. Likely gets the Emerson, Zappacosta, CHO, Christensen and Fabregas treatment.
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Kepa always flat footed.
  16. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    What has Hazard done this match besides losing the ball?
  17. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Play-it-safe-Barkley seems to be confused which side we are attacking.
  18. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Who is Barkley trying to be? Kovacic it looks like.
  19. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Tempted to sub Hazard. Has been useless.
  20. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Some of those passes are so lazy!
  21. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Ineffective Barkley coming on!
  22. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Flicks and flicks without being sure the ball will get to a target. Kovacic especially
  23. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Willian get out. Now Sarri will feel justified with his selections.